Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Some of you who follow my blog may remember that i bought and took a three day basics class with/from Shu Uemura that was held at their power plant branch.  i wrote about my experiences here.
and when Patrick Alcober, one of their trainers showed me/us, the class, this goat hair foundation brush, I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE ONE.  he said he's had his for years and years and well...it's definitely for keeps!
so the thing is, it's goat hair, like it said.  they groom the goat's hair, make sure they get the best and healthiest.  they trim off the tip for their brush purposes.  then never ever cut off any hair from that goat again.  so ulit.  di ba, nagupitan na yung buhok ng goat? so since yung dulo (na nakakabit pa dun sa goat) eh na cut na sya, matulis na yun (you know like when you're bagong gupit) so shu uemura will no longer use any hair from the goat they already sheared from.  so these hairs are the softest tips of their healthy goats.
and it's bleached.
quite fluffy
and full
great for any liquid, mousse or cream products
it has a tapered tip
and spreads the product evenly (yes, i have a review on that shu uemura bb here)
it fits in the inner corner of my eye and my under eye area.
 and can fit well on the outer corner of my eye as well since it has a tapered tip.
 it's also great for blending around the nose area
 and it has a straight tapered tip, it can go around your mouth, outlining your lips very well.

  • really really fluffy and soft
  • has a fine (like pino) tapered tip to go around nooks and crannies hahaha nooks and crannies talaga around my face
  • not streaky specially if you follow the growth of your balihibo on your face and not against.  i also do patting of the brush after i apply the foundation
  • has a short stem/handle so it's great for travel! and fits in my makeup kit
  • steady ferrule
  • has only shed 2-3 hairs/bristles, TOPs!
  • easy to wash (i use shampoo and conditioner [not a two in one])
  • available in the philippines where ever shu uemura branches are located
  • the smell, i've had this more than 6mos now and it still smells like a goat's butt [oh ha, like i said, i've smelled a goat's butt?!]
  • the price - but as i always say, it's a marketing thing so shu uemura is targeted to a certain market.  i recall i had a discount since i was a student of theirs at that time
Will I repurchase: there is no need for me to purchase another for a very very long time.  but should i need to, the answer is yes.
Do I recommend:  definitely, either for personal or work as a makeup artist.  this brush is just divine...so ayun asa ulap din ang presyo hahaha

has anyone else tried this? whatchatink?


ashley mendoza said...

i wanna try this brush!!!

Marge said...

you should! it's awesome ^_^

ashley mendoza said...

but shu is not available here :( anyway when they will have another makeup session?

Marge said...

i know they have deal grocer half off deals, i just don't know what month that is since i didn't buy that one day session/class.
you can subscribe to deal grocer or like shu uemura's philippines fb page ;-)

εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

I wanna try this sana kaso I bet this is expensive~at least for me! XD Hahaha!
Ate Marge, it was nice to finally meet you in person!! ♥

Marge said...

Hi there!
awww nice to see you in person, too! thanks for the mention and tag on twitter and insta ^_^
see you again, next time! ^_~

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