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This week I begin reviewing the latest The Face Shop makeup collection for fall 2012.  This makeup collection is by famous makeup artist to the stars Son Dae Sik.  I had the pleasure of seeing his work first hand at one of The Face Shop's Makeup event that i posted here last August 17 at Trinoma.
This is their blush kit
and the packaging.  i was taken aback by the packaging but i guess they're trying to go more green because it's well constructed carton yah know like 'em benefit blush thingies.
but this has a mirror
a description of the product and what it should do and a diagram
and voila, orange and baby pink and a highlight shade.  say, what? orange?
ooohh nifty brush, that goes bendy bent in the middle
and folds all the way through
but can fold out and be used straight and won't go all flimsy bendy
swatchy, so actually, you don't get an orange blush but a gorgeous pink flush, and you get the baby pink as something to blend out the 'orange' and a highlighter (the top shade)
and voila, a natural looking pink flush.  naturally since the entire collection is a almost a night time kind of makeup set you can make your cheeks shimmer some more by piling on more of the baby pink and highlighter so that the light will play off your cheeks when you're out clubbing ;-)
  • the pigmentation is actually not too sheer and not too pigmented.  it's actually a foolproof way of blushing your cheeks, so the payaso look is avoided
  • nifty brush if i do say so myself
  • packaging comes with a mirror 
  • no weird scent
  • available in Manila in most major malls where The Face Shop is found
  • lasts all day
  • didn't break me out, no itchiness, no harsh reaction from my face
  • doesn't make me sneeze
  • brush does NOT stink! considering it's animal hair
  • the price but since i think this is limited ed, it's a marketing thing to jack-up the's PhP995
  • this may show up more on women with warmer deeper complexion, pramis, the subtle satin shimmer will look awesome on someone whose complexion is about NC30
  • can be a tad powdery specially if applied on an unevenly applied bb cream or foundation
  • can emphasize visible pores since it has shimmers and shimmers can highlight your peaks and that can show off your valleys more.
  • the carton that price, there should at least be leche flan or ube ice cream on TOP (get it cuz it's special?) O.O
  • only one shade set that I know of - meaning no set that has that light lavender, pink and high light like some brands offer when they have these palettes
Do I recommend: definitely, it's a great purchase, you got your blush, and highlight in one, has a big mirror and a really nifty brush.

Thank you The Face Shop Philippines for this opportunity!
by the way, guess who joined the facebook community! the face shop philippines now have a public fan page ^_^ click like to be in the know of the latest The Face Shop Philippines happenings!
they are now also on twitter! so tweet them up ^_^

hehehe, instagram na lang LOL, well may tumblr pa, may youtube, etc etc hahaha but at least right?
so who's tried the Son Dae Sik collection? put your hands up! ay, may exo bang kantang to that effect? si leader wala LOL
Yes that's right, exo is endorsing the face shop, i saw it somewhere on twitter :P


Dawn said...

I love the effect when the two colors mix! I agree! The packaging needs a leche flan/ ube ice cream edge more! If it's limited edition, they should make it look like it something you should get para bang collector's item sya!

Ari said...

I tried this the other day but sadly the shades in it are a bit too light for me and they don't really show up! That's why when I use blush (I rarely do, I use bronzer more) I usually use darker shades, or really bright pink ones.

I'm a #3 Beige in Bobbi Brown, by the way. Still unsure what the equivalent for MAC is.

prettythrifty said...

Wow 3 shades in 1 kit :) Thumbs up sa high lighter :) thou parang konti lang laman po nya no Ms.Marge? Very subtle lang sya. As usual, looks great on you :) hehe I saw your pics with a blogger who attended the event too, you look stunning! flawless na flawless! Parang alagang VB. lol :) Have a nice day po!

Marge said...

ikr, eh baka nga feeling benefit naman ang peg nila ngayon LOL carton box bleh bleh
true i like the effect basta ok yung base/foundation ko ^_^

Marge said...

yeh medyo konti nga lang sya, super subtle lang daw dapat dahil pang terno sya sa really smoky eyes LOL
awww thanks, hehehe maliwanag lang ang ilaw kaya parang natakpan ang mga pimple scars ^_^

Marge said...

sis, i found a foundation matrix for three brands, bobbi brown, mac and nars hope you find this helpful
sige, i'll update this and take a pic of one of my office mates with much warmer and deeper complexion as i am, and see how it goes ;-)

Rini Cesillia said...

wow the brush looks interesting :3 but the packaging looks kinda boring.. but it's classy though :)

Marge said...

awww the sleek black is for a certain audience. yes the brush is kewl.

Ari said...

Thanks for that link! Bookmarked it right away! :)

Marge said...

^_^ you're welcome ☺

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

you look so young here ate marge, not that i'm saying that you're old ha! XD

Marge said...

hehehe thanks ^_^

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