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Beauty Blogger's Dinner - Charm Brushes and Superclean Solutions Launch Event

Hey all, I'm back, again ♥ I wanted to share with you one evening I spent having dinner with some of the of the women behind well known blogs in the country.  I was really blessed and honored to have been invited by Ms Sophie Uy, and I am truly glad I went.  The dinner was last October 29, and it was held at the Manila Peninsula.  It was a dinner product debut for Superclean Solutions, a brush cleaner and Sonia.
A primer on the products discussed and demo-ed at the dinner:
Charm Brushes + Superclean Solutions for Your Make-Up Brushes
Local line of make-up brushes ties up with new brand of make-up brush cleaner
Manila, Philippines – Charm Brushes, the celebrated line of finely crafted make-up brushes, collaborated with Superclean Solutions, a new brand of no-nonsense make-up brush cleaner especially made for people who are always on the-go.
Charm’s founder Sophie Uy has been working closely with Celine Gabriel-Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui, the women behind Superclean Solutions, in the past few months. Together with a team of experts, the three women have been testing the product and providing each other with feedback on how to improve it.
“As someone who’s constantly in pursuit of superior make-up brushes, it’s only logical to want the best for my products,” shares Sophie Uy, Charm’s founder. “Superclean Solutions fits the bill perfectly when it comes to quality and value for money.”
Celine and Jenny understand that first-class brushes, such as Charm, are an investment and as such, they wanted to find a way to keep them clean while preserving the quality. Experience has taught these ladies that cleaning with soap and water simply isn’t enough, as even the mildest soap can still dry out the delicate hair of make-up brushes.
“I like experimenting with make-up and it’s always a hassle to clean make-up brushes with soap and water, as that takes practically overnight to dry,” adds Celine. “I needed something that would dry my brushes in half the time and maintain them in the best way possible.”
In addition to its quick-drying feature, Superclean is fortified with spearmint oil to keep make-up brushes well-conditioned and fresh. These qualities are perfect for extremely busy individuals such as professional make-up artists who need clean and dry brushes right away when they’re doing several make-up jobs in a row.
This collaboration is an exciting prospect, not only for professional make-up artists but for make-up enthusiasts as well. With Superclean Solutions, devoted supporters of Charm Brushes don’t need to look further to keep their precious make-up brushes in prime condition.
For more information, contact Sophie Uy +639178307357 Please like us on Facebook Charm Brushes via and J&C Super Clean Solutions via
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After the little demonstration I had to take my advantage of the opportunity and have my picture taken with the bloggers that were there.   Liz of Project Vanity
Shen of Shensaddiction and Martha of The Beauty Junkee while i try to hide my teeth just in case some food got stuck between them LOL
and of course, Nikki of AskMeWhat's doesn't she look utterly glowing?
and lovely Ms Sophie of Beautynomics and Beauty and Minerals as she lovingly shows us her limited edition charm pro-travle brush set in Sonia!
With Ms Sophie are Celine Gabriel-Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui, the women behind Superclean solutions brush cleaner.
Oh I have a pic with other bloggers as well, Jheng of iambrigitte
and the rest of us before the evening was over, can you name us all?
Below is a short primer on Superclean Solutions for Makeup brushes:
Superclean Solutions for Your Makeup Brushes
Business partners launch no-nonsense make-up brush cleaner
Manila, Philippines – Business partners Celine Gabriel-Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui know first-hand that high-quality brushes are expensive investments and both women wanted to find a way to maintain them in the best possible way. Enter Superclean Solutions, a no-nonsense make-up brush cleaner that instantly strips off make-up residue without harming the delicate hair of precious brushes.
“Although other brush cleaners in the market are able to remove some residue, it takes a lot of time and about half a box of tissue to remove the make-up from the brushes,” shares Celine, co-creator of Superclean. “I needed something that worked fast and would dry my brushes in half the time.”
Made especially for extremely busy individuals, Superclean features a quick-drying solution that is perfect for people who need clean brushes right away. This special feature allows professional make-up artists to do several make-up jobs in succession, as well as enthusiasts to experiment and try several make-up swatches in a row. The solution is also fortified with spearmint oil to keep brushes fresh and in prime condition.
Celine and Jenny worked extensively with a team of specialized chemists to create the solution for Superclean. After several months of research and development, product testing, and soliciting feedback from professional make-up artists, cosmetic experts, and regular consumers, Superclean Solutions is finally out in the market.
At Php325.00 for a 120ml bottle, Superclean Solutions boasts a highly competitive price, given that the quality of the product can be compared to imported brands. At present, the cheapest imported brand in the market is about twice the price of Superclean.
Superclean Solutions is just the first of many products that Celine and Jenny have lined up for launch by the first quarter of 2013. The business partners are currently working with the same team for other cleaning solutions for everyday items that are not only effective but also very handy.
For more information on Superclean Solutions for Your Make-Up Brushes, contact Jenny Yrasuegui via 09178109002 or email Please like us on Facebook
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and voila! the Sonia!
rawr! imma gonna embrace my inner cougar begging to come out!
my hot pink kitteh charm pro travel brush set now has a playmate
the description for this limited ed is below:
Charm Brushes launches Travel Pro Sonia
MANILA, Philippines – Charm Brushes, the ubiquitous brand of finely crafted makeup brushes turns five this 2012 and with it comes a celebration of makeup artistry symbolizing things that get better after five.
