Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Which Galaxy SIII color do you think fits each of the Big Bang members best and why?

Let's face it -- the team-up between Korea's hottest kpop act and hottest mobile phone brand is a perfect fit. Not only because both Big Bang and Samsung are super-popular all over the world, but because they're both cutting-edge stylish and and amazing. 
K-pop fashion has always been colorful, and so is the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. So let's take each Big Bang member, examine their personality, and figure out which Samsung Galaxy SIII color fits them best! 

Seungri is the maknae -- the youngest member of the group. And while he looks up to all his hyungs, he still wants to be noticed and make his mark in the music industry. His goal is not to be a flash in the pan, but a classic artist whose music and dance will still be enjoyed decades from now. Unlike fashion plates T.O.P. and G-Dragon, Big Bang's Seungri -- whose real name is Lee Seung Hyun -- has a style that leans toward classic lines and color palettes. He likes to wear a lot of black and white, in designs that are trendy, yet enduring. I think that Seungri is best suited for the Samsung SIII in Sapphire Black. 

Big Bang fans, no matter who their Big Bang bias is, all have a soft spot in their k-pop-loving hearts for Daesung. Kang Daesung is known as both the sweetest k-pop artist you could ever hope to meet and the singer with the most amazing, husky vocals you'll ever hear. While Big Bang exudes a certain brashness that keeps them topping charts and leading in fashion, Daesung is the kind of boy you'd be proudest to take home to meet your parents. He's loyal and down-to-earth and everyone loves him! That's why I think that the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Marble White is the perfect fit for Daesung, the young man whom VIPs like to call their "angel". 
Taeyang -- who is also known as Sol and by his real name YoungBae (both names mean "sun") -- is pure sunshine. And by sunshine, we mean he's a man who both carries with him a warm, bright personality and rocks a scorching hot body. He works hard at everything, from his piano-playing to his R&B vocals to his abs. When he sings, you have the feeling he's trying to warm you up all over -- and it's probably why he has the habit of throwing his shirts and jackets at the audience during concerts! It's like he's saying, "You look cold, babe. Here, have my jacket." I think such a young man should have the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Pebble Blue. It's the romantic color of an overcast sky, and it makes you yearn for the sun. 
T.O.P. wears many hats. And not just crazy feathered headpieces like the ones he wears in the "Fantastic Baby" music video and the Alive Galaxy Tour. T.O.P. is an award-winning actor, a rapper, a singer, a (reluctant) dancer, a fantastic lyricist (he must've inherited some really good genes from his novelist grandfather), a composer and a music producer. Just when you think you've got him pegged, he does something surprising. It's the same with his fashion style. You'll never know how T.O.P. (also known by his real name Choi Seung Hyun) will dress for an occasion. One day he's shocking us (and making us swoon) with platinum blond hair or a crazy loud jacket, and another day, he's charming our socks off in an impeccable formal suit. And because it's hard to decide on a color for a mobile phone for him that will go with the range and variety of his fashion repertoire, we're sticking to the color that's reportedly his favorite -- pink. T.O.P. would love the Samsung Galaxy SIII in pink. He is, after all, the Big Bang member mostly described as "manly". And we all know that real men rock pink. 
G-Dragon (whose real name is Kwon JiYong) is Big Bang's fearless leader. He's an idol's idol -- a k-pop artist other artists look up to. His stage name is derived from his given name Ji Yong, as "yong" is Korean for "dragon". What better color for a dragon than strong red? I think GD will rock the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Garnet Red. Red is eye-catching, just like GD's fashion style. The red Galaxy SIII goes well with all his fabulous, traffic-stopping outfits and it stands out in a crowd -- just like the "One of A Kind" rapper-singer-dancer-songwriter-producer himself! Like red, GD is bold and fearless. He's a real leader who lets his group members shine, and yet can hold his own on stage and on the street. Which is why all VIPs like to call him their Kwon Leader. He's looked up to and respected by not just T.O.P., Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung, but all fans of Big Bang. 

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my Samsung Galaxy SIII color choices for Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P. and G-Dragon?


Nikka Salvatierra said...

Couldn't agree more! Love Big Bang and Samsung. But I can't go to their concert. Hindi pa kasi kami sembreak. =(

Marge said...

awww sayang ^_^ sa ibang bansa na lang ^_^

Nikka Salvatierra said...

I wish. Haha.

Cheetah said...

I Love Big Bang! <3

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

darn it, I bought a pink S2 (which is only available in Korea) and settled for it even if the S3 has been launched in the market and decided to go with it since I NEVER KNEW they would release a pink one for the S3 series :( Though I like the S2 pink's hue more, I just feel sad. ahahahha XD great post as always ate Marge!! ♥

Marge said...

hay, i want a red or the pink one, too LOL.
but i want the note II hehehe since i already have an SII, i prefer to skip models. hopefully, by next year after i pay for everything i shopped for, i'd be able to afford the note II hahaha

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