Tuesday, August 28, 2012


as some of you know i'm all over asian skin care.  and snail creams are no exception.  my next project, (though i'm a year late as usual) are snake venom skin care, hahaha, well maybe.
I've already done a blog review on the Darling + Repairing BB Cream here
product information
and where it shows that it's 73.2% snail mucin and where it showed that the tub content is 50 ml or 69 fl oz for all y'all english users :P
and the ingredients below.  please click on the picture to enlarge it.
and what it looks like.  i've been using this gel 'cream' for about a month by the time i took the picture below.
and what it looks like when i apply it on my skin.
and blended out.
minus the cat hair.  this is my mug when the end of a fiscal year happens upon me and when my hormones decide to go all hay wire on me knowing that i need to pass this fiscal year!
so there, what's my point, it doesn't prevent hormonal or stress break out.
but helps heal the ones that do manage to pop out as quickly as one to two nights.
and are dry by then 3rd or 4th day.

  • the formula, love it love it love it that it's gel type as compared to their previous darling snail cream that was, you guessed it, a white cream (that i reviewed here)
  • because i have oily to combination skin, this gel type formula worked better for me as per its absorption rate on my skin.
  • the fact that this formula was made for oily to combination skin types (and not just for women either, for men as well)
  • the scent, this time, Etude House stepped out of the usual snail cream scent which is kind of citrusy to a milder more floral scent that i much much prefer. this one does not make me sneeze at all
  • i am not a slick slimy oil depot the next morning after having this on the entire night which is always a bonus.
  • it's a gift pack with two bb cream samples ^_^
  • comes with a spatula
  • has 73.2% snail mucin.  which is a little more than the snail mucin i got from this other really poshy snail cream ahem Nichkhun ahem
  • helps heal my zits quicker than when i just let it be
  • anti wrinkle - i guess i haven't been using it long enough for me to see any improvements in my fine lines (the ones under my eye)
  • didn't prevent any breakout as compared to it's competition's serum
  • it's taking quite a while for this snail cream to lighten/whiten/brighten the zit scars as compared to its competitor's serum
  • no pump, just a tub, not as hygienic as i would like it
  • at 2k++ for the entire set (bec the bb cream samples in this 'gift set' is supposed to be free) at that price, to coin Tania, i should've had champagne served with that price tag, because after all this is etude house
Between the two, the original darling snail cream (the one for all skin types) and this gel type specific for oily combo skin, i would repurchase this gel!  this one  has more snail mucin percentage than the original, tumataginting na 0.2 more hahaha but seriously, i'd prefer to buy a skin care product formulated specific to my skin type.
Do I recommend:  yes, specially if it's not in a gift set, let's see how much the srp for it then without the supposed free/sample size bb cream

so watchatink? anyone else who's tried this?


Diana ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

another interesting review on a snail product. ;)
btw, I've been using TM's snail essence. Ganun din nangyari sakin. hindi na ko nagkakaroon ng new pimples sa face. pero minsan sa chest or back naman nagkaroon. haha. at least hindi na sa muka. :))

Marge said...

lmao! so true, yep, sa kilay or sa likod na ko nagkaroon ng pimple at that time of the month.
yeh, this is a so so snail cream from etude house but at least it isn't bad lmao

Shari said...

Hi there! Will wait for more updates on this product!! :)

PS - I will be having a BIG BIG makeup giveaway soon! Please follow my blog to be informed on the deets! Thanks gurl!

The Misty Mom

Marge said...

updates? i think this will be the extent of my review on this so so product

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