Friday, July 13, 2012


Received this as one of the new products for me to try from Etude House Philippines about 3-4 weeks ago
it's similar to a blush from the competition that i reviewed here
they are precisely the same except for the brand.  the color of the ribbon signifies the shade inside.
whop! there it is!  it's bazooka joe pink!
and it is bubble gum pink even on my skin, this is a tad cooler in pink than the cream blushes i reviewed last week, here
the finish of this blush is matte.
looking through my stash, i do not have a dupe for this one since it's matte.
but i like the overall effect, like a natural flush, but since it doesn't have any shimmers it tends to give additional pore coverage, somehow.

  • natural looking, so i don't end up looking like a clown 
  • matte so i look NOT oily
  • needless to say, its cute packaging
  • the cute and surprisingly kinda effective puff
  • it's actually more pigmented that it looks
  • surprise #1 - it's not powdery!
  • surprise #2 - it lasts all day without any real touch up! 
  • covers my cheek pores well LOL
  • i do not detect a scent
  • price! of course! it's PhP348 for something pigmented and lasts all day, then i'm for it.
  • it's also a good setting powder if you like cream blushes, just pat lightly
  • it's actually NOT too bulky to carry around in your kikay kit
None that i can think of.
Do I recommend- well yUh!  it's inexpensive ang a great blush for our teens and college ghels and (not so ghels as in mga beki)
Will I make a purchase in this new line of blushes they have?  certainly! aren't these things great for gifts!?


Nikki said...

Nice pink shade on you! very young looking ha ! 

Marge said...

hi Nikki!
awww thanks hahaha feeling young lamang ;-)

Eula Tetangco said...

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you look prettier and younger without glasses! (But you still look blooming and pretty with them on!) I've been stalking your blog for a while, and I enjoy you semi-stream of consciousness style of writing. And you'll be typing straight English and then suddenly may gayspeak, it's so funny! Thanks for the good reads. :)

Marge said...

awwww thanks, it's just kinda hard for me to focus when i dont have my glasses on LOL
hahaha semi-stream of consciousness style, yeh, whatever pops in my head there i go LMAO
hehehe pag nauubusan na ko ng english, beki na itey :P o.O
quite happy i amuse many of you ;-) it keeps me going ^_^

Gellie Abogado said...

this looks like a good product. i'm not very much into korean cosmetics but this one is pretty inexpensive and ang cute ng puff niya. what i usually buys from korean beauty shopes like eh or tony moly are the skin care products. :)

Marge said...

hi there!
thanks for the comment ♥ even if you're not into K cosmetics LOL
yeh, this one was surprisingly good, if you like matte shadows that is. ;-)

ceeeeeej said...

girly girl effect! parang 18 lang :P

Marge said...

hahahaha check! ;-)

miharu jhulie said...

thanks for review !
i love this product too :D
btw can we follow each other? :)
i promise i'll follow you back

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