Wednesday, June 13, 2012


ADDENDUM:  weh! this is only php355! ilang beses ko pa inulit yung tanong hahaha!
Disclaimer:  I got this as part of the press kit souvenir kit from the last The Face Shop event launching their Club20 VIP card
This is one of their many new items.  I'll get back to you as to how much this particular product is by tomorrow.
and yes it does say 'MAKE ME STAR' with no article of 'a'
I got the black/gold one.
and it has a smudger tip on the other side of it
a few swatches, yep, it has some gold really soft glitters that stay stuck to your skin.
while it's still pointed or newly sharpened, i can make my line as sharp and pointed as i can
but not when it's not that pointed anymore. but IT STAYS PUT
let's smudge it shall we?
smudged but just a tad
  • makes good on the waterproof part
  • it's mostly smudge proof
  • it's even muggy/humidity climate proof, look at the 2nd picture of my right eye, that's oiled up eye shadows at the end of the day but the liner is still in the same condition as first applied
  • easily removed with an oil based lip and eye (makeup) remover
  • the glitter doesn't just fall in your eye and bug you all day, the glitter stay stuck to the skin of your lids til you remove them
  • didn't give eye problems
  • doesn't have any weird scents/smells
  • lasts all day
  • available in a variety of shades including this wonderful teal shade
  • available in major malls where the face shop is located
  • needs to be sharpened
  • the smudger is like an eraser, rather than a rubber sponge tip, the only thing that will happen with that is that you'd just slide around the product on your lash line before it sets
  • i don't get why it's called a gel liner, it has the consistency of those khol liners not gel.
Do i recommend:
Yep, this thing stays put!
Will i repurchase? most likely the awesome teal shade


Ari said...

I can never leave the house without lining my eyes so this looks lovely. I like the black with gold one!

Marge said...

true, this is a keep except for the part that i have to sharpen it every so often ;-)

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