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so andami ko nang sinabi sa video ko right? (i've already blabbed on my video already)  but what's a review without a great deal of pictures and a comparative review at that.
the circulating ads and information for this bb are below

three shades for the very fair and ladies with up to about nc35.  there's also a depiction of how to apply the bb cream
but on the box, the pictures show two ways of getting the bb cream on your face
a list of ingredients.  one of which is arbutin, a known whitening agent.
my freebie for purchasing this, a shinee etude house can with shinee post it's.  SO YEAH, EVEN THOUGH Rosa Fiore gives me products to review, i still buy and buy a lot i do.
the sponge tip applicator
this is a bb cream alright, the consistency is of a moisturizing cream with the addition of a slightly watery foundation.
once blended out you can see that can cover the green vein.
see how it forms sorta sickle shape around the area where i applied the bb on the back of my hand (the above photo) and that little droplet on the lower left corner of the back of my hand? so it's kinda waterproof :P pwedeng maglakad sa ulan hahaha
and it's a beyotch to remove the foundation from the sponge, i used baby oil first then i soap the sponge with regular antibac liquid hand soap
my lengthy video review with application demo below:
a picture of me once the white/gray cast has dissipated and 'adpated' on my skin.  photo taken without flash
photo taken with flash
bet ko sya.
it's like a foundation but with many many more! LOL
parang i have something like this in my arsenal already? ALSO FROM AMORE PACIFIC?  that i reviewed in the video below and here
Aspect Etude House Laneige
Shade Match after oxidation it's very similar to the skin on my neckthe same
Coveragemedium to buildable - covers pores wellthe same
Gray/White castreally obvious like i'm bella (vampire na nga pala sya hahaha super huli ko sa dramang yan)not as stark and obvious as eh's
Finishmatte but not flatmatte to slight satin
Lasting Powerlasts until you remove it lasts until you remove it  
Oil Control2.5/5 (1-very little oil control 5 superior oil control)3.5/5
Break Out2 small zits after using for 4 daysnone
Blendabilityblends well and easily with any method of appicationsame
Setting powdernot requirednot required
Smudgedoes not melt on to the rims of my glassessame
Flash Photographyel cheapo flash will reflect off of your face, edward cullen!almost the same
SPFspf50+ pa+++SAME
Product application with sponge providedreally really bad ideathe best way to apply it, plus the sponge provided RULES ALL sponges
Removalcan be removed with a cleansing cream, cold cream, baby oil, (then facial washREALLY REALLY TOUGH TO REMOVE
Washing the spongeyou need baby oil first THEN SOAP the spongesame
Cooling kyemecan only be felt upon initial applicationsame
PricePhP970+ in the Philippineslimpak limpak na salapi LMAO, 
so really, nagkakatalo lang sa (one beats other with):
the price
handiness / portability
brand preference
I recommend both depending on your budget and packaging preference.  If you must travel, go with the more compact and spill / squirt proof laneige.  if you're a student on allowance go for the etude house.
I am likely to repurchase either of the two, but i'm leaning towards the laneige one since i never broke out as in i didn't get a single zit using that, but got two small ones after using the precious minerals sun bb for 4 days :-(


Tricia Farin said...

Ang ganda ng effect! Pero bumebreak out ako pag SPF 50 :((((

Marge said...

phhhfftt, ikr?!
yuh, nagka pimple akech eh, maliliit lang naman at naagapan ng snail cream
dun naman sa laneige waley akech break out spf50+ kyeme din itey.
so ayun, just like the shu bb base, ang ganda ng epektos sa fez but i can't use it like daily :'(

Princess Julia said...

Super glowing ka with this bb cream! Sa tingin ko nga ito yung bb cream that looks really really good on you so far (compared sa lahat ng bb creams na na-review mo)...but too bad, it broke you out...:(

Marge said...

hi there!
awww thanks!
but in so far as finishes go, i'm leaning towards my kate mineral gel bb cream that i reviewed last week here
i lean towards satin finishes. that one from kate didn't break me out, has not gray/white caste for the same price and amount of product (ay 900 lang yun itong sa etude 970+)
so it really boils down to the differences i stated above ;-)

gachapon said...

Hi ate Marge.. I have a question, since I'm starting to wear glasses, napansin ko pag tinatanggal ko yung glasses, yung sa area ng bridge ng nose ko, nagssmudge yung bb cream or kahit ordinary makeup... Do you get this too? :(

Marge said...

hell there:
the answer to your question is the 10th item on my comparative table.
thank you for your comment and question.

Jhoye Obsines said...

wow!!! you have a nice skin...i wish my skin is like yours too...

Marge said...

awww, thanks!
it takes a while to have good skin, good products and patience, LOTs of patience LOL

Ysa Legaspi said...

Hi, from reading the ingredients list, Isopropyl Myristate isa sa mga unang ingredients. That is highly comedogenic. Sayang nga eh, interested pa naman ako to buy this new BB cream from Etude kasi isa sila sa onting nag-ooffer ng shades for morenas (NC35 to NC37) like me. So yun, di ko na binili. Pero thanks nakita ko kasi sa blog mo yung Kate BB Gel Cream andOHMAHGAWSH kaloka i love it! OC-D perfect for NC35 skintone! And non-comedogenic pa and fragrance-free! Hope to see more reviews for BB creams with a wide variety of shades!

