Wednesday, June 20, 2012


lady like baby girl pink!  our summer is over and it's a tad over cast so it's kinda weird to be all sun kissed but i don't wanna look all pale right?
so i go back to this one.
it's shade one of the two.  such a lovely embossing, which by now i've totally rubbed off LOL
kinda reminds me of...Nars' Angelika, with it's effect. 
you have the cool pink, the sorta warm pink, the pink highlighter and the shimmer
and the entire effect will be the effect of Nars' Angelika
sorta warm and shimmery
but looks natural
  a natural flush

by the way, the laneige styling romantic #1 is just as unpigmented as Nars' Angelika but applies more evenly and is not rough at all to apply compared to the Nars.  in short, i find Nars' blush kinda gritty (at least compared to Laneige's)
Aspect Laneige  Nars
Shade Match almost perfect dupe as the Angelikavery similar to the #1 styling romantic of Laneige
Coveragesimilarly pigmented as Nars'applies just as translucently as Laneige
Finishsatin with platinum looking highlightssatin with silver flecks 
Lasting Powersame as the Nars no oxidationsame as the Laneige no oxidation
Universalitythis is better than Nars' Angelika because of the light pink shimmer, it will show up more on warmer deeper skin tonekinda hard to be seen on deeper warmer skin tones, since it's kinda too faint
Break Outnonenone

I love my styling romantic blushes.  it kinda freaks me out that their limited edition and i keep using them :-(


shobe said...

the blush looks good on you,i love pale pinks makes me look errr young---er.hehe

photoescape said...

I agree with you on the nars blushes unnie kasi yung MUA na kinuha ng friend ko for her wedding did a make up session with us and she used Nars blush on me parang rough ng konti sa face pero like ko...Angelika ata yung ginamit sken nun pero I love it

Marge said...

hi there!
awww thanks <3

Marge said...

hehehe keri yung Angelika, bagay sa kulay ng skin natin diba? ;-) so natural ang peg ^_^
yun lang mas smooth itey sa laneige. hahaha parehong meron ako, at titipirin ko na itong limited edition LOL

photoescape said...

korek! :D ako wit ko pa keri si Nars eh! si Laneige medyo konting OT pa pwede na mabili LOL hanap nalang ako ng dupe sa ibang brand :D

Marge said...

true! yung sleek may dupe ng orgasm and angelika ;-) php450 lang mas maganda pa sa nars ang packaging, mas marami pang laman

photoescape said...

naman! :-)

saccharine0158 said...

hahaha! i keep buying anything that's labeled LE just because it's LE. :p hihi!

Clair Ching said...

they both look good. pero feeling ko baka di makita sa balat ko ahahaha. or are they a bit close to benefit bella bamba? if so, aba, pwede!

Marge said...

we all have our biases. it's funny that mine all begin with the letter L?
Laneige, Lush, and Lunasol???
what is LE?

Marge said...

yeh, feel ko talaga pang maputi ito and or it will end up looking like a highlighter on skins with warmer deeper tones.
i've never tried benefit, if i see it at duty free (bkk or changi) maybe i'll buy but i there are only very few western brands i like, it's stila, revlon, and lush LOL

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