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From Yabu The House of Katsu's FB page
Voted Esquire Philippines' "Dish of the Year" for 2011.
Voted Esquire Philippines' "Dish of the Year" for 2011.
The Yabu Difference:
When you are served OUR Yabu Katsu, you can tell the difference right away- the katsu is so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, you can slice it with chopsticks.
The secret lies in our fresh, quality ingredients, and our method of cooking.
Our coating is made from fresh panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), everyday in our restaurant, ensuring that the bread flakes are long, light and crispy.
Our oil is 100% natural canola oil, which contains omega 3, zero trans fat and zero cholesterol. This oil keeps our breading crisp, while allowing flavors to come through.
Our meat- we use local pork that comes from our trusted partners that is delivered fresh to our kitchen, never frozen. We also use Kurobuta, US premium pork, also known as the Berkshire Black Pig. This pork is heavily marbled, pink and known as the “kobe beef” of pork.
Our seafood – for non-meat lovers, we also source fresh seafood both locally and abroad. Our oysters are huge and succulent, sourced directly from Hiroshima Japan; our scallops are sourced from the United States.
The result is authentic Japanese katsu, so delicious and soft, it literally melts in your mouth. Enjoy!
Thank you, Denise for the digital copies of your menu. 
A description of Chef Kazuya and the Yabu promise
This is not from any manga or anime, this is an original and commissioned by the owners of Yabu.  The artist is most likely now in college.
the interior of the sm mega mall branch.
and the comic on the dividers.
kinda nifty, huh?
well, i like it. i think it's pretty unique ^_^
oooh some improvements to this branch.  so that you don't have to walk out and cross the atrium, they now have a rest room for their patrons.
the walls of their restroom is decorated with pictures of the restaurant's write up from different social medias
some of the bloggers may be familiar to some of you.
This branch of yabu has been serving many happy patrons since November. 
My husband and I are one of those many customers since last November ^_^
A brief description of the Katsu
Below is one of the many new varieties Yabu has for the katsu.  This is what my husband ordered upon this visit :-)
 Mixed Katsu sets
 for those avoiding pork, we can order seafood katsu!
I had this for starters.  ahhh me and my love for soy LOL
this reminded me of ghels, Triple S ♥
there is a how to on what to do with these sesame seeds on the menu, wow, these smell so good while being crushed!
condiments for your every order
my miso soup and on the corner the dip for my seafood katsu :P
and my order, the seafood katsu set 1.  it tasted as wonderful as it looks awesome! 
some of you may recall (when i used to do these food posts) what a stickler i am for good rice.  Yabu's Japanese rice is no exception.  it smells wonderful, has the correct sticky consistency, the type that melts in your mouth and not stick to your pallet and teeth, and it tastes sorta sweet, which I love.
hurray, this is not dessert LOL.  these slices of fruit is to cleanse your pallet :P sorry ako na walang alam hahaha
and yeah, i did get overwhelmed by this.  but in fernez, naubos ko sya hahaha takaw :P
As i mentioned above this is what my hubby ordered the Yabu Special Katsudon.  I just wanna add that i find it really great that what comes to your table looks almost exactly like what was shown on the menu. 
the drinks menu.  I didn't get to this as i was over over satiated with my order lol.
Thank you Yabu The House of Katsu
for the opportunity to get to know your new offerings and for the gifts.
I highly recommend anyone who likes FOOD to try Yabu The House of Katsu.  It's comfort food for any occasion.  The breading of each piece crumbles and melts in your mouth.  it isn't at all prickly in the mouth and you won't leave the restaurant with a painful mouth.  AND it's not oily
My husband prefers the classic katsu but overall he likes this new iteration the over easy egg instead of it being scrambled.  I love love super loved my seafood katsu set 1.  the scallops were divine.  the fish and squid katsus almost melts in my mouth with each bite.
For those with really healthy appetites rice here is refillable and so is the organic cabbage.
Do I recommend this restaurant? - Definitely.
Will I come back? - of course!
Price per person without drink(s) average - PhP300-400


Yabu House of Katsu said...

Thank you for this wonderful entry Marge! :) See you again soon at Yabu!

Marge said...

hello there!
you certainly will!
more power to you, hopefully you'll be open up a branch at trinoma or other ayala malls ;-)

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