Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Like i said in my previous post here:
i've been trying to charm the Mz Sophie to release this since i saw sigma and bdellium's pointed foundation brushes. hehehehe me and my puns.
ah my dream brush for the quarter!
the pointed, bullet shaped, foundation brush, synthetic, vegan brush!  i've been using it since i got it on all sorts of foundation, from high end to mid range brands
back to high end
and yes, to drugstore
and it's been really great so far!
looks different huh?  but it really really makes sense.
it's easy to load up the brush with the cream or liquid
easy to spread it out
and what i do is dab, twirl, then crisscross the bristles on to my face to make sure i have no streaks 
and see, on my face, hehehe dapat i-clarify fits on every part of my nooks and crannies, OF MY FACE.
 and there.
 but not to say that her other charming foundation brush didn't/doesnt
 it DOES, it's just that the bullet shaped brush doesn't have an edge like the paddle shaped one.
i am sorry for the lighting below, a borg cube was parking outside my window and was going to assimilate me. (sorry for the trekkie reference, the argon green light! it was hard to resist!)

  • it's here in manila
  • it's a whopping PhP399 hehehe  and it's available to the places i go to! shangri la mall (in the crossings the ramp, trinoma, same, crossings the ramp, and digital train case's physical store at eton cyber pod)
  • short stem/handle fits great in my overflowing kikay kit
  • synthetic bristles so no funk
  • really soft bristles 
  • easy to clean and EASILY dries
  • really effective in spreading and swirling and settling in my foundations
  • fits in the corners of my face that wouldn't normally be reached by a regular foundation sponge
  • ferrule is sturdily attached 
  • i kinda prefer the synthetic bristles used on the hot pink charm pro travel set's foundation brush (the other brush i'm photographed with) but that's a matter of preference only, does the job all the same
  • none
let's see if this last's just as long as the hot pink one.  hahaha ang matibay nun! ;-) so proud of my pinks!


Annamária Surányi said...

you'd make a great beauty borg! haha

Marge said...

hahaha thanks! ;-)

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