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Some of you may recall that I already reviewed a Kate bb cream, that I already reviewed a Kate Mineral bb uv base at that, it's here.  If anyone read that review, you would remember that I really disliked the previous iteration of a mineral bb from Kate.  
But NINE months later here we are another kate bb cream and i'll tell you why, IT'S REALLY REALLY AWESOME!

as early as now let me apologize for my cams, it's been such a really weird week for taking pictures.  in the morning you get the sun, but by the time i get to put on my make up, the sun will be hiding behind clouds and it would be raining! and we've been having stormy weather :-(
but i do hope i do this bb cream the justice it deserves.
Thank you for the product description Ms Yannie ^_^

thank you ratzillacosme for the ingredients, click on the pic to read the ingredients more clearly

 just as bobbi brown likes it, yellow LOL
well, it certainly offset my dark circles and pink areas around my nose!
but the oxides makes it reflective
but it's really nice when i look at myself in the mirror, like in real life
so natural
and quite dewy/satiny
memba this picture?!  mom and me at the Kate Feel Your Beauty Animation Part III Event at SM North. 
The picture above is what made me buy this bb cream.
AspectKATE MINERAL BB GEL CREAM SPF30 PA++Kanebo Kate Makeup Base BB UV SPF31 PA++
Shade Matchjust right for my nc20 skin shade
(btw, this is available in 3 shades ^_^)
if it actually shows up on my skin, the shade i have is about right
Coveragemedium to buildable coveragelight to almost no coverage O_o
Finishsatin finishpowdery matte finish
Sun ProtectionSPF30 PA ++ enough for indoors SPF31 PA ++ enough for indoors what's one between friends LOL
Lasting Powerlasts all day4-6 hours
Oil Controlmoderate 3/5 - 5 being really awesome like no need to blotsame 
Break Outnone so farnone
Packagingvery convenient for travel, sanitarysame
PricePhP900 for 30g =(US$17+ fr around PhP700+ for 25g (but i think it's been discontinued in lieu of their new and updated and improved bb)
Recommend-abilityDefinitely for girls with NC20-25for girls NC25-30
As a Basecan stand alone as a 'foundation' it's more of a base and you'd need a foundation on top
Will I repurchase?most likelyno - limited edition, it's no longer available (at least i don't think so)

i love this bb cream.  I'VE GOT TONS OF BB CREAM for Shatner's sake but the coverage and the finish of THIS newer bb cream from Kate made me look hmmm virginal hahaha hangpucha may ganon? o.O
this is the bb cream that made me a believer in drugstore Japanese brands ;-)
so whatchatink? natibag ang doctor jart at it's skin!


Scatterbraintures said...

Since I tried Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation, namangha ako sa Japanese cosmetics. Hmmm, hindi lang pala Japanese, pati Korean, dahil dun sa Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, nakakaaliw ang prices.

Anyway, I'm new to makeup, ang saya pala nya.

Marge said...

keri lang yan, lahat tayo nagsimula sa pagiging new ;-)
yuh, ok naman mga products ng Kate eh and coffret d'or nasapawan lang talaga sa viral popularity at packaging ng majolica majorca but their essentially the same price and the same drugstore brands ng kanebo (sa kate) tas ang majolica sa shiseido naman yep, winner ang products ng shisheido LOL sa imomoko ka na lang umorder or sa ebay ng imomoko (user seller name ianhaze) if it's shiseido you like ;)

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Hangganda ng finish teh! Pang-Kdrama ang arrive! :)

Patsy said...

No gray cast like most BB creams?? 

Scatterbraintures said...

Hindi ako bumibili madalas online unless someone recommended it kasi since hindi ako ganun ka-exposed sa makeup, hindi ko malalaman kung fake or not, so thanks so much for the tip!

kmmyp said...

hahahaha! natawa ako dun sa comment mong "virginal" may ganon talaga? keri lang ang show :p Ngayon gusto ko tuloy bumili nyang Kate. Nakita ko yung Laneige mahal 1950 di kaya ng bulsa ko :( saan ba makakabili nyan? I want!!!

kmmyp said...

nawala yung comment ko :( anyway! natawa ako dun sa comment mong 'virginal' hahaha. keri lang ang show. gusto ko tuloy bumili nitong BB cream na to. San ba mahahanap at makabili nyan.. i want din!!! :p nakita ko yung laneige mahal 1950 di kaya ng aking bulsa :(

frozenblossomsbysenzy said...

