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I have been salivating for this kind of brush ever since I saw sigma and bdellium tools release their versions of this pointed foundation brush.
naturally since i mostly blog about asian brands, and the last time i checked, the philippines IS IN Asia, i would take this opportunity to blog about a wonderful brush brand, Charm from Miss Sophie's Beauty and Minerals
AND IT'S HERE! my coveted pointed foundation brush.  this pointed brush, my elf (eyes lips face) flat top powder brush and my goat hair are my most favorite brushes to apply foundation. i've already filmed a product feature on how i use this foundation brush, so watch out for it this week ;-)
but in summary:
1.) this foundation brush is travel friendly because of its short handle
2.) the tip fits well under the corners of my eyes (both outer and inner corners)
3.) great for liquid and cream products, the bristles used are most similar to the bristles used by elf (eyes lips face) on the studio line specially for the flat top powder brush that i love, too, in using for applying foundation.
4.) has not shed
5.) does not bleed
6.) has  a stable ferrule
7.) not streaky when i use it on either bb creams or foundations
8.) vegan so it's cruelty free and is consequently stink free
9.) REALLY REALLY soft on my skin
10.) available in the Philippines either online via Beauty and Minerals multiply site or you can visit the ramp at its two locations in shang and trinoma and Ms Sophie's reseller, Digital Train Case
I was actually expecting just the bullet brush i've been courting Ms Sophie to release but she also sent along her current favorite brush.  the humongo angled kabuki brush.  now, i thought my bullet shaped foundation brush was awesomely fantabulous but this is just WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!  just look at it!
it's travel size, too! and it's perfect for my current lovies, my laneige cool stay powder
and my lunasol skin contrast loose powder
just look at how fluffy it is!
and the fact that it's vegan or a synthetic bristled brush, it's perfect for cooling powders that are sorta liquid but in powder form.
in addition to numbers 4-10 in my description for the bullet shaped brush, 
1.) this biggy angled kabuki brush, picks up product really well
2.) spreads it on my face really really softly so i don't have a blotch of powder on my nose or cheek when i'm powdering my face
3.) as i've mentioned, this brush is great for the sorta new fad of cooling powders, such as the revlon colorstay mineral aqua foundation and finishing powder and my current fave the laneige cool stay powder.  
why?  because it's synthetic.  
if anyone has used a cooling powder it's a cross between a powder and cream to liquid and yes, it has a cooling sensation.  these kind of powders should only be used with synthetic brushes that way the person who uses it will get the full benefit of the powder on her(his) face rather than the powder getting left behind on some sponge.
yey, a retractable flat top kabuki!
i will have a separate review on this product.
but it's very similar
to my sigma miss taylor brush.  do watch out for that review coming soon!
but for now, i am very pleased to report, that we have winners from the most recent Charm releases by beauty and minerals
prices and ordering information can be found on the beauty and minerals mulitply site:
or mention her on twitter  if you have further questions 
but i love these.  they haven't left my vanity kit since i got them! sERyuz!


Jes Roque said...

Waaah. Ang ganda! Feel ko yung pointed foundation brush. :)

Nikki said...

I love all 3 new brushes from Charm! Super soft talaga!!!! Enjoy yours :)

Chiqui Perez said...

I have the Retractable Kabuki Brush from Charm. :3 Does the good work and is SO SOFT. :3 But I got it from Purebeauty, Serendra. Good thing Ms. Sol carries it too. :D

Marge said...

oooppSS oh purebeauty, dang, i haven't been there kasi so it slips my mind that there's another place that carry charm products hehehe.
yep, i'll be doing my usual comparative review by next week ;-)

Marge said...

no words are further from the truth, Nikki ♥
yep, i'm enjoying mine, thoroughly LOL

Marge said...

yep, it's wonderful and the foundation applied doesnt end up streaky ;-)
video on application posted by this week on my how to apply etude house's cool fix sun bb

MyrtedCaldona said...

Charm brushes does a really good job. No need na ng mga super mahaliang MAC and Sigma. :) I love my retactable kabuki and my charmtravel v.2 :B

I'll wait for ur reviews regarding the foundation brush. :D

Marge said...

 thanks! okeedok ♥

CharryReyes said...

Wow! I like! ;)

Marge said...

hi Charry ♥
yep, they are winners in my book ;-)

Dawn said...

WOW! Fantastic Baby nga! OMG. I wanted to try and get me some Charm brushes the moment I heard about it but makeup brushes are quite expensive and I'm quite contented with the brushes I have. Pero if I have the extra cash to spend for new brushes, I'll surely go and try these! ♥

Marge said...

yeh baby ^_^
these are worth the investment ;-)

Issachavez said...

the angled kabuki brush looks nice!  awww, i wish i could get this but i still have a lot of brushes and i don't think i need new ones pa .... i'm still happy using the Miss Taylor kabuki i won from you :)

Marge said...

ah the miss taylor, watch out for my comparative review next week ;-)
glad to know you still have and are still using your ms taylor ♥ it is quite a sturdy little thing ^_^ and the paint/name on it doesn't get rubbed off easily LOL

Melda Mae Marcos said...

hi! I'm planning to buy the retractable flat top brush, is it good? does it shed? ^_^ thank you!

Marge said...

will be doing a comparative review of the sigma miss taylor flat top retractable brush this week, watch out for it ;-)
but to answer your question now, nope, hasn't shed so far ;-)

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