Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As y'all know that currently i'm so loving these two high end brands, one of those brands is this one by Kanebo, Lunasol ^_^
This blush came as part of a set, the party coffret 2011 that was released last Christmas.  and really, how glad am i to have caught one of these sets and at a discount, too!
 here we are, the cutest bubble gum pink with some shimmers.
 it's a mix of blush and highlighter (in consistency) at the same time.
 but if you apply more of it, you get this nice flushed glow.  ladies with warmer deeper complexions will get a pink iridescent radiance. 
 so who's still hung over her wonderful weekend with two successful blogging events punctuated by a chance of a lifetime concert? uhh? me!

 it's a shame my cam and the lighting could not capture how wonderful the slight satin shimmers are.  in certain angles and light this blush gives a really flattering pink glow that, wouldn't you know can be flattering to any shade of woman ;-)
  • the tender glow pink hehehe
  • cream blush that's easy to apply
  • hygienic - in a easy squeeze tube
  • does not break me out
  • shimmers do not accent my pores
  • no weird scent
  • shimmers are quite subtle once blended
  • doesn't stain my fingers after application
  • doesn't cake up throughout the day
  • hmmm i didn't get oily in the areas i had the blush on
  • available locally
  • the lunasol price, but what can you do? it's a marketing thing 
will i repurchase?  yes, i'm no longer the type who looks for cheaper dupes.  i only end up spending as much by getting more products of the same nature/shade :-(
do i recommend - definitely! use your rustan's card, too!


Jenilene Panganiban said...

How much does this cost and where can you buy it? :) The shade is so nice. I would love to try it out since I have a light complexion. Looks good on you! :) 

I'd really appreciate it if you'd check out my blog. I'm just starting. I hope I'll be as successful as you in blogging. :)

Issachavez said...

very nice shade!  and i like that name too tender glow pink, hihihi

Marge said...

hi there!
this php1375 but i got it as part of a set, i doubt if i will buy this by itself ;-)

Marge said...

awww thanks!
^_^ oo parang may loss in translation ;-) dapat ata tender pink glow ;-)

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