Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There are days when i do remember, it's kinda rare, but when i do remember it's these masks that i put on to try and maintain my skin.
This weekend was no different and my mask will be from skin food.
I'll be trying on their "LIVE" powder mask in rose and herb oil.  it's cute how they put the magic word herb or herbal on things they wanna proclaim to be clean and healthy or good for you.  i mean, case in point, herbal coffee or herbal TEA? i mean for realz? coffee DOES come a plant, and TEA uhhh are leaves, so it's a plant.  because...tadaaah herbs are any plants "with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume" or parts of "such a plant as used in cooking
"....but i digress.  
Product description:
Live Powder Mask - Rose & Herbal Oil 
Fresh and concentrated Rose Flower Powder soothes & refreshes skin while Spearmint Oil & Lavender Water eases stress & reduces acne. A remedy for sensitive, stress-prone skin. --- what i need right now

Product Description

This wash-off mask, enriched with vegetable elements such as rose, spearmint oil, and lavender oil, controls excess sebum, leaving skin soft.
* Use:
1. Mix powder and essence water using enclosed spoon. 
2. Apply to face with fingers, avoiding eye and mouth areas. 
Wait 5 minutes, and before it dries, rinse with warm water.

and that's about all i can google on this product.  i couldn't find the ingredients to this product either.

and here is another cup noodle from skin food but no need for hot water needed to add to this brew
just the aLIVE - i'm still aLIVE powder mask essence which really is NOT a powder but a viscous kinda gooey 'liquid' with the consistency of fresh uncooked egg white. so beats me why they call it POWDER
so i mix it all up with THE powder (the one in the other sachet)
and voila, the walking dead complete with dried up 'rose' petals, those things could have been crepe paper i wouldn't know the difference.
AND BOY there was a LOT of product.  enough for two! two faces and two necks!
and there you have it i'm ready for bed.
honestly, i really much prefer the smell of the green tea and milk mask also from skin food that i reviewed here, that one actually does smell like tea.  whilst this one with the dead 'rose' petals smell like a mausoleum with the dead flowers and all.
it was also hard to clean up afterwards, it was clumpy all over my sink, unlike the green tea and milk mask where it was merely like slimer's (from ghost busters') ectoplasm, and that was easy to clean off the sink.
i don't think this did anything for me except make me feel squeaky clean and my pores look a lot smaller.  i suppose it will take more of these concoctions for the decrease in sebum to occur but at what price? i purchased this at about 250ish and that was during skin food phil's half off sale. 
if i were gonna purchase another (which i have btw, it's their green tea and 'milk') such dubious names but i really liked that one ^_^
i was not a happy camper on this one.  i'd rather use my innis free jeju volcanic kyeme chorva mask than this again.


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Yes! Inis-free ka talaga sa Innisfree Jeju Mask. ;)

Marge said...

hay, tomwaaah ka dyan, sis O.o

Chriselle Sy said...

Ouch, mahal naman nito. And sayang naman yung sobra sa product! Pwede ba syang istore and reuse?

Marge said...

hayst, ikr, kaya nga twing half off sale lang ko bumibili sa skin food sa mega eh. parang may ginto ang mga bentahin nila eh di naman mahal yan kung tutuusin.
and yes, ang dami pa, pang hazban & wife ata itey. LMAO
di pwedeng istore at ilagay sa ref eh, tumitigas lang :'(

Chriselle Sy said...

Edi sayang naman ito, parang hindi sulit!

Marge said...

sinabi mo pa, phffft, sayang lang. keri pa talaga yung green tea & 'milk' nilang ganyan din ang packaging, tamang tama lang ^_^

Nikki said...

wow! I have never tried products like these and I have to admit, I'm a bit wary because of my sensitive skin! :) Sana share kayo ni Benj! :) hehehehe

Marge said...

hay, sa kasamaang palad, he was in the middle of an online game so this gamer-widow couldn't disturb her man LOL
yeah, if you ever will try one of these go for the green tea & 'milk' ;-)

Celina-Rae Montalbo said...

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