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 there were only three lunasol shades of these lippies that arrived when Kanebo Philippines launched the spring collection 2012 collection. so i got the most pigmented the pink red, since i didn't want to spend something in the 4 digit range for a fantastic lip gloss.
but LO! lookeee what we have here, a drugstore dupe?
 whatchatink?  the macaroon kinda looks a tad dark huh?
 just a tad
 but when swiped the lunasol pink red is darker? hehehe it's the gold flex in the revlon macaroon that 'lightens' it up.
pic below has a little more exposure and lighting
 while the pic below has less intense lighting and normal exposure
 and on my lips.  so sorry i didn't think it through, L is for lunasol and R for revlon and the letters do not stand for laterality.
so on the lips the pretty much look the same with or without flash.
what i have left to compare is the texture of the two.
Let's break it down:
Aspect Lunasol Revlon
Shade Match almost eGGzakt match to macaroonalmost exact match to #43 pink red
Coveragejust as pigmented as macaroonjust as pigmented as #43 pink red
Finishglossy, does not feather out or bleedsparkly with gold flex does not feather out or bleed either
Lasting Powerwill stay if you don't eat or drink, kisses off so ingat sa ebidensya hahahawill stay if you don't eat or drink, kisses off, so again, ingat sa ebidensya hahaha

classic Lunasol sleek packaging with the sheathing/scabbard thingy protecting the productbetter packaged than the colorbursts released a yr before these butters bec of the sheathing/scabbard thingy protecting the product
Reactionnone it's actually soothing my lipsnone it's actually soothing my lips and i use these lip butters and colorbursts as lip balm at night (how else will i finish them off?)
PricePhP1800 (i got it at 10% disc so it's much closer to the real Yen price converted [it's Y3000])PhP525 here in the philippines.  pauwi na lang kayo or order online, $6-$7plus about a dollar for tax sa states (so mga 300 lang)
of the two, Lunasol has the upper hand in calling itself a lip butter.  the texture is really buttery.  the type of butter that's about to to hit room temperature, almost, but not melting yet. the lunasol lippie is a joy to apply.  it's soft and buttery without it being too slippery and it doesn't make your lips look like you ate an entire lechon de leche (roasted suckling pig)
and as you know i'm not the greatest fan of these new revlon lip butters which i reviewed here
i find them too sticky so much so i much prefer the colorburst that came out a year before the lip butters did.
It is a great relief that the Lunasol is the exact opposite in texture/consistency of the revlon lip butters.  My lunasol lipstick in #43 pink red is simply divine to apply, does not bleed or feather out and do not dry my lips, and the packaging is fantastic, too!  i guess the only con is the price. 

so high versus low, it's really up to the end customer's brand preference and budget.



LizMercado said...

ooh... hanap kaya ako ng ganyan dito, ung lunasol, i mean. :) hehe... sana may mahanap akong mas mura than the one sa Pinas. :)

Marge said...

in fairview sa rustan's mga 200-300 lang patong nila sa mga lunasol at esprique/kose products. so hehehe mas mura kaysa pumunta ko sa japan.
san ka ba, sis?

saccharine0158 said...

LUNASOL LUNASOL!!!! revlon lippies dry out my lips. >.<" i would love to love the brand but it hates me. hahaha!

Marge said...

omg ikr, lunasol! if i have to choose between never buying revlon lippies anymore and just getting very few lunasol products, then yes, lunasol wins.
yikes, really? revlon? kahit yung sobrang dami ng lip balming ingredients like colorburst and these lip butters? i dislike the lip butters they're not buttery LOL

Clair said...

i have yet to get my hands on the revlon lip butters to give it any definite answer haha XD lunasol sounds so good pero it's currently over my budget. maybe next time. feeling ko nasa stage ako na try lang nang try ng products until makahanap ng hiyang. :) getting my lip butter from an online seller. mas mura nang konti sa mall price. sulit na rin. will probably post within the month about the revlon lip butter which people generally seem to love.

Marge said...

hahaha i know Thiamere dislike the lip butters as much as i do LOL well at least mas mura mo makukuha since online for a product na uso uso lang ;-)

Clair said...

Haha. True! Curious lang ako kaya bumili through an online seller. Happy na kasi ako sa tinted lip balm ng human nature. And I have other lip tints. Siguro I just really wanted to see for myself if these lip butters are worth the raves I generally read. Pero may reviews din na di super rave. O di ba? Split talaga hahaha.

Marge said...

i use it as my nightly lip balm, like i mentioned, how else ko sila mauubos LOL

Clair said...

Lol. Oo nga eh. Pero I can't imagine using a colored balm when I go to bed hahaha. I am using the face shop's lip cream or nanny rose's lip balm at night :-)

Marge said...

hehehe i'm using these and sometimes the peri pera lip tint
then these colorbursts and lip butters :P

Clair said...

Next time I will try to get the Colorbursts via an online seller din ahahaha XDDDD

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