Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New at Etude House Philippines - New Products to Review!

Every now and again I get a message to pick up stuff at my nearest Etude House, so off i went last Friday.  it's summer in most temperate countries including South Korea.  that generally means new product releases!
The above picture contains the products i was sent to pick up sans their press kit dvd.
and since i was etude house, i caved and bought this! :P  i had a BDJ upgrade coupon so it allowed me to get the etude house shinee tin can with the post it
The dvd is personalized, too! it has my name and my designation, which is blogger.  to me, that's a great added touch.  it makes me feel valued (woohooo nagpaparinig parin ba ko?).  akshwaleee!  many people can really learn from the folks at Rosa Fiore.  
The dvd contains huge as in huge files of pictures of the items they would like blogged or written about.  They have a new line of skin care, represented by it's real face mask.
The also have it's real kelp (a kind of sea grass)
and below a new line of sun protection
below is their sun powder.  similar to the sun powder i blogged about from a competing brand
this line is targeted for different purposes.  this lower spf is more mom and kids below
while this higher one is for out doors.
Man has not discovered the beach or island that i will visit.  I'm not a beach going person, i'm more of a explore a new and different CITY and eat / shop kinda person.  but just because it's in the city doesn't mean i still wont burn in a place like bkk or sg.  so high spf like these new ones from etude house will be very good for days visiting temples, and walking along orchard road, nathan (lane-hehehe) road, and walking around bkk from mbk, pratunam and back again to siam paragon, oh ha, ang sakit sa legs!
yes, ladies, you saw it right, i actually bought one of the second most expensive etude house items i have ever bought hahaha, the precious minerals sun bb cream cool fix spf 50+ PA+++ (the top most expensive being the snail gel cream with bb sample set)
review galore!
Like i mentioned earlier it's summer in temperate countries, so apart from our favorite tv shows being on break and won't be back til fall, it means that it's time for them people over there to hit the beaches and waves thus this new line of sun screens from etude house, which also includes their recently released sun bb cream under the precious minerals line and it riding the wave of the 'cooling' effect products
so watch out for my reviews on the items above!


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Can't wait to read your reviews! ;)

Marge said...

can't wait to do them as well ^_^

Cat said...

they sent me one as well. nice noh :) nice ng pic ni Dara make a tutorial of that look sis in your youtube  channel. 

Marge said...

Hi Cat!
hmmmm sige i'll try, i really wanna go back to youtubing like i used to, kaso if it's not the internet, it's the cam, if it's not the cam it's the software i use to edit, if it's not that it's the pc suddenly shutting down LOL parang hinaharang talaga ko mag youtube hahaha
yeh, i wanna try the kelp thingy this weekend na hehehe

aiMee Bunbun said...

so many goodies, i can not wait for the reviews <3 

Marge said...

 ditto, i wanna try the kelp skin care products.  i heard good things about it eh.
but as usual i'll be doing a bb cream of the week next week using the precious mineral cool fix ♥

Ran Fukuda said...

Hi! I just want to ask, How much is the sun powder? :)

Marge said...

no price yet:

Dawn said...

Oooooh New EH goodies! Weird to see beauty products made from Kelp so I'm eager to see your review. Lagi ko naiisip sa Kelp pagkain ng i'm not sure kung dolphin or turtle... basta when I was younger I was playing Zoo Tycoon and that's where I encountered the need for Kelp. Hahaha!

Marge said...

hehehe kelp parang buhok ng mermaid hehehe
yep, masarap sya in japanese cuisine LOL

bibeautyful said...

Can't wait for your reviews. You seem to get all the good stuff over there in Pinas! 

(and psst.. is that who I think it is on your Facebook pic with you??? Woweeee)

Marge said...

hi there!
yep, that is kim hyun joong - jihoo - of boys over flowers / ss501 ♥ i won a contest LOL
i'll be reviewing the bb cream this week with application demo ♥

bibeautyful said...

You're one lucky girl! Great, looking forward to it.

Marge said...

what i am lucky for and i greatly appreciate is your comments and views regardless of topic i post ^_^ what i do feel lucky for is your readership, most of all ^_^
i'll be posting the bb cream review this week with video demo ^_^
so really, i'm luckier to have all of you ^_^ thank you so much

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