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it was summer when i bought these and i forgot i had just bought the other when i bought the other hahaha.
but here there are.
the list of ingredients for the honey-bee skin solution toner, i wonder which one of these is the bee venom?
and the description
a nifty pump
similar to the pump of skin79 bb creams
the face shop's clean face mild toner's list of ingredients
if it seems familiar, it should, this is what replaced (and this is what the repackaged) the quick & clean tea tree line from the face shop, you may recall this:
yan din yun.

Toner NameCleansingScentSebum ControlPore Minimizing
Tony Moly3/52.5/53/53/5
The Face Shop4/54/54/53/5

The face shop rates the same as it's the same as the toner i reviewed here since all that's changed is the packaging.  THE ENTIRE LINE changed to this beige bottle thing, they also have a bb cream from this line, just as the green one did.
as for the tony moly toner.  my thoughts:

  • i don't get the biggy container it has 120 ml, but comparing it to the face shop that has 130ml, the face shop's smaller bottle has even more inside than the biggy doohikey from tony moly O.O
  • i can live without the pump (for once) it kind squirts (YES, SQUIRT AND NOT ATOMIZE / SPRITZ) the product
  • wow, fantastic ang mahal nitong toner na ito ha it's about 1k! while the one from the face shop for an extra 10ml is only 500+ yeah, mahal ng pump doohickey 
  • it smells alcoholy
  • BUT because it is alcoholy IT WILL DRY OUT YOUR ZITS, QUICK!
  • remember the zits i would still develop bec of that time of the month even though i was using snail cream? it would be dried up soon enough with the help of the snail cream and this toner with bee venom from tony moly
  • has a not so smooth after effect on the face, like how eskinol feels like after a rub down, yung parang malagkit na hindi mo maexplain? that's how this honey bee toner feels like but not to the extent the way eskinol feels like on the skin
today, it's the face shop that wins this round with its:
  • less expensive price
  • less bulky packaging
  • straightforward dispensing of the product you tilt the bottle and presto, it's on your cotton
  • imho better scented, with a hint of tea tree, but really, they're very the same, alcoholy
  • and not much by way of a sticky feeling like the way eskinol does hahaha
so what do you use to zap away the zits?


frozenblossomsbysenzy said...

hi sis! =) good thing your skin liked the clean face mild toner, sadly i had a different reaction after using it together with the mild lotion. =(  should i change the routine and get a diff moisturizer? sayang kasi although gamit na ni hubby sayang pa din lol =)

hope to hear from you =)

Marge said...

i don't think it's sayang kung nagagamit pa. it's also more sayang to keep on using a product that is causing you discomfort.
if a product causes discomfort of any sort get rid of it. mapapa derma ka bigla nyan, yun yun ang sayang sa gastos, sa time, at effort.
i'm a fan of snail creams, one time big time na, wala nang serum / essence moisturizer kyeme yun na yun lol

frozenblossomsbysenzy said...

sabagay tama ka...bad ko no? gamit na nga ni hubby pinaghihinayangan ko pa lol... thank you marge =)

Marge said...

 you're welcome ♥

Patsy said...

Could it be that it was an initial reaction like when you switch brands or lines? I had an itch at first but it went away later on. You can read my review here:

Miss Marge, may pump for sale yung TFS. I am just not sure if it fits the new bottle of the clean face :) 

Marge said...

I read my review again, parang yung pinupunterya ko eh yung complikadong pump packaging feeling skin79 bottle container ng tony moly at ang libong presyo nitey hahaha. over all kasi since mas mura naman yung sa tfs at halos ganon din, kyemeng chenes lang yung honey bee venom na kembot na itey. keri naman na walang pump yung s a tfs. pang plastic pati yung pump na binibenta nila na tingi. hehehe
peace bhe

Gina Abin said...

This is nice to have very convenient especially for busy women out there like me. And I agree it is important to find products that is comfortable for you.

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