Dubbed as Charm Travel Pro Sonia, the newest, limited edition collection from Charm represents a milestone for Sophie Uy, Charm’s founder. “I have always thought that full-sized makeup brush sets are the best in terms of application and results, and travel sets are...unworthy compromises. I really don’t want to compromise. So I thought about making a set that would be in travel size, but would be efficient and competent enough to create full makeup looks.”
Well-crafted brushes
Sophie’s passion for the perfect stroke, the perfect blend and the perfect pigment pickup has always been her driving force behind her pursuit of quality makeup brushes. “I’ve been in love with makeup for the longest time, about 10 years now and every time I travel, I always look for the best brush for different purposes,” she shares. “And I do find them, it’s just that to me, craftsmanship and quality does not have to equal a hefty price tag.” Spurred by this inspiration to share that belief, she sourced out numerous craftsmen until she found one that matched her strict standards for makeup application.
“I test every prototype and every version. I have a group of consultants who help me in determining whether which version should be mass produced because every face is different and I’d like Charm Brushes to address more than just what I am seeing.” The same group of consultants is also responsible for stress testing Charm brushes, as well as providing user feedback for improvement.
Travel with Sonia
Unlike many travel sets, the Charm Travel Pro Sonia deviates from the usual short, thin, miniscule sizes that as any makeup enthusiast would know, does not really help in makeup application.
The Charm Travel Pro Sonia contains the following makeup brushes :
Face Brushes
Stippling Brush – Using this brush when applying liquid foundation, an airbrush finish is mimicked, creating a flawless base. It is also great to use this to apply pigmented powder products as soft-focus finish is achieved.
Foundation Brush – This brush is used to layer liquid foundation to achieve flawless, full coverage.
Powder Brush -  This brush is used for application of powder products
Angled Blush Brush – This brush is used for proper contouring and face-shaping, and application of blush products.
Concealer Brush – This brush is used to spot conceal blemishes, and is soft enough to apply concealer on the undereye area.
Eye and Lip Brushes
Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush – This versatile eyeshadow brush can be used to apply dry products like powder eyeshadows, and even wet products like eyeshadow primer, crème eyeshadow, or be used with water to “foil” your eyeshadows.
Blending Brush – This fluffy brush blends your eyeshadow application into a seamless, perfect gradient.
Pencil Point Brush – This brush can be used to apply intense color for the outer-V area of the lids, and be used to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
Angled Eyeshadow Brush – This versatile brush can be used to blend eyeshadow application, and be used to contour smaller features like the nose, and the crease. The Angled Eyeshadow Brush, being soft, ensures you a foolproof, soft-looking results.
Flat Liner Brush – This brush can be used to apply gel liner the easy way, and is great, specially for beginners. This can also be used to smudge the lower lashline, and can be used as a corrective brush.
Bent Eyeliner Brush – This fine-tipped brush can be used to apply gel liner, to create that perfect cat-eye look! Its bent design helps the arms relax and be comfortable while doing eyelining.
Eyebrow Defining Brush – The special, firm bristles of this brush enable efficient pickup of brow powder, and blending of brow products to help create soft, natural-looking eyebrows!
Brow Spoolie – This usually under-rated brush is actually an essential in grooming, and combing your eyebrows in one uniform direction. It also helps de-clump your mascara application.
Precise Lip Brush – The precise, round-square tip of the Charm Precise Lip Brush allows you to apply your favorite lipcolor in uniform precision.
All of the brushes in the set come in a size that does not compromise performance. In celebration of Charm’s fifth year, Sonia’s brushes’ come in golden ferrules which triumphs the five successful years that the brand has been in the market. “Charm Brushes are more than just tools -- to me and my clients, it’s an accessory that we just don’t leave home without. Kind of like its name, charm,” Sophie says with a smile.
On Sonia
“Sonia is my mom’s name and I am dedicating this first ever limited edition set to her.” A staunch supporter of her business venture, Sophie recalls how her mom was the one who got her the perfect swatch of the animal print fabric which houses the limited edition set. “There were a lot of challenges as it is in any business but my mom never failed to provide support every step of the way, I am just so lucky to have that,” she adds.
Charm Travel Pro Sonia is available at the following, until stocks last
PurBeauty Serendra
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Crossings The Ramp – TriNoma
Crossings The Ramp – Shangri-la Plaza
Crossings The Ramp – Glorietta Branch
Crossings Department Store  - Quezon Avenue Branch
Digital Traincase , inside Hip Culture, and at Retail Lab, Powerplant Mall
Via our online store,
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you had me at ubiquitous :-) (sorry kpop in joke)
i am honored to be invited and glad to have gone, as some of you may know, makati is never my comfort zone, but i am sure glad i went.  it was chitchat filled evening and getting introduced to these two new products is the cherry on top of a scrumptious meal.  thank you Ms Sophie, i can't wait to road test these babies.  and Ms Jenny, I love the lasting scent of superclean solutions on my brushes! 


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