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So here we are, two weeks after the Garnier Girl, pretty Georgina Wilson at lovely Robinson's Place Manila event and several days after my hazzards of event blogging post (how i felt used by Garnier) one of the brand managers of Garnier Philippines, a couple of people that handle the pr and digital for Garnier Philippines asked me out to lunch yesterday to have a face to face.  The PR and digital ladies have been trying to hook up with me since Monday and yesterday we had our chance for a sit down.
There were a few things that were clarified:
  • that there was there was a miscommunication as to what my duties were that day with Georgina
  • that PR and digital representatives for big brands like these do have internet to provide their bloggers for live tweets and posts
  • and indeed both the blogger and the endorser do have their 'scripts' or at least an outline of what each have to do and since my handler was late it snowballed to me not being informed of the necessities of the event to the point of me not getting my press kit.
  • that from now on any communication regarding bloggers vis a vis events for Garnier will be handled by someone at least familiar to me or have had more experience in dealing with bloggers thanks to her background with a smaller company.
  • that they will be contacting the people who have posted comments on my  hazzards of event blogging post that have grievances with either Garnier or the PR people that they encountered
  • and that the young lady that was my muse for a lot of annoyed tweets, statuses will be dealt with accordingly
  • and I received my press kit with 9 products and 2cds and no college looking hand out.
What I received these in my goodie bag.
is this thing the miracle worker a lot of bloggers claim this is?

 another roll on
 a whitening agent
a heating mask, i do recall giving these out a couple of giveaways ago, so how was it ladies?
 this is something new to me
 and this, i will try this, i think? it has a salicyclic acid 'derivative' hehehe so  something close salicylic acid.
 and this, my office mate says she loves this.
our lunch was at the new Seoul Garden branch at Robinson's Galeria.  I really liked this place!  and it's quite authentic.  i think our waiter is Korean, too.  his name was George though lmao!  but see, if there are Koreans in a restaurant then it gives you an idea that the place is pretty much a Korean place.
I do not know if i will get anymore invites from the PR people of Garnier, and I will think long and hard before accepting any more invites from them unless it specifically comes from someone in particular who has been the best go between in this entire exchange of emails and text messages.
Once again, let me just say that I blog about KPOP and Asian cosmetics.  I just do not know diddly squat about local celebrities and they hold no interest for me. 
Hopefully, the two young ladies that initially reached out to me learned  valuable lessons from this experience:

  • Never be late.
  • Never take your patrons for granted.
  • Be mindful of your business communication skills
  • If you're being paid to represent a company in a very public event and digitally, be mindful of your duties, there is no such thing as over preparing.  

Hopefully, they make good in contacting and making it up to the people who have aired their grievances on my hazzards of event blogging post. If anything, I hope I helped the voiceless or those who gave up because their messages were falling on deaf ears.


angelamhiere said...

Thank heavens, Marge Eonni... I hope they really learned their lesson... -__-

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Case closed!
In fernez, I've tried the Light Peel-Off Mask. Nice sya. Plus the scent is very invigorating, too. :)

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Great! Glad they did something. :)

Pam Fajatin said...

I've tried the Light BB Roll On and the Anti imperfections Roll On and I loved it!! Super effective~ Looking forward for your reviews ♥♥

Rae said...

Glad they're also rectifying what they did (or didn't do) to those who made a comment in your previous blog.

May mga nabasa din akong tweets dun sa black and white print out ng image ni Georgina Wilson on press kits :P (delayed reaction)

Carizza Chua said...

that's so nice of garnier. ive known brands who would just deadma the issue. and treating you for a korean lunch was a pretty good move too ;)

nao i am really curious about that salicylic rollon from garnier..

Marge said...

they asked me where i wanted to eat, so i suggested Seoul Garden since it's new at Rob gale. this was my idea.
i suppose damage control is always good.
thing is, ang daming taong naistorbo dahil lang sa thoughtlessness ng isang tao, dahil sya ay late sa isang event that they were hired in part to coordinate and handle.

wala akong paki alam kung mega iyak sya ngayon at kung nasususka suka na sya sa mga taong naninigaw na sa kanya.

ba't naman kayo sa rosa fiore alam nyo ginagawa nyo wala pang pr pr na niha hire. kung sino pa yung maliliit na company.

kung wala si Foz sa usapan or kung di dahil kay Foz na nagsorry at nagtetext sa kin malamang hindi ako i-a-accept yang lunch invite at tangapin yang press kit na yan.

