Thursday, August 2, 2012


Some of you may recall that last July, Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics had an event workshop that I covered here
There I got introduced to this little baby.

But now a year later.  The ladies of Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics have launched the PRO5000 SERIES!
calling all professional MUA'S
come get your new tool of choice for body painting and face makeup.  tadaaah!
This baby has a higher PSI function (up to 40 PSI) - like they said, great for body painting
Power saving - auto sleep mode feature
But still has that Glambox Airbrush compact design and built in handle for ease of transport ;-) 
 Bigger gun cup - great for body painting nga LOL
and here it is for real.  as you can see, the cup has a cap.
Val started with an intro for the new airbrush/compressor
The cup without the cap
all the lovely goodies from glam box
including their original airbrush compressor
Makeup artist of the day: NOI!
and me as the dummy of the day :P
Noi applying the concealer FIRST then spray me like a car on grand theft auto!
and the bronzy finish
and professional bronzing done without making me look muddy! woot!

bloggers having a go with the new pro5000 there's Ms Askmewhat's herself and the beautiful lush_angel!
ok ok, seryuze time
while i was given a bronzy wearable our model below is being treated to a more avant garde look 
as you can see our MUA Noi is drawing some slithers on her lids after he air sprayed some golden spots on her lid
leopard cougar woman!
finishing the look on the other eye
and here you, a 20's avant garde makeup look complete with a headdress! 
that's interchangeable.
my turn with the new pro5000.  that's me cleaning the cup.  the bubbling shows the use that you are effectively blocking the nozzle so that the thinner clear can be blown all around the area where pigment was.
if that hasn't completely cleaned out the cup, the next way is to spray the pigment out of it!
there, see?! much cleaner!
and we had a make these faces contest
Ms Cindy Go chose the mask i applied makeup on for runner up.  heheeh thanks CL of 2ne1 for being my muse
for being runner up i was given a pair of mink lashes!
and the grand prize winner is....!  she won a glambox pro5000! bonga mo ter!
more pictures of me and the Glambox Ladies!
me and beautiful Lush_angel!
of course, Nikki and Martha's back!
and the loot for the day!  aigoo, the pictures of Char is on my phone!
video tutorials on how to do airbrush cosmetics, particularly theirs, can be found on their multiply site here
Prices for their airbrushes, compressors, parts and pigments can be found here, their multiply site.
I am inclined to purchase the starter kit.  

Do i recommend - definitely! specially to women who want to try something new, prefer the no makeup but healthy look definitely!  i specially recommend either compressors to mua's brides love the sorta madeup but not overly done look and anything new and this airbrush cosmetics is still considered new in the makeup world! (specially the personalized ones)

so head on down to their multiply site or visit their facebook page


Chic Sassy Mom Des said...

Awwww...super nice! Plus you're so pretty! :-D I'm out of touch lately, hope it will change very soon! 

Marge said...

hi Des!
it was a good event ;-) it was fun being with the glambox ladies, Cindy, and the other bloggers. OMG, i needed this event! i've been outta touch lately, too. since my smtickets fiasco it snow balled to busy busy toxic last 10days at work! hahaha but i'm through the gamut and i'm easing my way back to blogging. you shall, too!
dm me, i'm just somewhere in ortigas ;-)

Chiqui Perez said...

Na bronze ka na diyan 'teh? :)))) Hahahaha kidding. ^^ Maybe the effect is more subtle and natural? :D Also, you really look younger than your age. WIN. 

Nakow super advanced na ata yang airbrush makeup na yan. ^^ But yes for body painting... sa mga magccosplay with unnaturally colored skin, pwede pa :)

Marge said...

hahaha oo daw
sabi ko kasi ayaw ko, ng jlo na kyeme. and yep, super subtle lang.
yeah! great idea! kaso at 20-25k price range of the machine, only higher levels of mua's can afford this and the pigments therefore only alodia kinda cosplayers can afford to have their body painted with this LOL

Chiqui Perez said...

SHUCKS. D: Hahahah yep may mga ma-moolah na cosplayers lang. -.- Unless affordable ang magpa airbrush by someone else/mua instead of getting the whole kit for yourself :P 

Marge said...

hahaha yeah, i'm still thinking of buying the smaller pink kit. LOL
but yeah it's still pricey and expect MUA's to charge higher if people want them to whip tEh big guns like this pro5000 series LOL

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