Monday, June 25, 2012


Once in a while I get emails from Nuffnang Philippines about food events and other stuff that may or may not be related to what I do with this blog.  mostly, it's unrelated, as i've disclaimed this blog is about Asian cosmetics and when I have the chance, Kpop and occasionally food.
But on occasion, when the venue is close to where I work, I rsvp to attend or in this case, I get an email that i will be sent a package.
 a big package indeed!
 and this is why.  awwww it's cute?? ok, it's pretty, cute is for smaller things LOL!
 can you just dig the heart shaped slush wave thing behind the letters c-a-r?
 and the box is this origami cut out of a candy wrap end.
and there's a card.  LOL i'm no mommy but i AM a coffee and tea lover hahaha
thanks! Stef and Gemma ;-)
 and what's inside.  two big pouches of Nestle's new product and a big pouch of their Nescafe instant coffee.
 and a little good to know stuff
 and easy to read nutrition facts
 this has a shelf life of about a year.
 and generally looks like your regular coffee mate. (i do not drink instant coffee and only drink brewed, so here we are with Jolibubuyog's surprisingly delightful brewed coffee [available daily until 11AM ONLY]
This is caramel variant of the classic coffee mate is already available in all groceries as per our manang Rebbie who actually got to try it out first along with our resident henyo, nanny, Lucille ;-)  they give this their seal of approval and like the creamy texture with a slight hint of caramel taste.
I would have to agree with the ladies. the smooth creaminess remains but now has a hint of caramel.  I'm pretty sure if you put whole scoopfuls  of the creamer you'd get more of the caramel taste.  but like the tagline said  'kissed by caramel', it didn't say torrid. 
My verdict:
I'm usually more of a fresh milk person for my morning brew, i always thought that any non-dairy creamer made the taste of my brew plastic-ky and the creaminess contrived and pushy aka not too smooth.  but with the caramel flavoring of this new variant from coffee-mate, it made this barako-arabica brew loving person like myself become on the fence when it comes to creamers.  Meaning if there's no fresh milk in sight, i'd be willing to put this caramel creamer in my brew [and not wait for my coffee man buy a pint of fresh milk to put in my coffee - which believe me HAS happened]
thank you Nestle Philippines and Nuffnang Philippines for this opportunity
Oh yeah, by the way, the caramel scent is also nice,  it made the stinky coffee we have at the office less stinky :P


Issachavez said...

this looks interesting!  i will check this out! thanks for sharing :)

Marge said...

yeh, hindi sya lasang plastic gaya ng ibang coffee mate pag ka minalas malas ka hahaha keri tong caramel kyeme LOL

Chic Sassy Mom Des said...

Awww....I love Nestle! And yes, I tried that it! ;-D 

Marge said...

hehehe yep, i used to dislike creamer in my coffee but this caramel taste made it pleasant

Mark Vincent Telan said...

They also launched Kisstopher Caramello, the world's greatest kisser!
He'll give tips on how to have that sweet, creamy caramel kiss!

Here's the launch video link:

You can also like their Fanpage at

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