Monday, July 23, 2012


Every so often, as a skin food membership card holder, i get their text advisories that they will have their bi-annual half off sales.  so i try to get something from skin food as, it's only at half off that i find anything worth the purchase in the Philippines.
recently it's their hand lotion.
it intrigued me that they used something citrus-y. 
I don't think i've found any hand cream as good my anti-aging peach scented hand cream that i reviewed here

  • really handy, great for travel, a small bag, and desk drawers
  • sealed for protection
  • not in a tub packaging so this upside down tube is quite sanitary and hygienic
  • it actually smells nice!  i was expecting something really sour or nothing at all! LOL what i got is something in between which is pleasant yet citrusy at the same time
  • gives my hand a fair amount of moisturization after i wash my hands with the detergent / drain-o excuse the office hand for a liquid hand soap **headdesk**
  • available in the Philippines
  • not much really, except the srp it has here in the philippines
I'd buy this again and again, just because all the other really cutesy cutesy packaged hand creams are in tubs and i have to dig my fingers in those to get the product out so it's this and the mini antigerm hand lotion that i reviewed here 
I highly recommend this to women who are really oc in washing their hands, so after washing your hands you need to replenish the natural oils of your skin with lotions like these.  Don't get me wrong i appreciate the office detergent really drying liquid hand soap we have since it's hardly ever watered down, but jee, dial is cheap but doesn't dry my hands! LOL

What lotion do you have in your hand bag?


Rini Cesillia said...

wow i never knew that there is also tomato hand cream, i just know their tomato skin care. I wonder if their scent are the same because i like the tomato spot serum scent :)

Marge said...

i believe the scent is the same for the entire tomato line. i love love the scent, it smells so fresh and clean, this and the peach sake i'd buy just for the scent alone hahaha

Joy Castillon said...

i use anything so long as the packaging is small so it would fit it my super tiny kikay kit (im not very fond of bringing lots of things kasi).

right now, its vanilla scented lotion from bath & body works (a gift from a friend).

on dial, yeah i love dial soap. sa previous work ko, yung liquid-foaming ek-ek ng dial and i love the green one. 

Marge said...

ooohhh i love bath and body works, that and lush, stila. basta not too big a company and not estee lauder owned LOL
hehehe dial, yung disti ng dial for watson's asa bldg ng opisina namin, once a yr may bogo sale sila. so sulit talaga ang dial sa kin ☺♥

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