Friday, July 20, 2012

NEW! Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush

Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush isn't it a BEAUT!

"Product Description:
The Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush is made of ultra lush bristles that feels like velvet on the skin. Buff in your mineral foundation, powder foundation, or any powder product with this brush!

Its angled shape allows you to efficiently apply your makeup and work thru the folds and contours of the skin so that no spot would be missed out. This very dense brush also allows you to obtain buildable coverage, from light to full!

Sophie's Note : I promise that this is so, so, so dense, and this is such a joy to buff in your skin as it is simply velvety soft! :) I love this makeup brush as it can apply my powder foundation quite flawlessly, almost like an HD effect, and yet, its angled shape allows it to glide in the folds of the skin, making sure that powder is applied evenly! :) I also love this for bronzing, or applying blush in contouring strokes as it gives a soft-focus blush finish, too! :)

Definitely my favorite buffer as of late! This gives you easy, quick coverage!!! :)"
I really didn't expect two other brushes when i opened up Sophie's package for me.  I kept harpin' on the bullet shaped brush since i saw those on sigma's and bdellium tools.  so to my utter wonder, i got this and her new retractable flat top brush!
it's true to its word, i mean the product description, the 'ultra lush bristles that feel like velvet on skin'  it truly truly DOES!

it's densely packed 
and i use it with these powders.
like i did and do here.
this kabuki angled buffer brush feels almost eGGzaklee similar to my favorite puff
from the master of makeup tools, Lunasol.
did i say, how densely packed it is?
did i?
Sophie even adds: "Definitely my favorite buffer as of late! This gives you easy, quick coverage!!! :)"
With any of my powders, it really does give quick coverage, better than any 'ordinary' puff.  if you don't have a lunasol puff, then this brush will make you forget all of your powder puffs!
any streaks that you may have mistakenly not gone over will be smoothed out by the brush! specially if you use mineral foundation.

  • the bristles used! 
  • really really densely packed 
  • no funk
  • has not shed on me
  • ferrule doesn't move and is very secure
  • stem not too long and is awesome and made for travel
  • really does give a quick and easy coverage
  • the angled tip makes it easy for me to apply setting powder under my eyes (to set my under eye concealer)
  • price is competitive with sigma's (but since you have to wait, add shipping fee since sigma is in the states then, charm's is cheaper) at P650 (while sigma's is P672 at 42bucks on the dollar)
  • it's easy to clean, any stains i may have put on it like from my revlon colorSTAY is easy removed, use a little baby oil first to remove that colorSTAY from the tips of the bristles then wash it with any shampoo or even anti bacterial liquid hand soap
  • dries pretty slow, but that's because it's soooo densely packed.  also it's the rainy, muggy, humid, monsoon season, so it's kinda hard to dry anything quickly short of using a hair dryer on it, which i don't don't as in do NOT recommend.  
  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - the two places that i can get this is walking distance from me (digital train case's physical store at eton cyberpod, and shangri la mall where there is a crossings the ramp), the third one is trinoma (the ramp crossings) so it's pretty convenient for me to get a back of this brush.  
Do I recommend:
Thank you, thank you, Ms Sophie for this opportunity!


Joanna C. said...

Yehey for the positive reviews! Will save for these new Charm brushes talaga hehehe!

Marge said...

this brush is really worth it! ;-)

Dawn said...

Awww... so inggit. Still on my wishlist. Waiting for the day that I can cross it out and finally use one! Haha! :P

Marge said...

hi Dawn!
awww, this brush is really really good. a most wonderful surprise ;-) the retractable flat top kyeme well, was meh, just right for the price but this one! omg talaga! sa ganda! ^_^

Kat Bulaong said...

You look pretty and glowing on the pic Ate Marge! Will check this brush out when I get a chance

Marge said...

hello there, Kat! thanks!
sige usually asa bazaar naman sya at may online store din naman sya ;-)

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