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Some of you may have already seen my video below on this awesome bb cream.  i'm sorry if this blog post is long overdue.  my life kinda took over and couldn't do much by way of hobbies and such LOL.
But I did promise a written review on this bb cream as a lot of you read and not youtube anymore. at least based on some of my stats that are from my Filipino viewers.  (yeah i'm talkin' to you hand held folks relying on globe's 4g which sucks! hahaha)
So on to one of the most expensive bb creams on the planet
This revolutionary bb cream comes with a vibrator.  attached to the vibrating end is a sponge. please click on the picture below to enlarge them so you can see the description like the batt, dc info etc
This machine has one switch and one speed. but vibrates 12000x something
Now i'm not sure if this has a 02 natural beige, otherwise, i would've been asked what shade i would prefer at the store.
ingredients ingredients.
woot! on to the bb cream.  i'm guessing that because the highlight of this product is its vibrating puff, the people at marketing thought that a simple and sleek black design to their latest bb cream would suffice for packaging.
but let me just say, i love love love this pump.  i pumps just as little or just as much as you would want depending on how deep you press the pump.
let's examine the vibrating puff.  now compared to say tony moly's or the skin shop's version of this fad, which, you know, and i've said on my video, i actually prefer the thing being separated from the bb itself.  that way, i can just use whatever bb cream with the puff or leave the puff at home, and perhaps save myself from possibly embarrassing questions? LMAO
so it kinda looks not too refined, but it will once you turn on the thing to vibrate.
instructions word of caution in hangul
and aigoo a removable rubber cap for the batt.
hurray! i was able to remove the sponge so i can wash it separately.
but it still has its plastic doohickey
now on to the bb cream.  this has got to be the matte version of my bb cream of the quarter the kate mineral gel bb! as that one has a wonderful satin finish
i love how this bb matches my skin shade
really looks natural in real life (like no flash)
and looks ok with crappy flash on.
coverage is fantastic, too.  not much of my pores are showing.  yeah, what i mean by pores i mean the holes left behind when i prick and pop my zits!
lookin' natural and it lasts all day.
and for my usual here comes maaaaaaaaaaaiii
  • available in the Philippines wherever The Face Shop branches are located
  • lasts all day with me just blotting out my oily nose once a day
  • doesn't cake up
  • doesn't go into puddles of foundation or bb cream in my pores, so in short it's easy to blend
  • great scent that doesn't make me sneeze
  • great coverage and it's buildable so i hardly apply concealer under my eyes or my old gray pimple scars
  • doesn't rub off on the rims of my glasses
  • doesn't oxidize
  • dries pretty quickly
  • doesn't affect my blush or setting powder as in whatever shade the blush should be still is
  • doesn't break me out
  • has some spf, great for the office, spf 30 pa ++
  • the vibrator is separate from the bb cream, so you can use whatever bb cream you like with the vibrator sponge or just use the bb cream that comes with it.  either way, it's better that it's separate this way
  • batteries are included in your purchase
  • matte but not completely flat finish
  •  at 2k plus plus this is one expensive bb cream just because it has a novel approach of applying the bb cream
  • say what now, 2k++ yes, kids, this is not for the average high school, kpoppin' leader-hyunjoong lovin fan girl.  this is a bona fide makeup for grownups with jobs y'all.
Do I recommend -  sure if you can afford it, but when it comes to matte finishes, they have the hd which i really like, too.
Will I repurchase - uhhh

if there are things i missed out, make sure you reply here.  thanks y'all!


Majorie Ann Mahusay said...

OMG!! 2k? Kalokah.. It look so natural on you.. ;))

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Haha! The BB cream that separates the kids from the adults, choz! ;)
In fair, kung sa 2k tapos may device pang kasama eh panama lang sila nung Missha Wrinkle Filler. Na-curious tuloy ako because of the device, haha!

Dapat talaga umattend na ko sa susunod na TFS event so I can meet you! ;)

omgaeula said...

It looks lovely on you. The BB cream is not sold separately? And I figure, given your love and dedication to testing out BB creams, could you recommend a BB cream that has a matte finish with little to no white cast?

Zed Chu said...

Czjai, tomoh! :D
Miss Marge I want to meet you to! thanks for this review. :D

Marge said...

oo ning! fb message mo sila! <3
hahaha yep, ang mahal kasi pang working lang ang presyong yan.
naku noh, dito lang mahal ang missha, 1,725 yan kay kkochipida, well mahal parin for a bb pero walang vibrator LOL

Marge said...

hi there!
yeah, minsan i'm usually around kpop events, the next one is at the picc for the phil kpop convention.
tas yan pag may invite ang the face shop ;-)
you're welcome

Marge said...

awww thanks, yeah, i like this. right now it's not yet sold separately, maybe one day.
try the hd bb cream from the face shop, i really like that, it's matte. the other one is tony moly's expert triple ^_^ no white caste on those

Marge said...

oo, di ko rin kakayanin yan ordinarily but they had an event. so it was the first thing on my mind to get hahaha.
yep, it truly is natural looking ^_^

Eula said...

Thanks, I'll have to check those out! :)

Marge said...

you're welcome ;-)

Will said...

Thanks Marge! Been looking for the BB Cream with no white cast! :D Very helpful blog. :)

Marge said...

you're welcome ^_^

Shirley May Sudo said...

Hello ma'am i am shirley may... Nice to meet you. I want to ask ur permission if i can share this video... Mrmi pong slamat s advice ninyo...
Add nio po aq s FB: shirley may sudo

Marge said...

yes, you may share, you have my permission to share this video. - is my fb page, you can interact with me there once you click on the like button for the page.

thanks ♥

kelly said...

I was comparing this to ETUDE HOUSE* 's Precious Mineral BB-Dation Special Kit (8,500 per min going at SG$50), and according to what I read from you, this is a faster applicator and MUCH cheaper. Thanks for the review!

Marge said...

i have the precious mineral bb-dation. what i like about etude's version of the vibra puff is that they don't force their consumers to buy the vibrator doohickey so that you can just buy the bbdation and just that unlike other brands like this one and laneige wherein you can't buy just the bb cream. both foundations from the face shop and etude house are very good and in the end it's the foundation/bb cream and not the applicator is what matters ☺
yes, the bb cream can easily be topped ^_^

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