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so what's a bb cream again?
bb creams, regardless of what country it comes from basically has a few major functions
  1. skin care after laser surgery on your face and neck
  2. has coverage like tinted moisturizer but some can be as full coverage as foundations
  3. has higher spf / pa than usual foundations 
  4. and oh...a PRIMER / base
but some will have
  1. anti aging ingredients
  2. some if not most have some whitening (apart fr the spf) effect
  3. some, the ones with green tea will be a skin calmer so it has anti zit ingredients
this week in bb cream though we will examine how the latest uv under base from Shu Uemura will LOOK on me. i will consider this a bb cream because of the numerated qualities of a bb which this new Tsuya under base has.  under na base pa hehehe but this isn't my first time to try a shu uemura bb.  I have their limited edition packaging and product their Shu Uemura BB under base mousse that i reviewed here
I emphasize on the word LOOK because i generally review bb creams and other face products for about 5 days to see if they give me zits.  i have yet to consider the rhamnose in this bb cream and all the beautiful fantastic elastic shinee glory rhamnose is supposed to give our skin as an enhancer to our skin care and and anti aging product per se.

here are the ingredients of the Tsuya under base.  oooohhh rhamnose is 4th on the list, meaning it's the 4th thing to have the most percentage of the product's content.
a description of the product, ayan, stay away from fire when applying makeup...well, stay away from fire period, di ba?
peach they say, but i smell froyo! hehehe i love the scent, if indeed it is the scent.
and blended out
sorry for this picture but  i didn't get to feed on a very young and very pretty koryan boy the night before so i look like a vampire ready for bed. sans the sparklieeSS of chorz. (not that i ever get to feed on those seemingly deelish creatures O.o)
but this pic below is just the Tsuya uv under base all over my face.  no concealer and no powder yet
after the powder, blush and lippies and i saw no point in using concealer under my eyes,
actually, with the picture below i had the Tsuya Skin UV under base only on the left side of my face and i had another primer on the right side of my face, just to see if there would be any difference between the two.  and the difference is very very slight.  Tsuya had a silver kinda satin finish and on the right side of my face it had a golden satin finish.
as a base, you may still put your favorite foundation on TOP of the base, but the ghels and beki's at shu said that all you need is this and powder and your pretty much set.  and yes, may point sila ate.  BUT it really depends many things:
  1. the powder you use. it'll be better to use mineral foundation for at least more coverage if you're suffering from hormonal breakouts like me
  2. the humidity / weather because that eats up your powder and all your left with is the uv under base
  3. your skin type.  if you're oily to combo to grease ball, good luck sa iyo.
  • the scent
  • the peachy undertone - it worked on me, made me look healthy without having to apply too much on my face mainly foundation
  • spf 30 pa ++
  • 50 ml and a little goes a long way
  • light to medium coverage
  • did not break me out, give me new milla, black or white heads
  • available in the philippines where shu uemeura is sold i.e trinoma, rockwell, shangri la, etc
  • satin finish, gave me a nice healthy glow
  • blends well with either a synthetic brush, sponge or just your fingers
  • i think i'll just put SRP's on neutral, sure, some prices are despicable, but see, it's all about marketing, importation tax, mall rent etc.  so we know that Japanese products are generally expensive.  but this and the Tsuya skin serum is actually less expensive in da pilipins by about 300 pesos so why wait when you order online when you can just get it here.  so yeah this thing is 2k pluSS, so love it or hate it, at least it's here, didn't break me out, and you don't have to go through a crowd of hundreds when shopping for this.
  • oil control is basically nil
  • is skin care choosy...for the first few days of using this i used the etude house snail gel cream and when i'd apply the tsuya uv under base on top of my snail cream with either my hands or a foundation brush i'd get these exfoliated skin + product ewwwwwwwwww BUT when i used my tony moly holy guacamole snail serum, i was fine ;-) 
Do i recommend? - sure, you get a healthy dose of the rhamnose thing, it doesn't look bad AT ALL (depending on the powder you use) and it smells great
Will I repurchase? - ring ding ding dong ding --- i'll wait for their variant made just for oily combo skin 
so who else has tried this?


marshy mallows said...

I experienced the same thing, my aunt has this one she had me try out hers at first, I liked it but I turned out to be a like a shining disco ball after 4 hours of using it...

Marge said...

yayz...thus the super disclaimerSS hahaha
but yeah, if a your skin type is dry then this could very well work out. even if the shu uemura BB uv under base gave me black heads i prefer the not flat but matte finish AND oil control of that.
kainis actually, akalain mong mas bet ko pa yung laura mercier primer radiance kaysa dito? considering wala man lang spf anything yung laura mercier LOL

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