Wednesday, September 5, 2012


from Mel the nice lady who gave me these samples:
"regarding the SRP, we are selling the Ginvera BB Cream (25 ml) for USD 8.50 on, which is Ayannah's storefront catering to OFWs and friends and relatives of Filipinos abroad.

On Sendah Pinoy, our online shopping site dedicated to locals, we are selling Ginvera BB Cream (25 ml) for
₱ 693.00."

I'm not sure if we will be making Ginvera available at department stores but at the moment, we are the exclusive distributor of the Ginvera brand here in the Philippines. :)

Hey I'm back and this time for a bb cream review.  I received a couple of bb cream samples from Mel, thank you for the opportunity, dear ^_^  She works with Ayannah Information Solutions Inc, a company that is going bring this bb cream to the Philippines.  This is said to be one of the top beauty brands in my favorite Singapore!
So let's begin ^_^
Product description and directions to use is below and in english!
The promises
the ingredients
the sample sachet
and we aren't deprived of product information and description with directions.
and where you can inquire about this product in the Philippines!
swatcheee.  like any bb cream, it's kinda dark in the beginning 
 then blends right on to my skin.  and gives it a kind of a veil
it's almost exactly like the skin of my face.  but i prefer lighter shades to at least approximate the skin of my neck.  so what i'm looking for is that lighter than my face shade but just a tad darker than my neck.
this was almost it.
check out my sorry sorry shirt! LOL pero big bang ang lanyard :P

  • omg the scent! super duper love love the super mild samkinda floral kinda herbal scent!
  • very easy to blend
  • spf 30 pa ++ just right for the office or in the class room (if you're not going out for PE or COCC)
  • didn't break me out, give me new black, or white heads, or milla 
  • acted as a good primer for this foundation i'm trying out
  • but as a stand alone, it's a very good base for a mineral foundation (the powder kind)
  • lasted all day
  • didn't sink in my fine lines or make my pores obvious or make me look like i have puddles of foundation in my pores
  • satin, not completely matte finish
  • is actually in Manila
  • coverage is light to medium, great for people with little or no zits or have no pimple scars to hide, but at the time, i did have pimple scars to hide
  • oil control - there was little to no oil control from this.  i'd get oily in about an hour on my t-zone, and my skin type is only oily combination, i don't have full on, exxon - valdez oil tanker like some women do, still, i'd get oily in about an hour with this bb cream so this one will go to my mom as she has dry skin.
I'm not sure when they will have this launched here and their srp but you can inquire here: 
Tel: (+632) 6363216

Ayannah Information Solutions Inc.
If you have time, I hope you can check out our site/s (Sendah, Sendah Pinoy, Sendah Direct)

Will I purchase this:  most likely i will purchase this but for my mom or friends with dry skin and who's about nc25 or warmer/deeper
Do I recommend - i recommend this to my Filipina friends who have warm and deep tone skins.  this is formulated with you in mind.  it's lightweight enough that you don't feel like you're wearing makeup (eh di ba, ang pinay ayaw, daw, di umano, mag makeup ng maraming Pinay due to many reasons blah blah blah). soooo this one is sheer enough that you don't look like you're going to a discotech you know like heartbeat mega disco, kudos, mars, at syempre, faces ang mga naka gets huwag nang umamin bwahahaha.


εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

aww i would like to try this but the oil control is kinda mking me hesitate >_<

Marge said...

yeh, i'd have to agree, so this bb cream is better suited for men and women with much drier skin ♥

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