Friday, August 31, 2012


I've had this brush set for a while now, and i though i may as well do a review on it.  Baviphat is sold in the Philippines by Fangirl Asia - my go-to when it comes to authentic kpop cd's and dvd's.  But recently they branched out into selling Korean cosmetics as well.
This Magic Girl brush set is a four piece set.
you have the leatherette case with the pretty show girl design in front and is opened and closed with a very sturdy snap button.  The brushes stay put inside the really tight garter bands 
and you have a pocket on the opposite side
the first and biggest brush is the face brush, which you can use as your face powder or your blush brush
it's made of synthetic brush so the bristles are uber soft and no goat or horse had to walk around with a stubby tail :P

what follows is a shadow brush
also has synthetic bristles, but of a stiffer kind than that of the face brush above.
and it has a fine pointed and tapered tip that way you can also use this on your crease.
and a sponge tip applicator.  and no, not like the ones revlon includes in their eye shadow palettes.
this one is actually sturdy and is quite similar to the sponge tip applicators from Lunasol
you can tilt it on its side if you wanna do some smudging
and lastly, this one last brush can be used either as a lip brush or something to apply your cream or gel liner.
see what i mean? it also has synthetic bristles.
which are firm enough for gel or cream liners but soft enough for the application of lip products.
and the back of it

  • very handy
  • ferrule is secure and does not move from the stem
  • no shedding
  • has really soft synthetic brush
  • great for travel
  • cute design
  • doesn't have a smell
  • the leather doesn't feel cheap and will crack and peel off in the future
  • the the garters are also stitched well to the case
  • name of the brand is printed well on the stem/handle so it's not the type you can scrape off with your nails
  • none really, but the prices online range from US$14-19, so do check out  Fangirl Asia first if they have this on stock
it's cute right?


Mia said...

are the brushes soft?i mean soft brush is kinda hurt my face..

Marge said...

the brushes are soft, they are synthetic brushes meaning they don't come from any animal ♥
soft brushes hurt your face? so do you mean you like stiff brushes more?

Mia said...

thank you for your replies..
i was about to buy this set but then i'm afraid it'll hurt my face..but anyway,maybe you're are right,i like stiff brushes more..thanks again~

Marge said...

you're welcome and good luck. you should try bdellium tools, they ship internationally and are not as soft as these from baviphat ^_^

Mary said...

which is better, charm pocket brush set or baviphat brush travel set? Thank you. :)

Marge said...

i don't have the charm pocket set so i would not know how to answer that question

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