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Last July 21, Lush Philippines along with the rest of Lush across the planet launched Emotional Brilliance.  but last July 21 was also one of the worst days of my 2012 so i'm reporting this very late, plus i wasn't there at their launch anyway, as i was stuck in a mindless queue in megamall. 
so here we go emotional brilliance.  do you know i sang this song for about 2weeks? hahaha it's just so catchy and sweet. 
 Most of you who visit the Lush branches in Manila, Trinoma, SM North, Shangri La Mall, Glorieta 4, Serendra, SM MOA and a place further south that I am not aware of (wow something further than MOA LOL) would get to see this turn table.
The ssi ladies would offer you to play the game.  and you get to choose the colors and the colors would contain a description of yourself.  it's like a fortune cookie but a description of you.
and for the launch they had this this french macaroon tree to highlight that Lush has gone even more colorful.
this is what actually caught my attention.  I'm pretty much used to their bath bombs and their soaps being really colorful but when i saw these little colorful medicine bottles my teary, tired, watery eyes all went pop and blindly headed towards these beauties.
who wouldn't want to buy each vividly colored bottle??? who? who? raise your footSS naaaoo
but let's not forget their initial tries at stuff for the face and perfumes.
but here are more shades i wanna add to my colleczionnneees
naturally i'd get some so here are my first three from the new and awesome collection.
I wanted a new bold red shade and here's their reddest
and naturally the pink lover that i am i just had to get something pink.  it's very very very much like my pink fever from Laneige, but oh well, i need my jojoba oil anyway.
but they also have half a dozen shades (or much much more) for the eyes.  I got me a basic shade, in Sophisticated.
here they are again along with their ingredients
so as you can see the ingredients are very soothing to the lips.
the eye shadow has got way more ingredients than the lip products LOL
and here's Sophisticated, the one shade to rule all! hahaha.  i wore this cream shadow on my lid without any primer on my lid, nor did i put any concealer on my upper lid.  so any discolorations i had on my lid, like broken capillaries i use as a base so when i have sophisticated on my lids it looks like i have applied more than one shade on my lids.
as though i have something on my outer V
and a shimmer shade on the middle of my lid
this is great for a daytime look.  but you can use this as a base then just spruce it up to be a smoky eye if you're going out at night.
below is believe on my lips, the bright and bold pink.
and below is decisive. so it's not as red i would've liked it, it has a pinking violet kind of tone to it but generally when people see me wear this it looks as though i have something red on my lips.  because i live in a society that anything bold and dark like this, already it's grounded in my countrymen 's minds that what i'm wearing is red.
I'm super liking this collection, keep in mind though that the eye products have a shelf life of 'three months'.  so unless you're a practicing MUA it may not be the best bang for your buck if you get the eye shadows or liners.  the liquid lipsticks though have a shelf life of about 18 months to two years.  so it's similar to revlon lip products.  so you can at least switch them around and not have to worry your product is 'wasting' away in your drawers.

so who else has had some emotional brilliance?!?!


shobe said...

im a lush fan,though havent tried their makeup line pa. macaroons always looks soo delish kagutom =D

Marge said...

their cosmetics are so full of WIN and LOVE, yun lang medyo mahal compared to their soaps and shampoo bars pero worth it for me since i didn't break out and parang lip treatment with the jojoba oil on my lips ♥

marshy mallows said...

The only thing I am obsessed about lush is their honey I washed the kids bar soap.. I hope you can post an in depth review of the lippies! ^_^ Finally got to blog about the laura mercier event. I miss you naaaa!!! ^_^



Marge said...

awww the lippies are love, that's all i have to say about them LOL they eat off though LOL but that's because it's like a very pigmented lip treatment ^_^
miss you, too hun. clicked on your blog na to read the laura mercier event. good thing you had someone take pictures of you while you were the model ^_^ ♥

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