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 DISCLAIMER:  I was sent this as part of a press kit for their new products, a summer/spring 2012 release.  this is one of their latest gel/cream liners.  but I wasn't not paid or pressured to post a review on this. liner.
I received the BR401
ingredients below:
 it includes a brush...a brush very very similar to the maybelline gel liner brush! which as some of you know i really really love love love!
 and the BR401 is almost exactly like my bobbi brown in #2 sepia ink.  you know THE BOBBI BROWN IN SEPIA INK?  the award winning kyme that kinda made the standard in these gel liner line/'genre' her and the mac fluid line.  oh yeah, i forgot i have the smash box of this somewhere in my stash (got it at 60% off at the beauty bar - otherwise di ko bibilhin yun noh! hahaha)
 side by side
 almost the same!
 sorry, my hands get shaky writing the letters bb! hahaha naaah it's the curvatures that made the writing difficult so it kinda looks smudged compared to the straight edged EH
 yoh T, waterproof ba hanap mo?
 below, i have on the drawing show after an entire day of stress, no fall out, no fading, no flaking, doesn't sting my eye when i line my waterline.  darkened br401 will make a subtle black! so this is good for smoky  eyes too! and easy to remove.
 still looks the same as the hour i applied this morning about 16 hours ago
ok imma gonna be brief:
DO YOU JUST NOT LOVE INEXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVES TO HIGH END BRANDS?  I KEEP SAYING EGGZAKLEE THE SAME AS the renowned  bobbi brown gel liner.  the only 3 differences are:

  1. the price EH's is PhP498 while i bought the BB one at rustan's back in the last quarter of 2008 for PhP1100, yeah that's right, back in oct 2008! if EH's will stand the test of time, i will let you know.  maybellines sure as hell didn't.
  2. the packaging BB's is well kinda sleeker, pang alta de siudad ang kembot
  3. and lastly a purchase of BB's gel liner doesn't come with a brush.  those are like US$25 oh ha san ka pa mas mahal pa yung brush ni bb kaysa dun mismo sa gel liner hahaha chos.  ang chaka pati nun noh, ang kapal kapal, unlike the maybelline one and this one from etude house.  the brush that comes with the drawing show creamy liner from etude house creates such a fine line!
  • for now, while it's new, it performs just the same as my bobbi brown which is 4yrs old.  am i not afraid of it (the bb gel liner) ? nope, as i write/type this post, the skin on the back of my hand isn't itchy or getting red.  i just don't put the bb on my waterline anymore, hehehe mahirap na :P
  • there are many more places you can get the etude house gel liner than the bobbi brown one
  • and clearly, the price alone will make any smart pinay shopper buy the etude house more than tEh bb one LOL
Do i recommend:  of course!  specially to our young ladies who find the black too daunting
Will i purchase:  yeah, i'm out of black, the maybelline one turned to a rock, phhht eh yung sa bobbi brown 4yrs old na ganon parin, still as creamy as ever.  so time will tell if the EH one will be the same.  hahaha sorry na, dami kong makeup eh hahaha


Aya said...

I have this too in black yata and I love it! Stays put even on my monolids :D

Jenny Snow said...

Hi Ms. Marge! sa lahat ng nabasa  ko na reviews mo, ito ang PINAKA-nakakatuwa basahin.  It is just like you're telling a story to a friend but still a very good story. Always looking forward to your product reviews. It is good to know na may good alternative when buying cosmetics. Will definitely check this one out. Thanks Ms. Marge!

Marge said...

Hi Jenny:
hehehe thanks. wasn't thinking na of other countries that might read this. yep, nagulat din ako hehehe and more so nagulat ako sa bobbi brown ko, i check on it now and again. glad to see, though, that my 1100 from rustan's is ♫still alive♪ hahaha

Marge said...

ey good to know the black is the same way as this one ☺

Labrynthe said...

I always check your blog first before buying anything ^^

Marge said...

awww thanks! ♥

Chiqui Perez said...

Shucks I literally "LOL'ed" at the "kembot" part!! :))))

I'm also looking for waterproof kasi now that you mentioned it, the maybelline's which I'm still trying to finish off fades after a few hours or smudges unless may eye primer. :( (Also haven't opened the TM one yet which I won nun Valentines pa... so I still have a number of gel/cream liners to go through hehehe)

But if I do need a brown one, I'll get EH's :D Pang daytime look ba. Hehehehe

Marge said...

hahaha thanks, i'm glad i amused some of you. nagmamadali na ko kasi when i wrote that, and i thought what comes at the top of my head would be the truest and non-contrived or too 'thought-of'
i think a lot of bloggers are getting run of the mill, hahaha and i get tired too when i'm too wordy. hahaha glad to be appreciated.
yep, i like the tony moly, too. the brush that comes with the tony moly is nice too, that's more like the maybelline. so this one from eh is a tad, just a tad thinner ^_^

Chriselle Sy said...

In fairness, okay ito ah! May brush pa. Update mo naman if magtatagal itong product na to...para meron na kong alternative sa Maybelline ko! :)

Marge said...

yeh, it'll be awhile hehehe ang comparison ko ba naman eh yung sa bobbi brown na four years na buhay pa hahaha

Dawn said...

Love it! Especially since may brush pang kasama! haha! I'm thinking of trying it pero I want to try the Tony Moly one din... Which one to get first kaya? hmmmm...

Lucy said...

You are so so so funny! XD This is why I love reading your blog <3 btw is this better than tony moly's? :)

Marge said...

try this etude house one, i mean just for the brush, medyo mas makapal ng konti yung brush ng tony moly, konti lang naman ang diff b/w the brushes of eh and tm, mas manipis lang ng onti ang sa eh.
don't get the brush of bobbi brown and tfs those are eggzaklee the same ultimo handle the same, pangalan lang nagkaiba.

Marge said...

they are very much the same, the only diff is the brush, the tm brush is ever so slightly thicker than the brush provided with the eh one ^_^
awww thank you for reading my blog and i'm tickled pink i amuse you. very few in my own circle find me amusing hahaha

Chiqui Perez said...

Siya nga pala I went to Beauty Bar and inquired about the K-Palette eyeliner. Wow the price ha!!! But they seem to have a concealer too which seems pretty good, which I might get instead :)))

Yah girl, kaya naka bookmark yun blog mo na sa akin! CHOS!!! :D

Marge said...

hehehe i think i'm in love with the k palette concealer ;-)
hahaha thanks for reading my blog ♥♥♥

Cryz said...

I want to try this! but I'm afraid that it's not suitable for me because my eyelids tend to oil. :)) I don't use primers since I find it heavy for my skin. >< Anyway I laughed when you said that the Maybelline turned into a rock! =)) More power to you~ <3

Marge said...

oh, that's sad, then you should try the really dry ones from the body shop, the pencil liners. but dry pencil liners are soooo hard to apply :'(
hehehe yep, maybelline, phhhhfftt you're better off with ELF (eyes lips face . com)
at least i made you laugh ;-)

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