Sunday, June 3, 2012


WHAT: Georgina's Take Care Eyeball
WHEN: June 02, 2012 afternoon
WHERE: Robinson's Place Ermita Department Store and SM MOA Watson's
EVENT: A meet and greet, q&a, fan meet with Georgina Wilson.
Can i just say quickly that I'm in love with Robinson's Place Ermita?  it's like all the stores i love in ortigas are all in one big mall here!
the pure active product line, roll your pimples away!
and statuesque Ms Georgina Wilson arrives.
as she greets the attendees and thanks us for braving the storm
she poses and smiles for the cameras
and she waits for people to ask questions regarding skin care
thoughts of the day:
"Know how to take care of yourself dapat." - Georgina Wilson
"I can't live without facial wash and moisturizer." - Georgina Wilson
"When i use Garnier, na hahappy talaga ako." - Georgina Wilson
"The best way to be beautiful is to be happy." - Georgina Wilson
My questions were:
I'm sure you receive a great deal of food as gifts to which she replies!
"Oh my gosh, I EAT THEM ALL!"
Me - are there any foods that you avoid? like pizza or chocolates?
"I reward myself with good food but always in moderation." - Georgina Wilson
"I also keep in mind if I have had a lot of food the previous day, I try to make time to hit the gym the next day"
Me- are there any skin regimen you can share with us for night or daytime?
"I can't live without facial wash and moisturizer." - Georgina Wilson

and the photo op session begins!
it's lovely that both men and women took the time and spent it with us today with Garnier Philippines and Ms Wilson.
naturally, e-eksena akech di ba? hohum, apart from myself, only hero Tania and my sister in law can take good photos with my lumix, yan tuloy, blurred kami ni Georgina :-(
the people who took care of me that day at robinson's ermita
Ian, Anna, Georgina, and Andrea Foz, thank you all!
i love her smile here, the best, super natural!  thank you, dear Georgina, for the compliment on my skin and pink makeup look i wore that day, i am especially tickled pink for that.  it shows me that though this is a job for you, you still can notice people, individually!
yep, you get to take home a souvenir!
and here's a picture of mine!
to my readers, of course i had to ask as to when the garnier bb cream will come to our shores.
for now, they could only commit to an early next year launch.
so how did you spend the stormy afternoon?


Pammy said...

She's gorgeous! And so is Kikay Trekkie. :P You really do have good skin. :)

Rae said...

Ang galing, parang you have the same makeup look.

precious said...

She is so pretty! super natural sweet! let's follow each other! 

Marge said...

awwww thanks, she has a subtle brown smokey eye i had orange and pink thanks to the face shop's lovely me:ex and my ever fave pallet, lunasol

Marge said...

awww thanks!
she is quite statuesque, happy to note that she speaks some gay lingo, which to me make her seem even more approachable ;-)
garnier ph did well by getting her to endorse their products ;-)

AXL Powerhouse Prod. said...

wow.. ang bilis... sa rob ka pala nag event.... kami sa moa...

Marge said...

hehehe kahapon pa yan na ka post bago ko umalis papuntang moa arena.
yep, as much as possible kung maiiwasan, unless super no choice, i prefer not to visit any sm mall. a personal choice and sacrifice because of what happened at sm baguio.

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