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Last Thursday a few of us bloggers loyal to The Face Shop Philippines were invited to the opening of The Face Shop Philippines' new shop at the SM Sta Mesa last Thursday, July 12, 2012, and we were treated to cocktails and their sixth year anniversary giveaway.
I arrived after an earlier appointment, just in time for cocktails.
The natural history as the face shop's long standing motto. This actually began in Myeongdong, Seoul, nine years ago, with the first ever TheFaceShop established there in 2003.  Today, it is present in 22 countries across the APJC region, America, Europe and the Middle East.  This means 2000 stores worldwide, that includes 29 stores in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Olongapo, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao.
really good food that i gobbled a lot of was provided by Dome
chicken quesadilla, i could never say no to you, LOL
salmon with capers ^_~ and ham n cheese
the world wide campaign for the Club20 continues and will stay.  This has a special focus on teens.  
products like the E'Thym Skincare range for youthful skin.
the lovely me:ex eye shadows for a fluttery wash of color on the lids that i reviewed here.
and the lip & cheek Aqua Tint for that sweet flush - definitely essentials in any teen's beauty kit.

ADDENDUM: THE PORE MINIMIZER LINE IS NOT PART OF THE MARKED DOWN CAMPAIGN.  BUT THE PRICES OF EACH PRODUCT IN THIS LINE IS ALREADY COMPETITIVE as compared to brands like my all time kyemeng chuva the body shop and clinique. ^_^ sorry for the confusion.
BUT WAIT THER'S MORE! much much more! about 200 products are now on permanent mark down, the pore minimizer line, one of their long standing lines, best selling, and best known of the face shop products has its prices minimized as well hehehe if you can pardon my sad sense of humor :P
the nail art polishes that arrived this year.
a new green tea line of skincare products for the body.
and the face shop is on the rose line! LOL some of you that follow western skin care, the rose hip oil has been around many a skincare products for more than a few years now.  this the face shop's iteration of that skin care fad.
they also have a new honey citron tea body skincare line.
and this just in, the self steam hair pack. complete with a shower cap!
the new gel liner's some in pen form some in it's truer form, in a pot.
a buy 1 marked down on the next deal on lotions.
as with other brands, The Face Shop has brought in their own vibrating doohickey to apply their bb cream.  what i specially like about the face shop's version of this new fad is that the mechanism/vibrator that applies the bb cream is separate from the entire bb cream itself.  but for that convenience we pay about PhP700 more than their competition's.
Here I am with The face Shop Ladies, from left to right Mona Luna our Top Girl Winner
TFS Brand Manager Keti Maderazo, Rikka Dylim of MMPI's Inside Showbiz Magazine, and of course, Training Manager Marge Apacible.
for this month The Face Shop has a lucky 6 raffle promo.  The Face Shop gives its customers a chance to live their own natural history through its 6th Anniversary Lucky 6 Raffle Promo for a chance to win any of the 6 exciting prizes, including a shopping spree or a trip of two to Pearl Farm in Davao for every PhP1000 purchase.  The Pearl Farm is a lush resort, located in a quiet cove on the exotic Samal  Island, is surrounded by pristine white beaches, indeed, nature, at its finest.
At the time of the 6th year anniversary and opening of the new branch at SM Sta Mesa last Thursday, July 12, 2012, for every 1k worth of purchase entitled us as well to a tambiolo type of giveaway.  i got a couple of purse clutches, a lip gloss, and a cute spill proof tumbler.
 my shopping spree loot, thanks to The Face Shop Philippines.  naturally, i'd wanna try out their latest digital bb cream, right? their kawai cream blush that looks like a russian doll, and a few items from their Club20 collection.
So let's give The Face Shop Philippines a second look!
A few things that some of you may ask and some of you may find the answers below:

  • LG has absorbed the face shop 
  • leader has extended his contract for another year with the face shop
  • there MAYBE less fangirl related goodies/gifts with purchase items as LG has yet to decide on how to handle the brand and MAY take the more traditional way of marketing the products of the face shop
  • the face shop philippines is continuing its expansion across the islands, please stay tuned
  • they now have a twitter account please follow them @THEFACESHOP_PH for those who you have forgotten to pickup the phone and can't live without tweeting, please add the face shop on facebook, their account is
    AND kindly allow 24hours for a reply.
My thoughts - the arrival of leader, sorry, Kim Hyun Joong, has turned the face shop international a dynamic and updated cosmetics brand.  LG picking up the brand ensures for a long survival of the brand for decades to come, albeit for now, this second statement MAY negate my first.  The Face Shop deserves our second look not just for leader but for the efforts in updating their target market, which now makes them more affordable outside of South Korea than ever before.  I welcome these changes, furthermore, I always welcome stiffer competition from my favorite Korean brands!
Happy Sixth Year Anniversary to you, THEFACESHOP, may you have many more years to come!


Xiao Vee said...

wow.. their products looks so tempting >_<
nice post ^^

Marge said...

hi there!
indeed their products are tempting :-)

Cristal Gubac said...

The pore minimizer line at at SM Masinag and GB  still has the same price. :(  The mark down is on selected branches only?

Marge said...

let's ask
what the prices were before the mark down ;-)

Marge said...

Hi Cristal:
they have replied, the pore minimizer line is not part of the marked down, but is displayed under the club20 since the prices are already competitive (which i find true since it's cheaper than say the body shop or clinique)
hope this helps, my bad, i will edit my post to reflect this as well.
thank you for pointing this out

Peter Pegarro said...

I love face shop! This is a great store!

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