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So how was everyone's weekend?  Me? still catching up!
I had the most wonderful invitation to attend a demo-teach from one of the top makeup artists in Japan and who's been a mua for more than twenty years! most of those years with K-Palette!  
This invitation was sent way in advance.  The event was on the weekend.  And the event had a venue that is quite accessible.  So naturally i would graciously and most gladly attend ^_^
But, a figurative and literal storm arrived the weekend our dear trainer mua Noriko Imura arrived.  
Push on we sure did!
I missed the bloggers event at Greenbelt 5 at the Beauty Bar, but I made sure I attended her public demo teach at the Beauty Bar at Trinoma!
Some of you may already be familiar with K-Palette's products as Beauty Box Corp has been importing the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner, 2 Way Eyebrow Liner and the Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 since January of this year.
I first heard about this brand from my sister in law.  I received an sms from her while she was at Boracay and she said she swam, she melted in the sweltering heat, but her eye brow remained the same.  she was so happy she had to sms that very day!
But now Beauty Box Corp is now bringing in more K-Palette products.  This half of the year it's the concealers!
A Japanese play on words as to why they used a bear for its icon.  and the coverage of the concealers are truly superior!
The vast display at the Beauty Bar Trinoma.
the collaterals of the brand describing the 1day (24) tattoo.  the real lasting eyeliner!
As i've mentioned, K-Palette's products are award winning here and abroad.
There are three variants of their concealer.  not so much as shade differences but difference in effects on our skin.
And Noriko herself with me.
Miss Noriko had the lightest touch when applying the concealer.
and the concealer did hide my dark circles pretty quick and easy it was nice and creamy ^_^
and here I am.  i super love the coverage of their concealer!  This concealer can be used as your base.  Ms Noriko applied the eyebrow pen on my brow
and filled in any spaces with the powder on the other end of the pen.
She also used the really really finely tipped 24hr real lasting black eye liner on me.  it didn't feel like anything at all!.  her hands weren't heavy,  I hardly felt her move across my eye.
Below, with me, is Ms Noriko and Beautynomics / Beauty and Minerals' Charm brush lady herself, Sophie Uy!  She, too, couldn't attend last Saturday's blogger's event, so like me, we certainly had to attend the next one! ^_^
Me with Ms Cheryl Tan, the gracious young lady who invited me well before hand, who called, texted, AND emailed on the day of the event.  dear lady, mabuhay ka, you know how to organize, write business correspondences, and hold events like your feet weren't killing you.  that alone made me really admire you.  thank you for inviting me ^_^
Ms Thea of the Beauty Bar / SSI and Ms Sophie
and the loot! such a generous loot indeed!  one of you will be the lucky recipient of the chocoloate brown in my next giveaway!
below is the limited edition packaging of the real lasting eye liner.  the regular packaging of this is the usual sleek black.  but they like their kawaii, and frankly, so do I!  this is waterproof, smudge proof and lasts (meaning doesn't fade or flake off throughout the day) the whole day.  Has a microfiber brush.  and of course, it's award winning! this retails for PhP895, it's slightly pricier than online and i hear, even in Sg.  but my argument for that is, well, you'd have to wait for your product online, it's hard to have your online purchases replaced, and you don't have to go to Sg to buy this!
below is the normal packaging
and below is on of their most popular products: the real lasting 1 day tattoo that comes in two shades.  it has translucent ink to avoid 'over darkened eyebrows' so it's like a tint for the eyebrows.  this is available in natural brown and grayish brown. srp PhP895
and below is the 2way eyebrow liner.  it's the same as the real lasting eyebrow liner but this one comes with an additional powder tip for a more 3 dimensional eyebrow look.  this is available in chocolate brown for tanned women and honey brown for women like me. this is PhP1050

and one of the newer arrivals at the beauty bar zero kuma cover concealer.  these are 'spiked' concealers hahaha when i say spiked, i mean each one has its own purpose.  01 is for moisturizing, 02 is for brightening, and 03 is for blood circulation.  I think Ms Noriko saw i was needing to feed fresh blood as i nearly ran out of it the day before, so she saw fit to use the #3 on me for improved blood circulation under my eyes. srp is also at PhP895
this is what the tip looks like.  like a lip gloss spout.
below is a short video coverage, thanks to Ms Sophie while Ms Noriko was expertly and flawlessly lining my upper lash line ala Ayumi Hamasaki! hahaha oh ha ambisyosa lang akech, walang basagan :P
and here's the description of their top seller the two way.
it was an absolute pleasure meeting Ms Noriko, she had an interpreter but she can speak a few words of English.  I never forgot to bow.  dude, i bow even at the waitresses at Max's restaurant.  it's the one thing i learned from all this KPOP thing that i kinda can't stop doing now.  hahaha.
AND FOR ONCE I was bowed back to.  each time i'd bow at her, she and her entourage would bow back at me.  hehehe awesome!
The event was really an eye opener! pun intended.  she taught me that if i wanted to make my eyes seem bigger (like they aren't big enough?) i should draw more on the lash line where my iris usually is, so in the middle.  this gives the illusion of a bigger iris since a dark line sorta imaginarily extended the lines of the iris outward towards the lash line.
They also taught me the difference of normal daytime eyebrows and the glamorous eyebrows!
Normal/daytime - draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of your lip towards the outer / lateral brow toward your temples, you should draw your brow where that imaginary line meets with your brow.
Glamorous - brows should be longer than the normal day time look -  draw an imaginary line from the outer external nares (nostrils) heading towards your temples, draw your brow to where it meets that imaginary line. naku lourd! mahirap tagalugin yan hahaha. bukas maiisip ko yan.
Ooooh i loved this event.  it's the one thing that saved my mood the entire weekend!
So ladies where were you this passed stormy weekend? at the Beauty Bar! I hope!


angelamhiere said...

OMO~! Ang galing! The best yung upper lash line! I really want their stuff kaso, kinda pricey for me... Which I understand because of the great quality. ^__^

Mabibili ko rin to! wahahaha! pramis! i'll save up for these! ^__^

shobe said...

i need this,nagkamali ako sa pagshave ng brows ko ngayon para syang rollercoaster  up and down kainis.

Marge said...

naku problema ko rin yan, sanayan alternate sa plucking at shave pag medyo matigas na yung kilay yung hibla pluck ulit para numipis. pero ang galing nga nehto. pag nagamay ko mag vivideo demo akech ;-)

Marge said...

 gora sis! ipon ipon medyo medyo kapantay nya presyo ng kate ng kanebo at ng majolica majorca ng shiseido.
so in a sense drugstore brand sya sa Japan ^_^ eh well, lam mo naman ang Japanese products, may ginto yan hahaha tamo naman, primera de kalidad ^_^

angelamhiere said...

Yep! I definitely agree!!! =D

Mika♡ said...

I just bought mine a couple of days ago~ I got the Limited Edition eyeliner and the Okuma concealer in 02 Yellow Beige~ :D I haven't tried them yet, but they look promising! ^_^

Marge said...

try them try them ^_^ they're so nice ;-)

Paola Coots said...

where I can buy this products in USA >>>???

Marge said...

as far as I know k-palette is still in the works to be sold in the U.S. in the mean time, you may find fairy drops at Sephora, a very similar Japanese brand to K-palette.

Anil kumar said...

nice.... computer tricks

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