Sunday, June 24, 2012


1.) pictures here are care of my office mate Fara.  
2.) i'm quite hairless, so hairless that the turn over of hair growth even on my head is ridiculously slow.  uhhh thanks, Dad? (testosterone, hair, connect)
3.) took awhile with photos because hair kinda takes awhile to grow
 But I decided to take up Ms Arlette Alvarado's offer anyway, thinking of my girls at the office can do me this favor.
Strip It (original formula) product info and sizes:

it's 100g the price range is Php200-250. It will be available online and from our resellers.  

Brief product info:  

The new Strip It Chocolate Sugaring has real Cacao extracts that gives extra moisturizing effect on the skin after your sugaring session. It leaves a yummy chocolate-y scent to your skin too!
It is advised not to put any lotion or creamy moisturizer after sugaring/waxing so this product is just the solution for that.   Cacao is known to hydrate the skin and turns dry skin smooth and soft, giving light natural glow. 

If you're familiar with the original Strip It, the difference between them are the ingredients, texture and this one has more moisturizing abilities. When it comes to effectiveness it's almost the same with our original one. But this one smells yummier hehe...It's still edible, but not to be eaten in huge amounts. 
Texture: Has a bit of a velvety feel to it                           
Ingredients: Sugar, water, calamansi and Cacao extract  *(Original formula has honey)
Process of use: Same with the original formula
 as advised my friend Fara, spread liberally
 and applied the gauze strip and waited for it to dry a bit
 this was her leg before she applied the product
 and after
 and here we are her leg hair on the strip

the feedback from her:
  • the scent, it's really chocolatey 
  • easy enough to spread
  • better spreadability if slightly heated
  • no need for reapplication of the wax when you've taken out the gauze and need to apply another gauze to remove more hair, or hair left behind after the initial stripping 
  • consistency is quite similar to what she previously used (other brand hair waxes)
  • messiness depends on the end user
  • it removed the hair she wanted to remove, down to very near the roots
  • very very silky smooth after effect on the skin of her leg
Overall: she really likes the product, very smoothening and it works.
Does she recommend:  yes, she's letting her sister try it
Where is this available:

My two cents.  as i've seen with my friend's pictures, it shows how effective it is.  I've seen other peoples' blog reviews on this product and it seems to work for them as well.  what do i wanna drive at?  i'm trying to say is regardless of hair type or skin type this thing will wax on and wax off your unwanted hair (sorry for the 80's reference LOL)


Dawn said...

I lovvvveee Strip It! Sugaring! Haha! That's what I am currently using. Almost down with my 100g tub and will order a bigger one soon. :)

Marge said...

ey, good to know ;-)

♠ royalty ♠ said...

Hi Teh Marge~ :D

I love the review on this product...

though, curious lng, kxe I have a friend who saw the same review and was thinking if it is only applicable sa legs?

pde rin ba this product on other parts of the body??

Thanks~ :P

Keep well... :)

Marge said...

hello there
pwede sa arm pits, medyo masakit lang
pwede din daw sa bigote, hehehe
take care as well ♥

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