Very tisay n pretty like mommy... Gusto ko try jap brands pero mahal? :)

Marge said...

yuh, ang sakit sa bangs ng Laneige LOL bongang kailangang maka quota para maka bayad ng credit card hahaha (yeh nabili ko na yung laneige addict lang LOL)
hehehe ayaw ko namang gamiting dalagang pilipina at di naman daw ko mukhang pinay hahaha kaya virginal na lang LOL
sa mga sm mall na malaki yung cosmetics dept sa ground floor usually, may kate/kanebo hahaha katabi pa minsan ng majolica majorca LOL sutil lang :p

Marge said...

hehehe buhay ang iyong unang comment, naka kyemeng requires approval ang chorva ng disqus eh, but it's here ^_^

Marge said...

nope, no gray cast, so this leans towards more so on being a foundation with bb benefits than a tinted moisturizer that do carry a gray cast upon application ;-)

Marge said...

i think it's cheaper at and what they have at imomoko is the bb gel cream with loose mineral foundation powder set which makes it a good deal (ebay user ianhaze)
but essentially most japanese products are more expensive than korean or taiwanese brands ^_^

Marge said...

yeh for Korean products try:
very reliable sellers that sell authentic Korean cosmetics
for Japanese products try: ebay seller name ianhaze (she carries some japanese products (branches in eton cyberpod near robinson's galeria and a branch in rockwell
all reliable sellers that sell authentic products

Marge said...

LOL salamat, ning! ♥ ako yung comic relief sa kdrama, chos! :P

Dawn said...

Nakita ko ung Fantastic Baby, I was like, Bigbang? Haha.
Anyway, ang ganda! I like!! Super pretty ng finish nya and I love na long lasting at may oil control. Oh dear... I want to try it tuloy. Haha! *Adds to wishlist* ♥♥♥

ceeeeeej said...

love it! sa lahat ng mga na review mong bb creams, parang ito yung gusto ko i-try! dati baviphat yung gusto ko i-try based din on your review..pero ngayon parang ito na! which would you recommend more? baviphat or this one? sorry, newbie sa makeup at walang masyadong pera to try a lot of products :P

Marge said...

 hi Dawn.  may slight kamahalan dito sa manila.  mas bet ko yung package ng the bb comes with kate's mineral loose foundation powder powder ;-)

Marge said...

yeah, baviphat naman at least that one i reviewed is for oily skin. itong kate na mineral it's for all skin types. yep, ok yung sa baviphat, kahit medyo matte yung effect hindi flat. while this one dewy na hindi oily at pantay na dewy parang airbrushed ;-)

frozenblossomsbysenzy said...

thanks ms marge... =)  i'll check out imomoko and try some jap bb... more power and stay pretty and flawless =)

MyrtedCaldona said...

Parang bet ko tong bilhin kapag may datung na ako. Hehe, ang ganda nya infairness! :D

Ganda ng skin mo Ate Marge! Winner. Aaaattt, like mother like daughter ha!!! WINNER!!!

couchpotato_md said...

i wonder if this has different shades and if not, if it could be used by someone with a darker skin... if it appears lighter but blends into the skin after a few minutes like other bb cream. the finish on you is so pretty!

Marge said...

naku, kahit mom ko bet na bet yung bb cream na yan. LOL i'll look for it in bkk at medyo mahal dito LOL

Marge said...

awww thanks hun! <3

Marge said...

yep it has 3 shades, i just didn't note down if all three shades are available in manila. and it does have a shade for a warmer deeper skin tone ;-)
hehehe i'll update that table na LOL

Manilenya Mom said...

you are way prettier and warm in person :) it's nice to finally meet you :)

Marge said...

hello there! uyyss thanks!
nice to meet you, too!

JustMe said...

I can't see anywhere which colour you are wearing... OC-B or OC-C? Thanks :)

Marge said...

hello there:
thank you for your inquiry. the first picture on the blog post where the item is still in its packaging shows the shade.
below is said picture.

should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to comment using this disqus comment board.


Umar said...

OMG !! you look so nice ! :D

Marge said...


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