Friday, June 22, 2012


 This week in bb cream, it's an oldie, an oldie in terms of brands.  doctor jart is one of the elder brands in terms of korean bb creams.
here's some funny engrish for ya ;-)
 the ingredients are at least in english now.
 and it's sealed for freshness ^_^
 the consistency is your classic bb cream.  slightly thick but really creamy and easy to spread that you'd thick it's watery.
 this one has medium to buildable coverage
 and just like them classic bb creams, it's quite reflective with flash photography
 but looks absolutely normal plus a tad brightening with normal lighting (right side of my face with bb and the left side of my face with no bb)
 and on my entire face with my powder of the week and some blush.
  • i think it's still available in sm makati (it was last year and it started selling this brand in sm back in 2012)
  • this IS a bb cream, a mix of really tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, this is NOT JUST a foundation
  • medium buildable coverage
  • semi-dewy finish
  • has spf27 pa++ enough for school and the office
  • doesn't oxidize
  • doesn't break me out, no new millia, no new black or white heads
  • doesn't cake up throughout the day or crepe around my under eye area where i have a little more concealer
  • fair enough pore coverage
  • quite moisturizing
  • oil control is so so, i need to blot my nose, chin AND forehead about twice an entire 8-9 hour shift
  • as far as i can recall this brand was expensive in the Philippines but at least it was available here, check sm makati dept store (watson's area) if it's still there
Do I recommend:  there are so many new brands of bb creams, that if you can't find this one locally you best try the ones that are available here.
Will I repurchase:  I have another Doctor Jart BB cream in my stash ;-)


Gellie Abogado said...

I've been hearing good remarks regarding this product :)

Marge said...

it's not the best, but it certainly is the genuine deal, a true bb cream ;-)

Dawn said...

 I haven't tried any products from the brand but my sister really loved her Dr. Jart BB cream before. I want to try it too! ♥

Marge said...

i tried another doctor jart, but i didnt get to review it LOL i was a novice back then i ordered my 'sampler' from trinketti LOL who would put an x amount of product in sample jars you can buy at watson's. (instead of selling sample sizes like this one i have here)
hehehe hope and pray ka na lang na tama yung label na nilagay nya.

Patsy said...

My mom used the black Dr. Jart. Her skin did lighten up a little and there were reduced breakouts. Dark spots also lightened. But this was too expensive for her so used my then Etude bb cream. She said the precious minerals bb cream from etude worked more wonders for her..

Marge said...

ey i'm glad etude worked out for her. yeah, this brand is too pricey considering now that there are less expensive brands in the market are more readily available even for people outside of SKorea ;-)

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