Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 some of my the people that read my blogg, if not most, know that this is the other brand that has my favor the last few quarters.  
This month they have a few new items that tempt me.  but in the guise of skin care, i bought this lip treatment.
 they have three varying shades, a red one, an orange one and this pink tint one.
 it's a wonderful baby in between cool and warm pink 
 look it has spf17 and the active ingredient(s) is clearly indicated and in english
 the list of ingredients are also in english
 more information
 one swipe on my lips. 
 for a better than my lips pink.
this and the pink red from the other L of my life have the softest, creamiest and most buttery consistency that moisturizes my lips really well.  

  • the beautiful pink, it's there but not too much
  • really creamy to apply
  • doesn't feather out my lips
  • has spf
  • didn't dry out my lips today
  • doesn't have weird taste
  • no weird scent
  • stuff written is in english
  • now more readily available to me 
  • i love how these lipsticks now have that shaft protect the product like that, unlike lipsticks before you twist it and the stick comes up, you push too hard on your lips, and voila, you break the bottom of the stick hahaha lech :P
  • not too lasting as it is really buttery
  • pricey for a lip balm
  • what the hell is up with that, don't apply on open sores? ano pa saysay ng treatment?
They recently added a small as in small kiosk at the mall where i basically live, the galeria.  it's right in front of dorothy perkins and nine west.

and now for their other new stuff, on the shelves by this weekend!

Water Supreme foundations, base, finishing pact
Water Bank eye gel cream
Water Bank moisture full ampoule
Cool Stay Powder (limited release)

this is the ad for the water supreme foundation


Diana said...

Hi, how much does it cost? I never tried to go to Laneige branches coz I think I'll get shocked with the prices. O_0

JhoAnne Luna said...

hope you'll make a review of their new products like 
Cool Stay Powder and 
Water Supreme foundations, base, finishing pact :)

kmmyp said...

pls pls pls make a review on water supreme foundation
and how much in case you remember the price :)
btw, you look beautiful

Lucy Kim said...

color is very natural and cute! I like that!

Marge said...

true ^_^ and the texture it's the softest most buttery consistency of all laneige lipsticks i've tried ^_^

Marge said...

yep ^_^ definitely ♥

Issachavez said...

the different shades for this lip treatment looks really gorgeous! :)

Marge said...

hi there!
this is php990.
yep, i'll try the powder and foundation ;-)

Marge said...

this is php990 hehehe yep, it's pricier than the usual korean brand, but it's high end. the lower price range sister of this brand is etude house ;-)

Diana said...

I'm always reviewing about Etude House and Tony Moly products because they are much affordable.. And I think I'm being biased. I have to try other brands. O___O

Marge said...

awwww just like music i suppose we all have our biases LOL

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