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 passing by trinoma and rustan's is cleansing for me, it cleanses me from stress and well a whole lot of cash hahaha! but while passing by Trinoma's new spanking boutique for Shu Uemura, I happened upon Patrick, one of my trainers when i took the basic three day course back in january!  he was kind enough to invite me to the launch of Tsuya Skin last Sept 1 and 2.  
I couldn't attend the first day because I already had plans and took the hubby out and watched Phantom of the Opera!
So the next day, I had to go!  It was me and this time with the sister in law for some bonding.
 we had arrived early at Picasso Boutique residences in Legaspi Village.  The good people of Shu Uemura Philippines, under L'oreal Philippines rented a room for the weekend.  a nice loft and here's what greeted me and the sis ;-)
all the different kinds of skin care from Shu Uemura
 but notice something?
 except for this set
 they all each had a bottle of Tsuya Skin.  
 these babies!
 what the launch is all about!
 The Tsuya Skin.  Tsuya is Nippongo for Ideal.  So it literally means Ideal Skin!
 but first, some grub.  some potato balls with a little spice
 and chorizo skewers
 and some more sweets
 butterscotch! there you go :P
and the workshop begins for Tsuya and what it's about
 it was both refreshing and seriously quite distracting to see and hear the model doing as much pr for the product as my trainer Sharon.  so i'm still deciding if that rapport building the model was doing is a good thing.  soooo, so far i'm shrugging on that.  if it seems that i'm protective of my trainer, well, so be it, i was just surprised and distracted that my attention were on two speakers adjunct-ing each other.
and here's the wonderful new product with rhamnose.  you can read about Rhamnose here but here's what it basically is.
 and here's the pr for it:

tsuya skin

major discovery in cellular biology:
with age, skin cells are subject to "power cut"
the cells in an ideal skin have the power to naturally protect and restore its structural components day after day. with age, the skin's function for self-regeneration is subject to "power cut" causing skin structure depletion and cellular disorganization.
a miracle molecule to reactivate* the skin's "youth power switch"
inspired from "secret" of Enju flower's longevity & persistence, shu uemura research center selected Rhamnose, a high tech molecule able to reactivate the skin's youth power switch and awaken self-regeneration in all fundamental levels of the skin.

switch on skin's youth power for beautiful skin in just 7 days
flawlessly even and smooth skin texture. soft as a petal, plumped, toned, ideally translucent glowing skin. the ideal skin preparation for a beautiful make up.
*in vitro

 pearls baby
 here's more literature on rhamnose and yes there was a dermatology convention in sk and this rhamnose was front and center as the new big thing.  but basically the reason why it's a little bottle inserted in each type of skin care they have up there is that this wonder baby is supposed to enhance whatever skin care you're currently on.  
you apply this after toner and before anything else.  then after about 5 seconds, (that's all it takes for it to get absorbed by our skin) you can then proceed to you normal skin care.  this tsuya product is supposed to attract and make whatever skin care you're using absorbed more into your skin.  currently any and all data about this new big thing are from in vitro results, according to L'oreal who's currently getting the patent for this.
L'oreal had 400 female humans test it already between the ages of 50-70 but have yet to release the results of the study...so i am eager to see the results ^_~
 but after the workshop the patrons, you know like me, a patron first a blogger a far far second, got to some nail art up in the loft.
 and a make over ^_^ thanks Roy of the Shu Uemura branch in Rustan's Makati
 i got to try them chocolate inspired palettes! 
 voila :P
 uuuyyys someone looks familiar! Thank you Ms Nadia, hope to see you again.  And of course my trainer, Sharon ^_~
 ahhh the uv base tsuya infused!  at the time it was not for sale.  just the serum.  but...
but, passing by trinoma...here it is finally being sold. btw the tsuya serum is about 3k plus, hehehe so i'm thinking about it. but the uv base is not 3k so i got that first.  BUT imagine?! if it helps absorb my current skin care?! can you just imagine?
so who else has tried this?  the base smells super nice!!! omg!


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hhhmmm...I smell a review pretty soon! :) You're super pretty talaga!

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soon bheb hehehe, most likely next week ;-)

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