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Hi I'm back, and hopefully, i can keep up with blogging on an almost daily basis again LOL.  For Asian brands, naturally, i'm so there when they e-vite me for their events.  
I wouldn't have missed this one either since a TOP Korean makeup artist was gracing our now sunny Philippines to do a demo-teach for the face shop's fall - Son Dae Sik makeup collection!
And here are some of his accomplishments below.
My goodness, he's done the makeup for RAIN and Daniel Henny....drool-worthy!
In this collection, they explained that they are now expanding their makeup looks to a more smokey look even for normal folks (so not just KPOP idols and KDrama stars)
Behold the Son Dae Sik - Fall 2012 Smoky Collection!
complete with a brush set
and a newly released foundation to go with this collection
the foundation is available in major malls and the srp is PhP1195 
and a brush i haven't seen from the west (like sigma or bdellium) a flat/slanted foundation brush. this brush  is available in major malls and the srp is PhP595
and a mineral setting powder priced at PhP1195 as well, and if anyone has followed me since 09, you'd know that the words mineral and bb makes me bring out my credit card LOL!
It's been a practice in Asian cosmetics to mix orange and baby pink for their blushes.  I think the west has caught on but our The Face Shop has their version of this that includes a highlighter and a brush! the brush included encompasses the entire pan for an easier application of the colors with highlight. this is PhP995
the 4Minute (no not the HyunA and her backup singers group) but a less than 5minute promise of application palette.  this has an eye pencil, a mascara and 4 eye shadows and two double ended applicators.  Price of the complete set is PhP1495
This collection wouldn't be complete without its own brush set, in the same motif of the sleek simple black and classy packaging, really great for fall. this set is also PhP1195. 
and behold the complete set for a smokey makeup look, and since Asians mostly have cool toned skin, the palette is more on a warm tone.
and voilà our TOP girl! Mona Luna
On to the event.  i was greeted by our lovely ladies from The Face Shop and of course, leader!
 and the stage was set for DaeSik-ssi
 but first, foodies for me as i had to run from work, to the bank and on to the mall hahaha, busy ghel! :P
 treats were provided for by Italianis ;-)

 but i'm more of a savory than sweet type of person so i dove on to the fish and chicken and this ;-)
  sweets and sugar for my hunnee
as a club20 vip member not only do you not need to buy any of the collection to  be able to get in to the event, what awaits for you at your seat is a gift from the face shop ;-)
oh ha, syempre i took a pic of leader, woah, it's been a year since he was last here on this very same activity center! dear leader! i miss you!
 and a video portfolio of Son Dae Sik was shown on the big screen.
 behind which he was actually watching!  see the poise? i could never sit like that for more than a couple of minutes! (yeah, my poor back)
Ms Marge introduces the face shop international sales managers and trainers that were along with this promotional tour for this fall Son Dae Sik collection.
 and our TOP girl! talking about her experiences after she was chosen to be our representative!  look at that happy face! ;-) i suppose seeing leader can do that to any girl, ey!?
 and the makeup lesson begins.  starting with a flawless face complete with moisturization ;-)
 and the eGGziting part, the application of the smoky eye palette! and....
 he really did so in 4 minutes! the video presentation was even longer than the application of the eye makeup!
 and here he explained some pointers while using this makeup collection or any smoky eye application.
 and the flawless Mona Luna, ready to paaaartey and get down! people ;-)
 there were several other looks as shown by our models below

 as fast as the makeup application, so, too, did the event end ;-)
 and the photo op begins.
 for me, too!
 awww, always accommodating, it's Mona ^_^ mwaaaah 
and behold the club 20 vip gift to its members! (by the way you can still be a member and get exclusive invites to events like these) ;-)
 i love love love the box!  if you don't have a moon cake can and need a sewing kit to store your stuff or in my case, to store my kpop cards, here! i  now have my sturdy enough club20 vip carton box and oooh, goodies ^_^
 it even has words of wisdom for the always on the go teen!
 and the face shop's loot bag for bloggers and the media ^_^
 i've been reviewing a lot of brushes lately haven't i, huh? ^_^
 and the foundation.  perhaps something to rival my faves from L and L? 
i've swatched this at the store at rob gale, and ooooohh, meeee likeeee it so far ^_^
 and the mineral powder, will it perhaps rival my powders from L and L?
another wonderful, homey, and cozy event from the wonderful hardworking ladies of the face shop.  thank you, and you know me ladies, i would not miss your invites!
I can't wait to try out and review the makeup ^_^ it will be the honor of this simple blogger to review these.  thank you, the face shop philippines! hwaiting!


Scatterbraintures said...

Thanks for this. I have shiseido's perfect foundation brush and in our weather now, it takes too long to get dry. I'll check the face shop's brush, it looks a lot like shiseido's.

Scatterbraintures said...

BTW, I love your dress.

Marge said...

awww thanks ^_^

Marge said...

LOL that's true. they look eggzaklee the same.
ah well you know, TFS, among all of them, it's shiseido and shu they like to copy, from their blushes in the rectangle palette container to shu uemura's cleansing oil LOL
at least tfs is way cheaper than shu and shiseido LMAO

Dianne Salonga said...

love those make up! I hope to attend on beauty event soon! Nice blog by the way! :)

Carizza Chua said...

sayaang i miss this one. those products looks interesting! parang i wanna try that flawless foundation!

Marge said...

i like the foundation it really blends into the skin well ;-)
hopefully there is a holiday collection(?) that way there will be a next time ^_^

Marge said...

thanks, hopefully you can attend if there is a next time. ^_^

raychramos said...

i've swatched all the products at rob galle <3 super amazing collection! too bad I wasnt able to go to the event cos i have work :( thanks for th wonderful blog about it tho! <3

Marge said...

hi there!
thanks for the heads up on the products. i've only swatched the mineral powder and the foundation.
hopefully there will be another event and that you can go ;-)

Kim Toledo said...

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