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I got this sample early last week, and i've been able to use this under my laura mercier, under my laneige water supreme foundation while the half of my face was using a different brand of uv under base (hint hint, under na base pa)
the water supreme line is almost a year now and so far i've only gotten to try the foundation and now this green primer.
since it's just a sample i have no picture of the ingredient list and i haven't been able to find it online.  yes, my goog-fu is a fail.
hopefully, this is a meaningful review nonetheless.
so the thing is green. and the product description is below:
From Imomoko's site:

Laneige Water Supreme Prime Base SPF15 PA+ #60 Light Green is a primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for foundation with moisture coating. 
Product Benefits:
1. Smooth Texture Free of Pores and Wrinkles
Deep Dimension Water smoothly refines the surface of skin and fills the skin with the suppleness and plumpness of moisture coating to prepare your skin for makeup. 
2. Supreme Moisture
Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and retains moisture all day long on the bottommost layer of makeup. 
3. Natural Skin Correction
Subtle and natural color does not alter the tone of your foundation, while enhancing your natural complexion.

How to Use:
1. Use after foundation. 
2. Release an appropriate amount onto puff and apply from the broader areas of face. 
Use remaining amount on puff to press on eye area and nose
Suitable for all skin especially skin with redness
SPF15 PA+ 
Shad: #60 Light Green
Made in Korea 
Water Supreme Primer Base from Korean beauty brand Laneige uses mineral water and 3D hydra technology to form a protective barrier that locks in moisture. It comes in three shades - light pink, light purple and light green.
Light Green: For correcting redness /splotchy skin
and here we go, i applied it where i am most red. the tip of my nose and the sides of my nose.
the rest of the experiment was one side of my face is wearing another kind of base.  this green one from laneige is on the right side and most of my nose where there was a lot of red.  on top of this green primer i had on laura mercier's radiance as my TOPper and blush and powder.  no concealer under my eyes, there was hardly any point to a concealer.

  • available in the Philippines
  • has a little spf at least there is spf in this primer, ahem ahem Laura Mercier primer that has none
  • easy to spread and blend out
  • makes the primer radiance and today i used it under the water supreme foundation and this green primer made it last all day 
  • doesn't affect the shade of my foundation
  • doesn't cake up my foundation 
  • doesn't oxidize my foundation
  • didn't break me out, so my skin didn't react harshly like itch or anything.  no new black or white heads either no new millia
  • yet another product with a specific (target) market, the working, white collar lady.  so i can't really judge their srp.  this is 1k+
  • did nothing for my pores, they still look deep and obvious
  • did nothing for the redness on the TOP of my nose
  • oil control is basically zilch, zero as in none, nada, wala
  • and the scent.  OA na, it's still that same scent as they have been using for years.
I gotta tell yah, there are other green primers out there and some women seem to be happy with them and claim those reduce the redness around their noses.  but i guess for me i need a green concealer and not just a primer.  this was, just like their water supreme foundation not as good as i was hoping.  (as mentioned in my water supreme foundation review, that i much prefer the snow crystal foundation, that had way better oil control and the concealer on TOP is AWESOME)
so if you have dry skin and if you're used to green primers then this may work for you.
Will I purchase the full size? - nope
Do i recommend? - only to women with dry skin.


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