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This post has been sitting in my blog bin for about a month now LOL.  and IT IS STILL in my kikay kit.  Can you just dig the stain glass window above the girl and right beside her in the pic above?  hehehe it's in the shape of the eye shadow this eye shadow pallet!
there's quite a number of shade sets for this spring collection release, 6 to be exact, one for every mood or setting/venue that you may need to be at.  Below is the literature for their latest, spring 2012, 
and what the girl has on below is the aqua green pallet.  which is what was given to me by Ms Yannie
on the upper left hand side of the pallet is the shimmery cream shadow, which is about the only new thing about this spring collection pallet apart from its design.
if you can read Japanese, then you can read the instructions, but they're lettered so at least you can get the gist of the instructions, which is pretty straight forward.
below are swatches, the top circles have a primer underneath and the below longer swatches have no primer beneath them.  clearly, they do better with a primer underneath.
what i love love love about the pallet, the middle golden platinum champagne shade.  it's just love love love!  and it doesn't wash me out either, second love in this pallet is the aqua, the green.  which doesn't look like i have a bruise, nor does it wash me out.
i just follow the instructions.
and this is what ideally should come of it.
if it looks clumpy, well, it sorta is.
it generally looks quite natural, depending how you wear it.  since the market for Kate is the younger set i.e. teens and college girls, this set of pallets is just right for appropriate makeup for school that can be spruced up for night time.

  • the shade range, makes me wanna buy the pink and the gold ones
  • the softness of the shadows is becoming more and more like Lunasol's shadows! well, still a tad less creamy and a tad clumpy but that could depend entirely on your style of application and brush/sponge tip applicator
  • the dark shadows in here are not too patchy to apply, similar to the dark shadows on the lunasol pallets, the dark shadows on this pallet are smooth to apply unlike western dark shadows
  • if applied with a primer, this look lasts all day
  • packaging, you can see the shadows even without opening the product
  • no scent
  • didn't irritate my eyes
  • no fall out
  • available in the Philippines
  • the cream shadow, hayst, it feels heavy, hard to spread, clumpy, and creases like crazy creases!
  • does not last and fades if applied without a primer
  • Japanese, quite pricier than Korean eye pallets
  • packaging can be considered flimsy & cheap, but hey, it's what is inside that matter
Do I recommend: - yep definitely, i love how you can use the pallet in more ways than the instructions say so
Will I purchase? - yep most likely the pink one LOL


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