tapos na yung event, naka pag blog na ko after the Garnier with Georgina event, super late na yang press kit na yan.

the lunch was for them to feel better about themselves to say to themselves o ayan, nagsorry na kami, naibigay na natin yung pinuputok ng butchi nya. when in fact the damage has been done.

the regret is already there, the regret na sana tumambay na lang ako sa edsa shang at moa stalking nkotbsb tutal naman birthday weekend ko nun. yun ang pinuputok ng butchi ko hindi yang press kit na yan

Marge said...

 oo nih, kamusta naman laser or xerox ang print out ang mukha ni Georgina.
eh yung etude house at tony moly naman colored printer ang ginagamit O.O
naku noh, i will believe it na they addressed the grievances of other people on my blog post when i see it (when these people with grievances actually tell me na nakipag areglo yung pr group ng garnier with them) until them promise lang yan.

Marge said...

yep, phhht the lunch was actually more for them not me.  kaya ko rin naman kumain dun eh.  too late na rin naman yang mga garnier products nila. ipang gigiveaway ko rin naman mga iyan so whatever to them.

Carizza Chua said...

foz as in andrea foz? but mas ok na kesa sa pr experience ko recently. they did not gave pkit to my plus one as in sadya cause he's not the blogger naman talaga but now they even contact me that they are hoping he could post about the event. whut.

hahaha nkotbsb talaga! yeah i missed that one too! me and my sister planned to stalk them at the mall since we werent able to buy tickets hahaa

Marge said...

 sis, they will get in touch with you DAW.  let me know if they and if they tried to make it up to you?
the lessons here are hard to learn, sa pagka bata pa lang natutu-tunan yan at hindi sa school, dahil ang mga ito ay:

-presence of mind

pag di kaya, buhay pa naman ang post it para idikit sa noo to remind you what to do.

Marge said...

yep, the very same, si Foz ;-) lakas ng rosa fiore sa kin noh? ke past or present pa yan, ang mga natutunan nyo at ginagawa nyo sa rosa fiore hehehe well sa aming bloggers eh well very good!
hahaha makita ko lang name nya sa phone ko nagbabago mood ko pag iba init ng ulo agad LOL
wow, ang low budget naman, well, yun na lang wag iblog or blog about your bad experience about getting neglected. that way, ayan the client mismo will hear about it.

Marge said...

i'll think about that ^_~ or i may find an Asian version of the items above and compare ;-)

Marge said...

well it was more for their ease of mind and that i blog about that they did something more than anything else. we call that damage control.
as i mentioned in on of my comments.
the damage has been done.
i regret going to their event because i should have been doing something else in this case stalking nkotbsb while they were here
or doing anything except blogging related since birthday ko nun :'( that is something they can't give me back

Carizza Chua said...

haha thanks! but i hope this thing wont happen to any of us bloggers ever again. ok na blank press kit, will understand haha.

angelamhiere said...

Well, contact me or not, ang issue sa akin that time was their word of honor, which I stated in my email to them... a few weeks after that, they sent me a facial wash and roll-on. ewan ko kung pambawi nla o pangreview... kasi wala man lang note... eh madali naman ako kausap... pasalamat cla, maganda products nla, kya kahit kainis ang pr nla, i will still write an honest review on the products... 

go, eonni! ^__~

Marge said...

 hehehe tama, netbooster dropped the ball on this one, big time

Marge said...

 yep, it's not the fault of the product, it's the people behind.  the pr and the people that hired the pr people to push the products.  if the folks at garnier saw lapses already they should have warned their pr group already, netbooster or geisermaclang. whoever.
accountability a dying trait

SunDMan said...

Yes. :( I agree. At least everything's finally settled. Blog on! ♥

Marge said...

yep, i'll blog on, and i will continue what i blog about, Asian cosmetics, Kpop idols, and occasionally food :P
don't be surprised if the items above are in my next giveaway ^_^

Dawn said...

