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Some of you may remember that the face shop philippines had their Son Dae Sik Makeup Show.  Son Dae Sik being the makeup artist of the stars in Asia and launched the Son Dae Sik line the Lesson 01 for fall 2012.  One of their new tools is their perfect foundation brush...I KID, it's the circle face brush.  because after all it's a circular kinda brush and it's for the face!
it's rather short so it can fit your kikay kits with no worries.
behold, one of the best things that ever happened to affordable synthetic brushes! 
just the right firmness
just the right thickness of bristles and compactness of bristles in its ferrule.
but here's the drugstore/korean/roadside version
versus the perfect foundation brush from shisheido
and the brush from the face shop comes with a product insert! with english on side and hangul on the other.
holy toledo! this is thing is awesome.  i was expecting streaks and there is none!
i've been using this since i got it and behold: i used it with their foundation, also apart of this collection.  and i use their travel tools, too.  no streaks and even  application from the circle brush when applying the liquid foundation.
it applies well with mousse products, too
and primers such as the laura mercier's primer radiance
and it actually never left my kit and will stay in my kit for quite sometime. as i use it on the laura mercier primer with my favorite lunasol foundation.

  • available in the Philippines
  • only hP595, PURRFECT!
  • has not shed
  • does not bleed
  • stable ferrule
  • short enough to be brought along for travel but not too short that you run out of leverage
  • comes with instructions, Qapla'!
  • no streaks while applying liquid foundations, primers, and mousse products
  • easy to clean, since it's synthetic bristles
  • no stink since it is synthetic bristles
  • none
Will I purchase:  for my mom and friends, most likely!
Do I recommend: yep, definitely specially those who want the shiseido but is about a thousand bucks below budget.
So who's tried this yet?


Kei Cachuela said...

Hello po! Would you say that this is the best brush for liquid foundation that you've tried so far?

themommist said...

Nice! In need of make-up brush right now. You're face is amazingly flawless! So pretty!

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SataaZaidi said...

Great review it's on my wishlist since I first saw it in your makeup show post I was waiting for your review to see whether it is good or not , now that you have approved it I am definitely going to buy it.

SataaZaidi said...

Great review it's on my wishlist since I first saw it in your makeup show post I
was waiting for your review to see whether it is good or not , now that you have
approved it I am definitely going to buy it

Julie said...

Everyone is coming out with this same style brush! Dior is coming out with their version soon too!

Marge said...

hopefully the copies do not have gen loss hehehe

Marge said...

hi there! yayz!
i don't know how much the shiseido ones are, hehehe i think i do not wanna know :P the 500+ for this face shop version is definitely worth it ^_^

Marge said...

hmm still no, hehehe i'm still head over heels over my 18 goat foundation brush from shu :P

Nikki said...

wow, my first question nga if it sheds! Pero hindi! So worth the price!!! And totoo! I saw a similar one at Shiseido!!! Great job TFS!

Marge said...

indeed, Nikki ♥
it does not shed, it has the right firmness and it's pact with bristles so it's almost fool proof ^_^

Kei Cachuela said...

Aw. I thought so. Sadly, walang mapagbibilhan ng shu sa "malapit". Pero maganda po ba itong TFS na brush para dun sa Kate na cream blush? Salamat po!

Marge said...

ning wait lang po, alin tfs na blush vs kate na blush? or tfs na brush or kate na brush (la pa kong natatry na kate na brush nga pala)
ty ♥

Kei Cachuela said...

ay sorry po kung magulo. Ibig ko pong sabihin, nagagamit po ba itong tfs na brush to "apply" the kate cream blush. hehe.

Marge said...

ay hehehe. actually pwede, for you ni-try ko, kasyang kasya pa yung brush sa ga-liit na opening ng glass 'jar' ng kate na cream blush LOL ♥

Kei Cachuela said...

Kinilig naman ako --> ni-try nyo pa para sa akin. Thank you po. =)

Marge said...

syempre naman dear ^_^

Eula said...

I bought this brush based on your review and I am loving it! So thank you.

Also, I recently mentioned you in my Feature Friday and grabbed a photo of you from your website. (I realize I should have asked your permission first.) Please tell me if you'd rather not have your photo on the article. (Located here: Thank you!

Marge said...

hi there!
thank you for the feature, photo of me is ok to be on your blog. i really appreciate it.
yes, i love this brush. though it did make me curious about a goat hair version of this. hopefully i find one in Seoul.
thanks again ♥

Katrina Guevarra said...

What do you use when you clean this brush? :)

Marge said...

i use shampoo or an anti bacterial hand wash or a facial tissue wipe. since it has synthetic bristles it isn't too needy of softening since it's already soft (where as with animal hair i use my own shampoo and my own conditioner to wash them)

Jemimah Reyes said...

I've been thinking about getting the brush from Shiseido but I've always been put off by the hefty price tag, I think it's around 1.5k? A little too much I think for just one brush.. I heard from a friend that this is a great dupe but I didn't believe it at first until I read this! I really, really appreciate how you review products! :)

Oh & by the way.... Would you by any chance know if the 18 goat brushes are available locally in shu uemura stores? Shangrila or Trinoma? Or do you buy yours online?

Really hope to hear fro you soon! xx

Marge said...

yep, i like this one from the face shop, synthetic brush at that so it's easier to clean. I actually use my shampoo and conditioner on my 18 goat brush from shu. i bought mine at the shu rockwell branch ;-)
the mark up is very little vs the online price so i usually buy at the stores we have here.

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