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Some of you may have already seen my most recent video review shown below:
I just wanted to post a blog entry as well for this.  that way you can see more clearly that gold box i kept waving around in the video.
and some of the english and mostly hangul written on there.
hay, i never did find this spatula anymore after i took pictures of it LMAO.  but below is the spatula that came with the snail cream.  it's sorta feeling crystal like the tub casing.  i don't use this spatula.
three years shelf life, woot!
even my hubby found it 'sosi'
this is why i don't use the spatula.  it's kinda oddly shaped and oddly picks up the cream in an uneven way.
see? it isn't a scoopy kinda spatula
and the slime
and slime on my face.  the snail cream is newly applied on my face.  but after a night's sleep, my face is actually evened out, with less obvious pores and hmmm plump?
  • 3years shelf life - i can try another snail cream while this waits for me without going all gooey and gunky anytime soon
  • solid packaging, dangerous weapon in my hand when i'm angry bwhahahaha **evil laughter**
  • really moiturizing
  • works just as well/slow as the etude house darling snail cream as per healing the zits i do develop
  • works just as well/slow as the etude house darling snail cream as per whitening the scars of the zits it helped heal
  • does not break me out
  • very moisturizing
  • i don't wake up like a grease ball in the morning
  • not greasy to spread
  • not available in the Philippines, available only through online resellers (i bought mine from
  • bulky packaging
  • spatula is not too efficient
  • strong scent that make me sneeze
  • pricey when other brands with the same efficacy (at least on my skin) are just as good for half the price
Do I recommend:  sure if you can't get anything else then try this
Will I repurchase: most likely not


Dawn said...

Kinda pricey for me too but the packaging is bongga! I like! :D

Marge said...

yeh, it's the most expensive nga from all the quotes given by Charmaine of kkochipida LOL
i've been getting requests for me to review it.
at least 3yrs ang shelf life, i can try other snail creams in the mean time hehehe

prettythrifty said...

Ang shala ng name, prestiryosa! Shala din ang price. Your skin looks so flawless! Lalo na siguro sa personal Ms.Marge! hehe, anyway, I have a question, I have big pores po kasi, specially on my nose area, para tuloy akong may mga bumps sa nose, na parang pimples sya pero hindi naman. What do you think is the best or good tightening pores which is a budget friendly ? Yung pang hampas lupa lang po ang price. hehe kasi grabe nose ko anlalake ng pores!

Marge said...

talagang peeling lang katapat ng pores eh. parang scars sya, it's there for life :-(
naku noh, malalaki rin pores ko sa ilong :P

prettythrifty said...

Ganon ba Ms.Marge? As of now, nagpepeeling ako e' pero yung affordable one, the green one, starts with letter M (Maxi****), I found it effective naman saken, tumitigil pimples ko, kaya lang tiis ganda talaga, mejo mahapdi. Anyway thank you :) Jennifer B. Fosgate
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Marge wrote, in response to prettythrifty:
talagang peeling lang katapat ng pores eh. parang scars sya, it's there for life :-( naku noh, malalaki rin pores ko sa ilong :P
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Marge said...

don't forget SUNSCREEN ha. lalo na maxipeel ang gamit mo

diana.paperdollrevenge said...

Thanks for the review! The product sounds very promising.

Marge said...

you're welcome

disqus_2M3Bjueivo said...

Hi, you've mentioned in the video a different date than the one you showed in the picture :O

Marge said...

my apologies for the oversight, the philippines is quite americanized since the US is our last colonizer and our date format is set just like theirs (the US) so i understood the date stamp to be MM/DD/YYYY instead of the Korean/Japanese/Asian format of YYYY/MM/DD.

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