It's nice of them to do this. At least they take responsibility for the fault of one of their employees. Anyway, I've tried the heating mask. Works nice naman. The scrub is good too but I really don't like the smell e. Been wondering how that BB roll-on works. Daming nagboblog about it. Curious tuloy ako. Haha! :P

Marge said...

ah netbooster asia. it's the least they could do- to pick up the slack of their youngling. as i said, youth is never an excuse for stupidity, madami namang henyo dyan na bata rin lang.
true, about garnier stuff.
i have the garnier bb coming in the mail by next week or so. that's the only garnier product i will blog about. i hear the garnier bb roll on is kinda drying under the eyes so i'll skip that na lang siguro. (because of the caffeine in it).
so imma gonna send these out in my next giveaway ^_^

Thiamere Brea said...

oh well, i read your post before but i wasn't able to comment...

i have never heard of companies asking bloggers to attend an event & make them  tweet/update your fb about it. if the blogger feels like doing it then they should, not because they were 'asked' to do it. it just makes everything so forced & it would definitely backfire!
well, who am i to say? i don't attend events that much, actually i only have attended 2 or 3 lang ata. im not a people person kasi e. but i won't judge them based on brands, i think its more of  'wrong time with wrong people' din,hindi ba?

i read one blogger complained about one event but as far as i know when this certain company hosts an event they did well. nagkataon lang siguro...

bottomline is, make sure that everything is planned. may plan A & B & make sure to inform the people about expectations. it should be included on the invite para may late man or what at least you would know what to expect,diba?

Marge said...

yung sa etude house ang alam ko may mga blogger na super nagalit, ang alam ko both parties (blogger and host / pr- [so not really etude house]) had faults, my sister in law is in advertising and she explained a few things, na kung ayaw mo magka misunderstanding, hindi pinagsasama ang media at ang mga blogger, ibang iba daw ang kultura ng blogger & media begin with.
eh nagka issue sa seating plan sa republiq nung event ng eh LOL.
nung time na iyon, hamak ng guest lang ako so dedma, i just like free booze.
but i do know the likes of azrael get sim cards with load to do the live tweets so may ganong keme talaga.
may myfi daw naman yung netbooster (yung digital activation chorvalu ng garnierph) kaso yung ngang tao nila ang walang sapat na karanasan at kaukulang pagsusuri at kaalaman sa mga ganitong pagkakataong masabak sya sa isang maliit na event. at di rin ata tinuruan kung paano makitungo sa iba't ibang klaseng tao.
training ang kulang, so nagkamali yung bata, eh sinong magaling ang nag mentor dyan? yun din dapat managot. so yun na nga yung parang manager nila sa netbooster.
kaka hiya, ang amateur bongelz, wagas na wagas lahat ng pwedeng mali nangyari hahaha tae
ako tong graduate ng med school sa kin pa matututo yang Anna't Michelle na yan, witchikels na tey :P

andyloveskawaii said...

ms. marge, you are prone to the hazards of blogging kasi SIKAT ka! LOL. 

It's good they amended the situation, but I think this sort of ruined their reputation as a company when it comes to events and stuff. 

P.S. The Korean shop looks good! Yummy ba?

Marge said...

eh yun na nga amended the situation for whom? syempre for them, like i said hindi na nila maibabalik yung time na na-waste ko sa pag punta dun, bec i went there and i wasn't even told what to do,

di naman ako mang huhula't may bolang crystal para malaman ang gusto nilang mangyari lalo na wala akong alam sa garnier products, ang alam ko lang mura compared sa olay or something.

ni di ko nga alam na barkada ni anne curtis yang si georgina eh etc etc.

hahaha di ako sikat, ang mga sikat yung mga naiinvite sa mga launches ng western brands dito, yang benefit, estee lauder kemeng aniz na bongelz oh di ba winnie the pooh?

alin nih ang korean shop na yameee?

Thiamere Brea said...

super like the comment!

feel na feel ko hanggang dito!

but i agree, media/press & blogging is different. it shouldn't be put into just 1 category. kasi bloggers are still clients e.when u mess up with clients then u know that your business with them is over..LOL!
kaya nga we write as clients e, not as PR people.

oh well, this is def something that they need to improve on... or else they'll be losing their client's business...hehe

Marge said...

my readers know i give away garnier products.  my readers know i don't use western products except for revlon and lush and possibly stila :P
and true, bloggers are potential patrons or current patrons.

if those two ding dongs (the girl who invited me and myhandler)  still have their jobs then they are very very lucky.  

but garnier is now in good hands, a former rosa fiore girl is handling them now.  so alaga na mga bloggers from now on, well i guess, minus myself since i most likely will decline any more invites from them just because i don't use garnier.  

SunDMan said...

 Waaah! I'll join! hahaha ♥

Marge said...

i'm looking forward to seeing you name when i have my next give away <3

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