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Last week I had the opportunity of per-registering to join the Manila Social Media Day, Quezon City side.
Chicsassymom had advised me about it and since the venue is just 10minutes from where i lived, a promise of unlimited tea beverages (in my mind, milk tea), and a chance of meeting Des of Chicsassymom, i said sure, why not.
So here I am, sans Des who dm-ed me that she was not feeling well that day and could no longer make it.  but i wanted to try the unli tea, so off i went.
Under the rainy conditions and a really sleepy day (i usually sleep the entire day of saturday unless there's a kpop or kfest event that i remember to go to) i checked out what was going on at the Quezon City side of the Social Media Day event.  I heard there was another one, simultaneous with this one, but at greenbelt 5.  coined by one tweeter, the 'sosyal' media day at greenbelt as a number of people were dressed in couture.  hehehe
I'm glad i went to the Quezon City SMDay as some of you know, i dislike dressing up to the nines, period.
Here at the QC side of things, we had a more organic and soCIAL gathering rather than a pa-sosyal one.  I knew absolutely NO ONE at this event.  But hey, the people at flawless philippines was there.  hehehe i didn't know this guy from adam either LOL.  hi there person from flawless!  i believe his last name is Mendoza.  sorry i was busy eating when all of this was going on.  
and there's King del Rosario, watching closely as the event unfolded.
yes, we were jam packed at Tea 101 on Tomas Morato
Direct Joey as part of the program for the night.
after the introductions, Direct Joey gave a short talk on life on the internet. LOL, naturally, the word troll came up.  ang dami kasi nun, regardless of topic, fandom, or blog/youtube channel, there will always be haters who can't seem to let things go specially when you have already.  and who keep taunting you at that.
and King gives Direct a certificate of recognition.
photo op ;-)
(yeah, si Tania lang talaga and Cynthia, apart from myself, who take good photos with my cam :-( )
the night went on as people took advantage of the unlimited tea
woot! Marissa of Manilenya Mom! she and i got to talking and she said she recognized me LOL while i generally wormed my way through the place relatively unnoticed LOL.  

there was this one guy, who asked:
what's your name? i simply replied Marge and i get a puzzled look, ok, i said kikaytrekkie 
his reply:  ah ikaw pala iyon
sabay dedma. 
hahaha keribels i came here for the free and unli tea.  but i didn't read the fine print or READ that it says unli tea not unli MILK tea.  hahaha oh well, i was already there, eh di bumili na lang ng milk tea.  i purchased an almond flavored milk tea with pearl and pudding, which like, serenitea, Tea 101 has the first two sinkers for free.
I also ordered a sampler platter of their finger food.  hehehe, real crabs are used (for now) on their crab balls.  

oh nice and pink!
thank you flawless philippines for the loot bag.  can't wait to try out your facial service and some of my readers are already waiting for me to have a giveaway with these whitening products as their prizes.
overall, for them it was a successful event.  while it was merely painless for me.  i'm glad i went.  it reinforced the fact we all have a voice.  and we, all who choose to make our voices heard had better be responsible of what we say.  like my old man always says, mean what you say and say what you mean! and you better have the spine and guts to stand by your word and have the same spine and guts to admit you have made a mistake and recant what ever wrongful thing you may have said.
hahaha yeah, Dad says that, to this day :P
so where were all of you all last Saturday night?


Clair said...

Nice naman, milk tea place yung venue. Pero di naman super crowded? :)

Marge said...

dang girl, it sure was!
you know naman pinoys, the ones who pre-registered aka rsvp'd didn't show and the ones who didn't rsvp'd just showed up! so we were like sardines hahaha. but somehow, we fit and there were tents outside, anyhow :P

Alexis Mendoza said...

Hello there~!

Thought I was the lone kpop guy at the Manila SMDay until I saw your posts!
Just dropping by to say thank you in behalf of everyone behind the event for coming last Saturday! :)


Marge said...

hi there!
hahaha we were kinda lucky, i guess? it was kpop hour on channel V LOL.

Princess Julia said...

wow unli tea! as in the real kind? not the iced tea? hehe...
i'll be looking forward to the forever flawless giveaway! *wink*

by the way, a silent lurker here...i visit your blog each day but hardly post a comment...

Marge said...

yeah unli oolong unli assam but no milk, so yeah real tea with ice and not powder LOL
hope to see your name on my next giveaway ;-)
thank you for your comment ^_^

Alexis Mendoza said...

I know!! Kpop hour on Channel V while the program is going on. haha Silently watching trying to remember what song is playing.

Marge said...

hahaha tommwaaah ;-)
twice big bang came on LOL monster and bad boy LOL

Alexis Mendoza said...

Don't forget EXO, CN Blue, G.Na and others hahaha

Marge said...

hahaha exo, di ko napuna, until now, maka ukiss ako kahit sintonado at sa sayaw lang makabanat at 3lang sa kanila ang magaling bumirit hehehe
nabantayan ko kasi sila
yeah cn blue i like them, at least di ba, for a change from the usual pop synth sound, them and fellow label mates, fti ;-)
parang nakita ko rin ang 4minute?

Alexis Mendoza said...

yeah may 4minute din and wondergirls. Old school kasi ako, I don't really listen to the rookies. haha.. more on Super Junior pa rin ako. :)) uy please like our page para you will know if we have upcoming kpop events. :) 

Marge said...

hahaha yeah, kung ano rin lang inabutan ko yun at yun rin lang gusto ko, kim hyun joong, lee min ho, rain, big bang, the old tvxq.
tagal ko na nilike yang page na yan LOL i think early 2011 pa or 2010? nung start pa lang ko sa kpop ^_^

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