Marge said...

hi there!
yeh, kate! omg Kate! they sure did redeem themselves with their new mineral gel bb cream from the last time they released a bb cream LOL
and yep, it has 3 shades, too ^_^ hope the warmer deeper shade one works out for you.
but do try the warmer deeper shade bb from missha as well, it costs an arm and a leg at trinoma/sm north annex but unfortunately, the warmer deeper shade is only available in manila. hehehe so yeah mag kate ka na nga lang LOL
i dont get why i got a couple of zits using this sun bb from etude i only ever get those from too high an spf product. it's also the reason why i did a comparative review with a very similar product, the snow bb cushion from laneige. i'm usually not sensitive to alcohol derivatives eh. oh well, i like this precious minerals sun bb cream pa naman :'(

Grace Lachica said...

I love reading your beauty blog. Very informative. Love the humor (still can't get over the cooling kyeme and limapak na limpak na salapi LOL)

Marge said...

hi Grace!
hehehe thanks beh. yeah, i just write whatever on the top of my head as i experienced the product. all my office mates will tell you, you will never get a straight answer out of me LOL :P

Kei Cachuela said...

Does this last longer than the Tony Moly Expert Triple BB? And what setting powder goes best with this product? Thank you for your time! =)

Marge said...

actualy, yes, in effect because this is water proof, it does last longer.
this does not require a setting powder, but if you must, any setting powder is ok EXCEPT baby powder used on the backs and diaper areas ;-)

Kei Cachuela said...

The baby powder hirit made me laugh. I stopped using it on my face long ago but all of my friends haven't. They're not as kikay as I am. That's why my make-up have to be "no make-up, make-up look" all the time or else...hehe. Thank you for your answer. =)

Marge said...

hahaha glad i amused you.
well, kanya kanya so long as they don't take pictures while just having applied baby powder on their faces then that's still ok. otherwise it's the espasol look :P
you're welcome, if you have any more beauty related questions, just comment on any of my posts ;-)

Elijah Key said...

Would you prefer Theface shop bb cream or etude house bb cream? especially for oily skin like mine..

Marge said...

over this particular bb cream, this sun bb, that broke me out after 5days of use, yes, i would prefer the smart digital bb cream from the face shop and many other bb creams fr the face shop as they don't break me out.
but if you're not sensitive to high spf, this sun bb from the etude house performs very well.

Namey Last said...

What would you recommend for oily skin? this sun bb cream, precious mineral sheer glowing skin or kate gel bb? i have few blemishes that needs to be covered, what would you suggest? thanks!

Marge said...

hi Namey:
thank you for your question.
all the bb's you mentioned are wonderful. it depends on your intention now if you wanna stay matte or have dewy kinda glowy skin.
if it's matte you wanna stay, you'll want the sun bb, while if you want natural dewy, i recommend Kate gel bb. i have only tried the old formulation of the precious mineral sheer glowing and found it too light during picture moments. but since they have a new formulation it may be different already. (but since i haven't tried it since they released the new formulation i can't say how effective the new sheer glowing will be)

berrygreat said...

Great review! Been looking for a Filipina blogger who reviews makeup stuff who's based here in the PH! \:D/ Thank you for this! Looking forward to reading your other reviews/posts!


Marge said...

hahaha yeah, big bang, they always come out with good music that isn't run of the mill kpop so even though i'm not actively fangirling them, they're still on my playlist ^_^
i'm glad to be found. it's great to be appreciated thank you, Moira ♥

Camil Gael Baingan said...

I love your reviews Ms. Marge! ^.^ natawa lang ako sa "limpaklimpak na salapi" haha! Looking forward for more reviews, I hope mameet ulit kita. ^.^

Marge said...

hehehe thanks hun ^_^
sige, ortigas lang naman tambayan ko ♥

Sora said...

I love your blog and your reviews! :D
I want to buy this sunbbcream, but I wonder what tone I could use. I'm NW20 but I'm afraid that the n02 is too light for my skin... Can you help me ^^?
Thank you <3

Marge said...

try it out at the store first? they have testers ^_^

Sora said...

In my country there are no stores of Etude House, so I have to shop online :(. I need any reference about this bb cream to know what tone buy... so can you help me ^^'?

Marge said...

oh sorry to hear that.
i'm also sorry that i can only base my reference to my skin tone and i can only compare with these:
MAC liquid foundaiton shade is nc15
bobbi brown: sand beige
makeup forever hd foundation - shade #117
if you can find these in your country then compare then at least you can gauge which shade you are.
this one by etude house is a good match for the nc15 shade by mac. i hope this helps.
(oh for revlon - my shade is #3 shell for the photoready)

Sora said...

thank you very much! ^^

Marge said...

you're welcome ^_^

CharryReyes said...

Bet ko sya! Pramis. Ang ganda sayo. ;)

Marge said...

awww thanks, LOL just like the shu uemura bb underbase, i'll have to use this sparingly and on occasion only so that they don't break me out. sobrang ok na sana except for the fact na maselan siguro ko sa ginamit nilang spf for this product so nagka pimple ko paisa isa LOL

disqus_qxMlBCwiLj said...

I love your reviews! Very helpful! I have never tried bb creams since im not really amakeup wearer. But ur blogs got me interested. I was wondering which bb do u prefer, tony moly triple expert or EH precious mineral sun bb cream? Thanks!

Marge said...

i prefer the tony moly expert triple. i got a couple of zits after having used the eh precious minerals sun bb cream, i have a review on both

Abbey Cruz-Capito said...

Hi! Just discovered your blogs and videos and i find them very helpful for beginners like me. Lol i have no idea what bb cream to use. I have very dry face. Do u have any suggestions? Thanks!

Marge said...

thanks for visiting my blog and other social networking sites.
for beginners you can try precious minerals from etude house. ^_^

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