Thursday, July 12, 2012


Guess who's back with a comparative review?! LOL
as you can see below there's a height difference.  this difference may or may not affect the performance of the brush in the way you apply your setting powder or mineral foundation
but the width-wise or radius, each will occupy about the same amount of space in your kit
they look quite similar don't they?
only that the Charm one has about 3-4 stray bristles jutting out
better pic showing said stray bristles below, ADDENDUM: just cut it off and you're good to go ;-)
Aspect Sigma Ms Taylor Charm 
Height Sigma's overall product height are shorter than Charm's slightly taller overall product than the Ms Taylor
Radiussame same, when the bristles are bunched up together
Density of bundle of bristlesdenser, more thickly packed (more hibla or bristles than Charm's)slightly less dense than the Ms Taylor
Length of bristlesshorterslightly longer
Sheddingnonenone, but a few bristles stick out
Smell/Scentnone (never had any scent)i can still smell the glue used to bundle the bristles together, even after 2 washes, either that or that's the smell of the brush.  so it smells like a new set of tires (yes i know what those smell like, been driving since i was 16 hahaha a long long time ago)
Softnessjust soft as charm'sjust as soft as the Miss Taylor
Effectiveness very effective in applying mineral foundation, less buffing required due to its denser naturea little more buffing required when applying mineral foundation due to its less dense feel.  BEAR IN MIND: the bristles here are longer so the bristles will spread out more so it seems that there's more space between each strand of the brush
Ease of Cleaningthe scabbard retractable thing keeps sliding up and down when i wash the brush (even while it was new) annoying but nothing i can't standmovement of the scabbard / retractable piece is more stable and less loose when using.  so i don't have to keep the tips of my fingers firmly holding down the metal retractable thing to keep it in place while i'm using the brush
Give/Yieldslight give or yield (this is how the brush bends upon touching your fez) due to the nature of it's density, the give is just right for a pact application of mineral foundationmore yield or give, from the longer brush.  KEEP IN MIND: that because the strands in this brush is longer, there is more room to bend, similar to a group of bamboos the taller they are the more bend you can get out of them when the wind blows.
PriceUS$25 without shipping but they do ship internationally (duh, clearly LMAO) around PhP1050 plus about US$5 SF at most 1200 all in all, i always use first class usps (the cheapest and it gets to the post office in manila in about 2wks) a whopping PhP600 LOL
Availabilitythey ship world wide, accepts paypal and credit card payments. (btw you can register on paypal and connect it with your bank, easy)i walk a block (robinson's gale) cross ortigas ave and to eton cyberpod to get to Digital Traincase's physical store to get my charm fix! LOL
or i go to my fave malls, Shangri La and Trinoma to get to Crossings, The Ramp to find the pink stall! easy peazzeey
cuteness factor:
that's entirely up to the end user.  some will like Charm's sleek and simple straight to the point but hell-yeah- it's-metallic-red- demmit-i-love-it's red!- kind of look over the more 'hollywood glamour' style of Ms Taylor.  i like both depending on my mood.
i need both, so i have one in my kit will the other is drying after i wash it.
soooo whatchatink?


Gellie Abogado said...

I will def get the Charm this time. I have the Sigma but I accidentally dropped it and now it's broken xP

Marge said...

i'm sorry to hear about your sigma. indeed the charm is a good dupe for the ms taylor

CharryReyes said...

Nice! I have Charm's retractable kabuki and it's very soft! I always bring them with me everywhere I go.

Marge said...

hi Charry! ♥
true it's very soft ;-)
and yep, it's great for travel ^_^

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

great review :D sayo ko lang nalaman ang difference Ms Marge, i always see charms brush reviews but no comparison with sigma, i was wondering whats the difference aside from the price :)

Marge said...

i knew at least one person would appreciate the comparative review. and if you're in the philippines anyway, purchasing charm would be more the more convenient purchase.

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