Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've had this eye shadow for quite a while and I've actually had this post saved up in the bin a while, too!  I'd like to get back to normal blogging and reviewing hopefully i'll get back to my almost DAILY blogging, soon!
but for now, an office or college appropriate makeup look from a very handy eye shadow.
As some of you may know, i'm no longer the greatest fan of ANY eye shadow unless it's an eye shadow (pallet) from Lunasol.  but i'm making an exception for this one from etude house.
well, just look at it? and it's sooo pigmented, too! not powdery AT ALL
and it's very easy to apply, not chalky and not at all gritty.
it's almost as good as my theBalm and Lunasol eye shadows.
very easy to spread and blend.
this shade is also aint choosy, it can be used with pinks, golds, whites for your middle and high lighter shades.
and as is, it can be used to line your bottom lash line for a more smoked out effect
awww i still had longer hair when i shot this!

  • really cheap php148
  • really handy
  • has a clear lid so you know what shade what you'd be grabbing
  • really pact so no crumbling, no dusty residue even while being tossed and jostled around my bag
  • easily blendable
  • not chalky
  • does not crease
  • does not slowly give you the panda eye
  • doesn't sting my eye when it the powder gets in there
  • easy to remove with makeup remover
  • doesn't oxidize
  • cute!
  • available in major sm malls where etude house is or the dept store counters for etude house
  • none
I recommend this shade to nearly anyone there's a gold shimmer to it, so even really warm toned skinned ladies.


Julie PDXBeautiful said...

Very pretty color!

Kath Rivera said...

Whoaa! 149 lang yan?! Btw, sis since I'm not a pro sa pag blend ng eyeshadow as in beginner pa lang ak

Marge said...

start with cheap makeup like these from etude house or ellana mineral cosmetics, then search on youtube for 'daytime makeup', 'school or office appropriate makeup'
yep, may peach color na eye shadow ang etude house and ellana mineral cosmetics at least less than 200 lang and with peach you pretty much cant go wrong ♥

Marge said...

thanks ♥

Steph Traveliztera said...

Oh my goodness! I love shades like this!!! And that is really affordable a! =)


Marge said...

yep, it's a definite good purchase ^_^

Kat said...

Ay ngwek. Thanks for the links on my earlier comment. I totally forgot that I read this post na pala and this is why I was thinking of going to EH to swatch the shades and your TFS post was actually what convinced me to try the lovely me:ex shades and buy the blank palette ages ago. LOL Ay naku, nagFangirl ba naman ako sa reply mo? Thank youuuu...=)

Marge said...

hehehe keri lang yan ^_^
thank you for your comments ♥

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