Friday, June 8, 2012


 AND I'M BACK with this week's weekly bb cream report!
how is everyone? how bout that games of throne season ender, huh? just a quick question, dear hbo, so when you wanna end a GoT season, you bring out the dragons and a cute blonde with and raise her up from defeat, again!? hehehe nerd moment.
back to the review.  i actually have the half size of this bb cream in my stash for a while now, but at the time, i had this crazy notion that this bb cream in the purple packaging is for people with dry skin, and the blue one is for oily skinned people sorta like myself ;-)
but i went ahead and tried it anyway it just came as sample sachets in this gift pack when you buy the club20 vip card ;-)
 i like that the ingredients are crammed and written in english at the back of this seemingly tiny sachet.
 blended out, it gives a sorta satiny finish but eventually turns semi matte
 ovey =( it's reflective with flash photography =(
 but looks natural under natural lighting.
 and with a complete face and my really nice lunasol setting loose powder
 i can control this to give myself the no makeup look ;-)
ok, ok, if you're wondering what the difference between this and another awesome the face shop bb cream
this one:

the 'hd' bb cream is supposed to be photograph purrfect.  but no matter how i shake or not shake it there is no shimmers in this hd bb cream contrary to something like the revlon photoready so it ends up matte on me.
But going back to this sorta newer powder foundation bb cream in the purple packaging.
  • though slightly powdery in finish and in consistency, the powder foundation bb cream in the purple packaging, the bb cream in this review, is quite easy to blend this out and does not dry too quickly
  • semi matte finish
  • spf 37 pa ++
  • very mildly scented
  • shade match is very good, it almost matches the fair skin on my neck!
  • i don't get too oily and i only have to blot out the oilies from my forehead and nose once a day
  • available at our local the face shop stores in most major malls in metro manila so i don't have to go to sm to buy the face shop stuff
  • didn't break me out, no new milla, no additional black heads, or zits
  • surprisingly medium to buildable coverage, if i don't have the sniffles i hardly have to apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose
  • doesn't cake up throughout the day
  • takes very little to cover my entire face, one sachet lasted me two days! even if the gift package say that each sachet is good for one use
  • available in two sizes
  • the packaging, it's just like the bb cream in this video:
  • not much really, the price is something dictated by shipping, taxes and mall rent but at least we are offered a half size that i think costs php495
Do i recommend:
yes, this is a good foundation disguised as a bb cream
will i purchase the full size: hehehe i have one in my stash ;-)


MajorieAnn Mahusay said...

OMG!! I'm so glad you tried the Power Perfection. I tried it too and I loved it. The thing is, yup it's reflective with flash. Anyway, thank you girl!! ;))

Marge said...

hello there!
hehehe, great for everyday or for when you have a presentation or defense in college or masters ;-)
made up but not too made up ^_^ wag na lang mag pa pic na may flash LOL ^_^

MajorieAnn Mahusay said...

I can't thank u enough.. Saya lang!! ;))

Micky Ackinash said...

you're so pretty, luv that no make up blooming look,  aha ^_^

Marge said...

awww thanks! yeh, masaya specially I get to interact with people like you because of blogging :-)

Marge said...

awwww thanks!

Jenilene Panganiban said...

I have this. It does look like a foundation because of the coverage it gives. It looks great on you. :)

Marge said...

hi there!
true, it has more of the foundation essence than that of a bb cream (which is essentially a tinted moisturizer with a lot of spf :P )
thanks ^_^

ana kristhina Bazan said...

how much is this bb cream from face shop?

Marge said...

there's a smaller size of this about PhP495 while the biggy size is 1k++

Virg said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and you do really great reviews. :) I'm still not sure what to get though.

What BB cream would you recommend that's great for someone who's oily around the t-zone, hormones are unpredictable (so I get my weekly zit visit T.T), I've got some dark spots due to old pimples so medium to full coverage would be very helpful.

Thanks so much again, and will watch out for your new reviews. :)

Marge said...

i like the tony moly expert triple and the face shop smart bb cream (the one with vibrating applicator) both have very good coverage and didn't break me out with matte finish

Marge said...

any bb cream that has a matte finish like this one should give coverage and prevent too much oil accumulating on your t-zone. i also like the hd bb cream, also from the face shop. ^_^

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