Tuesday, October 2, 2012


DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Korea Cosmetics for review. their facebook page is here: I am not paid by Catalina Geo or by Korea Cosmetics for this review.  My skin is combination oily skin with obvious pores.
This is the information I could find about his product from the CatalinoGeo website here
and they have several makeup bases
and these are their variants
the warning label is below and in English.
the ingredients are below and in English.
below is the product description:
According to my Chinese office mates who read this for me:  this product is to hide your yellowish discoloration on your face and that it provides UVA and UVB protection.
below is the fantastic pump.  this is one bottle that i am going to keep so i can reuse for my other liquid or cream products.
there is no straw.  as you can see in the bottle that the product itself are in small capsules suspended in a serum.  so there will be no straw needed to bring up the colloid.
but when the product itself comes out of the spout, it squirts out as a cream already mixed with the serum.
and once blended, some of you may see some kind of reflective quality on the part of the back of my hand with the product as opposed to the picture above before i blended it.  it looks brighter.
below is a picture of me prior to application of the product so i have yellow kinda brown tinges around my eyes and around my nose.
after the application of the product.  i do not apply a lot, just that pea size you saw on the back of my hand a few pictures above.  i can see brightening and the yellow tinges around my eyes and nose is less noticeable.
and after foundation, blush and the rest of my makeup.
my face looks evened out and though my eye bags look sunken, they are not too dark.  when using this makeup base i do not feel the need to apply concealer.  and some person said that i was glistening.  her intent was to pay me a compliment, but neither i or my team mates in the elevator with that person who said i was glistening thought it was a compliment.  but i have learned to give her the benefit of the doubt and maintain that she was trying to compliment my skin when she saw me the day i had taken the picture below.

  • the packaging - the bottle is plastic so no fear of breaking a glass bottle, the bottle is see through so you know when you're about to run out of product
  • the pump! omg such an amazing pump,  it dispenses the just the right amount of product and you can control the amount of product you the pump will ooze out.
  • very lightly scented and it's quite lovely like very light baby powder
  • easy to spread and blend out
  • does NOT make me look violet (hehehe i'm sure someone will ask)
  • it does brighten and hide my yellow discoloration 
  • awesome pore coverage
  • makes me use less foundation because of the pore coverage provided by the base
  • makes my foundation last longer, too
  • has not broken me out yet
  • has UVA and UVB protection as you can read on the ingredient list it has titanium dioxide 
  • currently not available in the Philippines
  • very little oil control i have to blot the oillies from my nose every 2 hours.
Neutral - since it's not in the Philippines, i can't react to its price online.  but it is after all, 35ml of product with a great pump and good packaging!
Do inquire with  Korea Cosmetics for this product.
Do i recommend? - yes! specially for ladies with dry to combination skin. it does what it says it will do for you.


marshy mallows said...

I was getting hooked already 'til I read the oils needed to be blot every 2 hours :(

btw, what's the blush that your wearing in this post? I love it! I have a feeling it will work for pale, pale me..^_^

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Marge said...

hahaha yeah, keri na sana. but over all it's a great product specially if you have normal to dry skin.
i am using nars' angelika ^_^
good luck on your giveaway!

Tina D. said...

I feel like it would be nice to use the violet and green primers on different parts of your face, depending on the need..sayang lang na hindi sya available dito and there's no oil control!

Marge said...

true, that is a good idea to apply the appropriate primer bases to where the client needs it. yeah i wish this was available here, too. this thing is not bad at all specially if you have dry skin anyway.
check, ang humid pa naman ngayon, so extra shiny ko ngayon. O.O

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

This does look interesting, plus mukha pa syang potion of some kind parang naglalaro lang nang RPG XD Hahaha! XD I've seen Lina of sparkleapple review this din. Sobrang kakatempt pero sana maging available locally muna hahha XD

Marge said...

true ^_^ it's amazing that 'foreigners' were even allowed to do these reviews for Korea Cosmetics. but i suppose they need bloggers that write in English ♥

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