Friday, October 5, 2012


As we go deeper into autumn/fall of 2012, i go on with the 2012 fall collection from the face shop by Son Dae Sik.  This is part of the collection give to me by the face shop philippines, check them out at their facebook page, here
so really, this thing is so cute!
down to the last detail
with four versatile synthetic haired brushes.
you have a face brush, a really fluffy yet full brush.  i use this for powder, primers, and foundaiton / bb creams
the fluffy eye shadow brush.  a very very versatile one.  i can use to blend, for my outer v, and as an all over lid brush. i love this, it's firm but not too stiff so great for blending.
and this thing, hmmm i use this as a lipstick brush.  it does the job ^_^
ERMAHGERD! this has not left my bag since i got it.
there's a side pocket, so i can put a tiny tweezers and my gel liner brush.
  • SYNTHETIC really soft brushes 
  • really really easy to clean brushes
  • clearly made for travel, not too sort though, just the right size, packaging fits just right in my kit
  • i can't give enough love to the zipper faux leatherette case - it's sturdy, not flimsy AND THE ZIPPER does NOT eat itself, it closes smoothly AND does not eat up the bristles inside!
  • the sleeves for each brush are fit just snug and isn't too tight.  the cloth used, too, makes it easy for each brush to slide in and out of the sleeve but is still snug that they're too loose and let the brushes slide out.
  • picks up powder well even though they're synthetic
  • the eye shadow brush is really versatile, just use it like gradient like.  so use it on the lightest eye shadow first ON BOTH EYES, going darker and darker with your shades.
  • since it's synthetic there is no funk
  • available in manila in major malls
Neutral: the price - it's PhP1195
DISLIKES: none that i can think of
Do I recommend:  yeah, specially for travel bugs, like my sister in law and Ms Gigi of FangirlAsia
Will I repurchase? - most likely for gifts!


Ari said...

I just wish this also had a more densely packed brush for applying the eyeshadow also (not just the one for blending), then this kit would be PERFECT :)

Marge said...

yeah, another eye shadow brush that's similar shaped and as densely pact as the mac217 would have been great but i guess they thought that one brush for one area of the face would suffice LOL

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

They look promising but I skipped them and picked the slanted brush instead kasi I have a set naman from Ellana Minerals XD Hihi! ♥

lourdes_doligosa said...

Oh wow! Now I'm going to get this too...You've got me at..."ERMAHGERD! this has not left my bag since i got it." :))

Chic Sassy Mom Des said...

Oh wow! Now I'm going to get this too...You've got me at..."ERMAHGERD! this has not left my bag since i got it." :))

Marge said...

hahaha hi Des. yep and i'm even taking it to Seoul, so i that i won't be tempted to buy yet another brush set LMAO :P

Marge said...

hahaha Ellana is ♥ and is much cheaper :P

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