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 dear lovely ladies, y'all need to like Rustan's facebook page, y'all!  they've got many things going on in their malls.  One of them is this. 
Laura Mercier has recently launched its Fall 2012 line and with that one of their makeup artists, of about eight years, Jeffrey Tasker was touring for the brand to feature the new collection and their latest iterations of their all time best selling products.

 I have never had a Laura Mercier product in my life.  but i'm always open to anything new.  
and here he is! isn't he faaaabuloouz?!!
he introduced the concept of the cinema noir.  that this is Laura's interpretation of what we'd look like had we put on makeup ala the 1940's-50's makeup
below is the rest of Laura Mercier's collection of makeup
he begins with our model for this class.  and starts with primer.  
 after foundation on top of primer, comes concealer.  he used the mirror of the concealer palette as his palette to mix the two shades and get the appropriate warmth and tone for our model.
 moving forward, he's on to blush and he is pressing the product onto the skin rather than sweeping across the apples of the model's cheeks.
 here is another trick, tightlining.  he uses a stiff liner brush (with synthetic bristles) and was pushing a liner shade, on to the roots of the model's lashes. this makes for a more natural yet dramatic liner look.
 and here after he applies two shades of lip stick for depth.  the darker shade on the outer rim and a lighter shade but of the same family in the from the rim going into the middle of your lips.
 and here he demonstrates that when you apply gloss, it's just where your lips touch your finger when you shoosh someone as he illustrates below.  so like i mentioned in one of my video tutorials, please ladies, do not apply your gloss on your entire upper and lower lips, you will end up looking like you ate barbecue!
the hour went by so quickly! Jeffrey is so funny and fabulous!
and my first ever laura mercier product.  one of their latest primers that came out late last year.  and since it's radiance and sorta reminded me of satin finishes on my primer/bb's i thought i'd give this a go rather than her more popular best seller ever, the laura mercier tinted moisturizer.  if i like this product, i may come back for that! LOL.
another reason why this stood out is, Jeffrey said, that you can apply this on TOP of your makeup! as in on TOP of your foundation and powder!!! so you can use this as primer and something to spruce up your face if you're going out after office hours! like a pick me up in liquid candle light form! 
well the candle light thing, i found that on some reviews.  i'm now wondering how i'll photograph myself to show off the golden radiance of the product without me looking like i have bilirubin that made its way onto my skin.  (in short nang hindi ako mukhang may hepa).
friends, the workshop from rustan's was for free.  as in i didn't have to pay to get in to see him.  there was also a marked down price on all the laura mercier products during the event.  AND we had mirienda.  ICED TEA omg.  there are very few iced teas i ever drink and like [as i always like my tea with milk], but i liked the iced tea served during the event.  so you come away with a tips and tricks and get fed! then it's up to you if you wanna take advantage of the marked down price and earn points on your fsp card!
i'm glad i went.  a few things were reinforced such as 

  1. the pressing in of powder products rather than sweeping them across your face.  
  2. the pressing in of the liner shadow on the roots of the lashes
  3. two shades on the eyebrows to make a gradient because one shade of eyebrow isn't natural looking!
  4. and two shades of lippies for depth
  5. and of course avoid looking like you ate roast pork (lechon) buy applying gloss on the right parts of your lips!

so like Rustan's page and find out their in store promos.  they even had a cooking event.  i like their cozy events.  it's not overwhelming, no one is pushing product for you to buy, and it felt very much like afternoon tea!  I liked how Jeffrey is super approachable and complimented my bag and my eye shadows that day hehehe.  
one last thing, he told all of us to keep wearing bold colors on our lips! he said he's so over the nude lip still being so prevalent in the states. hahaha. talaga lang ha.
review on the primer radiance, soon ;-)


marshy mallows said...

Jeffrey Takser is super amazing! Its so nice to bond with you after the event even it was for a short while. :)

Marge said...

it was a very pleasant surprise to see and talk to you again. thank you for the updates and the reconnection ♥♥♥
true, bonga si Jeffrey, hehehe

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