Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 DISCLAIMER: I bought this during Tony Moly Philippine's valentine's 40% discount sale.  so i got it at a significant discount and purchased it (like a lot of my stash) with my own money.
The description below:
so apart from containing my beloved snail mucin it also has some phyto callus something to help repair chaffed skin.
 the ingredients below:
i do not know what part of the ingredients is the snail mucin or the phyto callus something.  what this post will be about is how i use it, how effective it is in cleaning and how my skin feels after i've used it.
 sealed for protection.  no pump! so i have to unscrew the cap, hold this upside down and dispense an appropriate amount on my fingers.
 some REALLY waterproof stuff
 let's try it out!
 the dollywink is tear proof and sebum proof but not tony moly foam cleanser-proof, the face shop make me star waterproof 'gel' liner took a bit more rubbing
 before i eventually got to remove it.
first impressions:
  • this thing smells great!  a little like the snail bb cream and the snail serum
  • it's really really creamy on the verge of slimy
  • really soft to lather on my face
  • really really consistency
  • the scent
  • this thing is huge for php508 (the discounted amount i paid for during their sale)
  • a little goes a long way
  • lathers up really good
  • cleans all sort of gunk off my face as you can see from the pictures of the waterproof stuff
  • leaves my skin velvety soft yet really really clean
  • didn't give me any rash or didn't break me out
  • didnt really sting my eyes
  • no pump!
  • it has yet to make me believe it has snail mucin in it
  • the price, 800++ for a facial wash? and it doesn't even tell me how much percentage of snail mucin it has 0.O

the full price of this is posted here on their site

Do i recommend: yes, as you saw it really takes off waterproof stuff, then again, so does an oil based makeup remover
Will I repurchase?- i highly doubt it, but i'm glad i caught this one while it was on sale.  so maybe, if it does go on sale again, i'll get one again.


ChicSassyMom Des said...

Oh wow! Escargot love! Oh, I've been skipping on some of my shopping trips to the mall lately, so I missed on the sale. When I have the chance, I'll include this on my to try/buy list. :) Great detailed review as always. Haay, it's taxing to do photo documentations on product reviews, I admire your patience and diligence talaga. ;-D I'm a bit getting lazy so I'm delaying them. :)) 

Marge said...

true, once i'm finished with my snail creams (3 and half to go) my next fad will be snake venom kyeme LOL
naku noh, i wasted two tips sharpening that make me star gel liner from the face shop LOL, uminit ulo ko hahaha so much for being patient :P
will update that the face shop make me a star post as to how to use it once the initial tip is no longer pointed. ^_^

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