Thursday, September 13, 2012


 I attended The Face Shop's Makeup Show with Son Dae Sik that i posted here and we got a presentation of how this fall collection can be used by the creator of the collection himself, makeup artists to Asian stars, Son Dae Sik!
His collection bears his image and his signature on the boxes.  hopefully on the boxes are limited ed and not the collection itself!
 on this post, it'll be the foundation that i will be reviewing.  the last time i reviewed one of their liquid foundations was their phytogenic infinite foundation in nb23. that post is here
 this is a convenient packaging and the foundation simply squirts out from this squeezey tube.  
 and the qr code that you can scan with your phone to take you to their website.
 please click on the picture below to enlarge and read the description further.
 and the ingredients below
 since it is nb23 it is just a tad dark looking and it kinda look orangey on the back of my hand
 but i can pull it off naman
 i actually used the mineral cover powder also from this collection.
 ayos naman right? i pulled it off ... meaning the foundation absorbed well and didn't look too dark on me ;-)
  • just a tad scented
  • convenient packaging, not in a glass bottle so this is more portable
  • full coverage! i i don't even use concealer under my eyes
  • does not oxidize
  • spf 35 pa ++ i can walk fr gale to mega (so long as i walk fast) without worrying too much
  • doesn't cake up or crack in the middle of the day even after i've retouched with their mineral cover powder
  • nice satin finish but not too oily looking
  • available in the philippines
  • either my pores are getting deeper on my nose or i'm having a hard time getting the pools of foundation stuck in more pores to even out, using their new foundation brush even on top of a primer.  so i'm still iffy on the ease of blending of this foundation.
  • the price.  it's ok for a foundation.  srp is php1195
  • oil control will be disappointing to women with really oily skin.  
Do I recommend: definitely, the coverage alone can be its selling point
Will I purchase:  i think i prefer the phytogenic over this one just because of the oil control.

So who's been down the local the face shop boutique?


saccharine0158 said...

marge have you tried their new brush? i like it! :) haha! :D

Azreal Llywen said...

Hello Ms. Marge I'm a super fan of your blog so please don't take this the wrong way. The shade isn't flattering on you it's a tad dark. (at least based on the photos) Your collar area looks a lot lighter than your face. But the rest of the lesson 01 items (blush, powder) looks great on you!

Marge said...

hey i like anything that's way cheaper than shu uemura products hahaha. because the foundation from this collection is exactly like the shu perfect foundation brush lol

marshy mallows said...

I swear, I still have to finish my other takes so long to finish up. I'm really tempted to buy majority of the stuff you review! ^_^



Scatterbraintures said...

That was what I was going to say. I have the shiseido perfect foundation brush that looked exactly like it so I checked it out and bought it. Ang ganda. At least ngayon, I don't have to wash the shiseido one a lot.

Le Klutzypanda said...


After all this time sobrang amazed pa rin ako sa foundation-only face to fully-made-up face transformations. Bonggels! :O Ang ganda talaga.

Sana umabot din ako sa ganyang levels. >.<

Marge said...

true at least you now have a back up to your primary shiseido brush ;-) i like how easy to clean these synthetic brushes are LOL

Marge said...

awww hehehe thanks. true i've got a growing number of foundations, and of course, bb creams too! lol

Marge said...

yeh, it's nb23 so i look dull or something, right? but a bobbi brown makeup artist said that somehow (specially when the face is completed with powder and blush) it would look more natural (DAW) if the face isn't as evenly fair as the neck area. hahaha ewan, my shade is really nb21, eh ehto yung binigay nung launch hahaha **shrugs**

Marge said...

naku noh, ang tagal ko rin ginamay yan hahaha dati espasol look akech ang chaka pag naka on ang flash LOL maybelline mousse foundation pa gamit ko nun. then i switched to bb creams hahaha and the rest is history ^_^

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

I tried this over at their boutique but ended up buying the Smokey Kit and Slanted brush instead hihi ^_^ I think it's quite expensive kasi compared to the BB creams that I use, lalo na parang hindi sya masyadong marami haha XD

Marge said...

you know what, napuna ko rin yun, pag inaalog ko sya, kahit ganon pa yung sinabi nyang content parang ang onti nga LOL O.o
i'll try to use the smokey eye kit next week, pero yung mineral cover powder nakunan ko na ng mga pic, ipapublish ko na rin ang ruling ko dyan LOL :P

Scatterbraintures said...

...and I find myself loving this more than the shiseido one. It's light weight.

PS I dropped shiseido. The ferule got a dent, and now, the brush is not as round as it used to be. With the TFS one, the ferule looks like plastic and is more lightweight, less chance for getting a dent if I drop it.)

Marge said...

yikes, i'm so sorry to hear about your shiseido brush, i know shiseido products cost an arm and a leg.

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